More Giveaways for Alfred’s Birthday!

Yesterday, we announced that, for Alfred’s birthday, we would be giving away some goodies and offering 10% discount for new Powerpack users. We knew you’d like these birthday celebrations, but we had no idea HOW MUCH you’d like them!

As it’s been so popular, we’ve added some more great Mac app licenses as prizes to the giveaway.


We’ve added 10 Fantastical licenses and 10 1Password 4 licenses. This means Powerpack users can now win any of the following prizes:

  • Ten Evernote Premium one-year subscriptions (worth $45 each)
  • Ten Spotify Premium one-year subscriptions (worth $120 each)
  • Ten additional 10GB Dropbox space for life (worth loads!)
  • Ten Fantastical licenses (worth $20 each)
  • Ten 1Password 4 licenses (worth $50 each)

You’ve only got until Friday to take part, so find out how to participate now!

Don’t forget that the 10% discount on the Powerpack also only applies until this Friday, so don’t wait too long if you want to grab your own license!

The birthday giveaway ended on 29th February and the winners were announced on Twitter.

Alfred’s 4th Birthday: 10% Discount & Giveaways


This Friday, Alfred turns 4 years old. That’s 4 years spent helping millions of people be more productive on their Macs, getting things done more quickly, more efficiently and in a more enjoyable way. :)

It’s time for us to say “thank you” to all the Powerpack users who have been spreading the word about Alfred and creating amazing workflows. This week, we are giving away subscriptions for Dropbox, Spotify and Evernote, and featuring the best workflows for each of these apps.

What prizes can I win?

We’ll be giving away subscriptions to some of our favourite apps to Powerpack users;

  • Ten Evernote Premium one-year subscriptions (worth $45 each)
  • Ten Spotify Premium one-year subscriptions (worth $120 each)
  • Ten additional 10GB Dropbox space for life (worth loads!)

You’ve only got until Friday, so find out how to participate now!

Where can I get 10% off the Powerpack?

Pop by the birthday giveaway page to get a Powerpack license at 10% discount before 4pm GMT, Friday 28th February 2014.

The birthday giveaway ended on 29th February and the winners were announced on Twitter.

Featuring our favourite workflows

Alongside the giveaway, we’ll be featuring our favourite Spotify, Dropbox and Evernote workflows this week, created by some very clever Alfred users. We’ll also be posting tips and tricks on making the most of the Powerpack over the coming weeks.

Powerpack Giveaway Winners

In the past week, CacheFly & Leo Laporte have been doing a giveaway for 20 Alfred Powerpack license codes. Today, we are announcing the winners of the giveaway, as well as giving everyone who didn’t win an awesome 20% discount on the Powerpack single and family licenses.

If you’ve missed the giveaway, it’s not too late to get the 20% discount code. Sign up on the TWiT giveaway page before 1st August and you’ll receive an email containing your discount code instantly.

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to CacheFly and Leo Laporte & the TWiT team for their collaboration in this giveaway. If you’ve yet to listen to This Week in Tech or any of fantastic shows they create, you should check them out.

Announcing the winners

The 20 winners of the giveaway will be contacted today with the details of how they can claim their Powerpack license code. They are:

  • Nied Hui
  • Eric Unzicker
  • Rob Kreisel
  • Korey Haug
  • Andrea Calvetti
  • Jacob Feinstein
  • Oleksiy Kovyrin
  • Erwin Riley
  • Etseve Graells
  • Elliott Bowles
  • Matt Collins
  • Brooke Gravitt
  • Nathan Walker
  • Max Wolf
  • John Green
  • Brandon Ruschill
  • Marek Zhibo
  • Reginald Hollins
  • Jennifer Liang
  • Leif Brogren

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated!


Two new custom themes for Alfred version 1.2

Last week, we invited Alfred users to submit their own custom themes for version 1.2. You contributed in droves with over fifty themes to choose from! With your help, we have now picked the themes that will make it into the Alfred core.

Coming soon to your theme selection

Two themes from this competition will be added to Alfred; Dark and Smooth and Pistachio.

Dark and Smooth is a gorgeous deep grey theme with dark blue for the selected result, and was created by Brock Angelo.

Pistachio is the second theme we chose and was created by Chris George. Andrew and I liked this theme as it adds a bit of colour to the range of themes available!

The themes you loved

The creators of the themes you loved most will receive a Powerpack license upgrade and some very special Alfred goodies in the post too.

The first special mention goes to Javier Esquivel’s Elegant theme which received the most votes and looked fantastic.

Unfortunately, we were unable to add it to the default themes as it doesn’t display well over other windows due to its high level of transparency (for example, over text here), making search results difficult to read. If you’d like to use it and perhaps tweak the opacity levels, you can install the Elegant theme.

The Sleek Professional theme by Greg Cruz was also very popular but exhibited the same issues when displayed over a busy background. Install Sleek Pro if it’s the one that stole your heart.

And finally, out of left field came a bright and bold contender, Quick Purple, by Colin J. Kautz. If you love shades of pink and purple, this one is the one for you!

Thank you to everyone who let their inner artist out to play and created a custom theme! You can still download any of the themes created this week from our Facebook page.

Version 1.2 coming soon

The two winning themes will be added to version 1.2, which will be generally available within the next few weeks, alongside many more fantastic features. Check out the impressive change log for the list of new features and improvements coming in this next release.

Don’t forget that you can download and create your own themes and do much more with the Powerpack, so if you’re not sure which of the advanced features might tickle your fancy, check out our comparison chart between the free version and the Powerpack.

Stick around for more fun competitions, tutorials and great extensions in the coming weeks!

Competition: Get your custom theme included in Alfred’s core

[Update: Time to go let us know which of these 56 themes you’d love to see included in Alfred v1.2. Pop over to the Facebook album and dish out the thumbs up.]

Since we launched Alfred two years ago, users of the free version have been able to choose between a light and dark colour theme. When Lion was released, we added a matching theme to celebrate its arrival. Today, we are looking for new and exciting custom themes for Alfred and are turning to you!

If we choose your theme to add to the Alfred core, you’ll get recognition in front of a million users as well as some unique Alfred goodies. Read on to find out how to participate or vote.

Contributing your own theme

To participate, create the most gorgeous custom colour theme for Alfred and post a link to the screenshot and theme file in the comments below. You have until Thursday 12th April to submit your theme.

In your comment on this blog post, include:

  • A link to a screenshot of your theme
  • A link to the theme file
  • A valid email address (in the address field) so that we can contact you

To participate, you need to have your own Powerpack license and the theme needs to work well for common uses (e.g. over other windows).

Don’t know how to export your theme? Have a look at this knowledge base item.

If your theme has a fun name or a story, we’d love to hear it :)

Voting for your favourite theme

By Friday 13th April, we’ll put all of the themes on our Facebook page where you can look through the album we’ve created to vote for your favourites. We’ll post a link to the album here on Friday but you can join us on Facebook now to get a headstart!

Pop by our Facebook photo album to like your favourite themes so that they’re in with a chance to be included in version 1.2!

To vote, click the Like button on Facebook for the themes you love the most. At the end of the week, we’ll pick 2 of the 5 themes you’ve liked the most to include in Alfred’s core set of themes.

This means that if your custom theme wins, over a million Alfred users will be able to pick it as their everyday theme. Instant celebrity status! ;)

The two winners will get the following:

  • An upgrade from single user license to mega supporter (for a lifetime of Alfred updates) or a single license for a friend
  • Their theme and name published as part of Alfred’s core themes for all users to see
  • Some Alfred goodies (stickers and keyboard brushes) in the mail

What are you waiting for? Set your inner artist free and create a beautiful Alfred custom theme and submit it before Thursday for your chance at these prizes.