Alfred Extensions: The best scripts (so far!)

[Update: You can find numerous Alfred extensions in our Extensions Gallery. The links in the blog post below may not be kept up to date, while the gallery is maintained more closely. You can also find out there how to contribute your own extensions.]

With Alfred 0.9.9 out for general release, we’re excited to share some of the best Alfred Powerpack extensions that we’ve seen so far.

These scripts have been created by Alfred users and are supported by their respective creators. Where possible, we’ve included a link to their Twitter account or website.

If you’ve created a useful extensions yourself, send us a link on Twitter and we’ll add the best ones to an upcoming Extensions page.

Tip: Don’t forget that once you’ve created an extension, you can right-click it in the sidebar to export it and share with friends!


Create a Symbolic Link [link] by @jdfwarrior
Result action that creates a symbolic link to the selected item

Down For Everyone or Just Me? [link] by @jdfwarrior
Checks to determine if a site is down

Facebook Status (requires FBCMD) [link] by @jdfwarrior
Updates your Facebook status

eBay Checker [link] by @jdfwarrior
Provides item information from eBay

Flush DNS [link] by @jdfwarrior
Flushes your DNS cache

Lipsum Text [link] by @jdfwarrior
Retrieves lipsum text from and copies it to your clipboard automatically

Local Weather Conditions [link] by @jdfwarrior
Displays local weather conditions via Growl. Get your weather location ID from or (setup page). Need metric units? In the script, change METRIC=false, to METRIC=true

Create DMG [link] by @jdfwarrior
Result action that creates a DMG image from the selected folder

Package Tracker [link] by @jdfwarrior
Tracks packages via and displays information via Growl

Get External IP Address [link] by @jdfwarrior
Retrieves your external ip address, copies it to the clipboard, and displays it via Growl

Zip Folder [link] by @jdfwarrior
Result action that creates a zip file from the selected item and places it on the desktop.
UPDATED: Now has ability to create archives with folders with spaces in the name. Long explanation of why it didn’t work. It’s fixed now.

Fantastical [link] by @jdfwarrior
Applescript that lets you quickly pass new events into Fantastical

Add a task to Remember the Milk

Turn on/off Airport (by Andy Jeffries)
networksetup -setairportpower en1 on
networksetup -setairportpower en1 off
Use the ‘BSD device name’ from the ‘Network’ section of the System Information app instead of en1.

Tweet without a Twitter client

Changing network location

Open URLs in non-default browser window Credit @f5point6

Get public IP address and copy to clipboard (by Joseph Flasher)
curl —silent | grep -Eo ‘([0-9]{1,3}\.){3}[0-9]{1,3}’ | bcopy

Create and open a new file with your Default text editor (by Roger Byrne)
touch /Users/rogermbyrne/Dropbox/Writer/{query}.txt; open /Users/rogermbyrne/Dropbox/Writer/{query}.txt

Lots more cool scripts by Don Southard:


  • Convert image to another format
  • Share your current song from iTunes or Ecoute
  • Create tasks in OmniFocus with Natural Language
  • Set Wallpaper from Alfred action menu
  • Start a screencast from Alfred
  • Use Alfred for Window Management
  • Upload Picture to Picasa
  • Create custom shortened URL
  • Upload file to Amazon S3
  • Convert video to AppleTV format
  • Create a CloudApp bookmark from Clipboard
  • Shorten a URL with and more

Full list of very useful extension scripts created by @jdfwarrior


Spotify AppleScripts by Robin Enhorn

Evernote search

Adding notes to Evernote

Switching VPN (by @johanbakken)

Set your Adium status by @simonbs

Create a task in Things by @preppeller
Andrew’s Tumblr post on Things

More coming soon

We’ll soon create a page where the best extensions of each type will be available for you to browse. In the meantime, link to your own extensions in the comments and we’ll be happy to include the best ones in our future extensions pages!

Alfred 0.9.9 Brings Extensions & New Free Theme!

Have you dreamed of extending the scope of what our handy little Alfred can do for you?

The just-released Alfred 0.9.9 allows you to access even more of your Mac’s capabilities in an easy-to-use environment with the new Extensions tab. Haven’t got it yet? Check for updates in Alfred’s preferences to get this latest version.

Powerpack users now have the option to:

  • create their own Command Line Scripts (with Growl output)
  • launch AppleScripts (with parameters) with a keyword
  • run Automator workflows
  • build advanced Search Filters
  • create keywords for files and file groups

Extensions can be easily installed just by double-clicking on the exported file or dragging them to the Extensions home below. Have a look at the new Extensions page and the first examples by some of our users.

Alfred ExtensionsIn addition, Alfred 0.9.9 brings many more improvements:

  • NEW FREE THEME: Lion-based theme available both to free and Powerpack users
  • Improvements on many Lion quirks
  • Growl Support for output from extensions and more
  • Global Hotkey usage added to statistics graph
  • Address Book Contact’s Notes now visible in Contact Card viewer
  • Improved Knowledge Sorting to better account for extensions [and web searches]
  • Added ‘Get Info’ action for files
  • Make emailing attachments work with Sparrow
  • Improved accuracy for spell and define keywords
  • Ability to use Open Meta tags when creating search filters & extensions
For a full list of improvements and bug fixes, have a look at the Alfred Changelog. And don’t forget that the next release will be 1.0… so grab your Powerpack now to take advantage of the pre-1.0 price!

Alfred 0.9 brings Global Hotkeys, Terminal commands and Sync

Alfred’s version 0.9 has been released now so to get it straightaway, go into Updates in the Alfred Preferences and click “Check now”. This is one of the most significant releases, bringing you many new features and improvements and really expanding the scope of what’s possible to do with Alfred. Have a look!

New: Global Hotkeys

Quick and easy access is at the core of Alfred’s philosophy which is why we’re very happy to have added Global Hotkeys. This Powerpack feature allows you to create custom global shortcuts for your most used applications, files and scripts. Once you set the hotkey, you’ll have single-hotkey access and a good feeling about all the time you get to save.

New: Custom Terminal Commands

For the advanced Mac users among you, Alfred’s Powerpack now also brings much improved Terminal/Shell integration and the ability to create custom commands that work right inside Alfred. You can easily run your scripts with keywords and arguments, either via opening up a Terminal/iTerm window or even silently behind the scenes. Here’s an example of a script allowing integration with the popular task manager Things on Andrew’s tumblr.

With this feature you’ll also be able to add custom shell actions to the Actions panel inside Alfred, extending the scope of how you can work with your files and apps.

Google Shorten URL command

New: Preference Syncing

Are you using multiple Macs and want to keep Alfred synchronised across your machines? With the Powerpack, syncing your most important preferences and thus keeping your snippets, scripts, custom searches and themes synchronised and ready to be used whichever Mac you’re using is easy and quick.

We recommend using Dropbox, but any cloud-synching service with a locally synced folder can be used.

New: Hide/Quit/Force Quit

With these new System commands, you can now easily hide, quit or force quit applications currently running on your Mac.

New: iTunes DJ

Experience the full power of iTunes DJ and play or add to your playlists, making you the life of the party. It’s a great way to pre-select songs to be played and allows you to compile your own ‘music queue’. Don’t forget to turn this Powerpack feature on in Alfred’s preferences.

And so much more…

The 0.9 release brings over 80 improvements, new additions, bug fixes and a complete overhaul of how Preferences are presented.

Amongst other things, you’ll now be able to drag files right from Alfred onto other applications, add icons to your custom searches, customise some of the keyboard functionality in File Navigation and Result Actions or have a peak at how much of your Alfred usage is spent using the iTunes Mini Player or the Clipboard Viewer.

Here’s a video walkthrough of the new 0.9 features:

Alfred 0.9 Walkthrough from Alfred App on Vimeo.

The full (and it’s certainly long) list of what’s new is in our changelog so go have a look.

Tempted by all the new Powerpack features? The list of advanced features available to you grows with every release so why not grab your Powerpack now? :)

Giveaway: Share your Alfred tips [updated with winners]

As you might know, about 3 months ago I started Alfred Tips tumblr which now houses over 50 tips and tricks, helping you make the most of the many, both free and Powerpack features that Alfred offers.

There are tips for beginners as well as advanced users, ranging from descriptions of how to launch multiple apps and files at the same time, tips showing the possibilities of custom search uses or even mini-tutorials explaining how to teach Alfred to behave just as you want him to.

Now it’s your turn!

What is your tip or trick for how to make the most of Alfred? Is there one thing that makes you incredibly productive? Is there a feature you can’t imagine not having anymore? Have you found a neat little way to do something that used to take you lots of time?

Share your own Alfred tip in the comments below for a chance to be one of the 5 randomly selected entries that will receive a gift pack of the lovely and gorgeous Field Notes notebooks. Or do it just for the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes once you’ve realised that your tip may be helping thousands of Alfred users.

Submission time has ended, thank you all for participating!

For a taste of what some of the best tips were, we particularly liked the following one by Molo One:

Turn Aiport on or off in four keystrokes (or less) using the new “silent” terminal mode [PP]:
1| Create two shortcuts : aion & aiof
2| Define aion as : networksetup -setairportpower on (for Leopard) / networksetup -setairportpower AirPort on (for Snow Leopard)
3| Define aiof as : networksetup -setairportpower off (for Leopard) / networksetup -setairportpower AirPort off (for Snow Leopard)
4| Check the “Silent” checkbox.

The 5 random winners of a Field Notes pack or beautiful Alfred schwag are:

Congratulations! We’ll be emailing you shortly with more information.

We’ll close the comments in 24 hours, so be quick! You have until 4pm UK time (11am EST/8am PST) on Tuesday 10th May to submit your tip. We’ll then post the names of the randomly selected winners as an update to this blog post.

I’ll be looking forward to reading your tips!

Anna (@annamanasova)

Sneak peek: “Neighbours” feature for Alfred 0.9

This was a parody post for April 1st. Unfortunately, Universal Powerline Cloud™ technology which allows for effortless and security free connection to your neighbours networks doesn’t exist :)

Over the past few weeks, Andrew has been working on a new feature for version 0.9 which we’ve kept under wraps until now. This feature will make Alfred the most useful app in your household; it will help you communicate effectively with your community and influence what happens behind closed doors. Alfred will be more powerful than ever before.

So without further ado, here’s a sneak peak of “Neighbours”, the greatest feature for Alfred yet:

“Neighbours” feature

Neighbours feature

With the new “Neighbours” feature, no house will ever be an island again. Just use the keyword “neighbour”* inside the main Alfred window and choose from the available list of neighbourhood computers.

Neighbours feature

Once you’ve chosen a computer to connect to, use Alfred with the keywords and shortcuts that you’re used to. Alfred will help you quickly find documents on your neighbour’s Mac or PC. Check out Jimmy’s latest school report card, connect to their music library, or copy over the files you have been chatting about.

Security & hassle free

Because we are using new Universal Powerline Cloud™ technology, Alfred will be able to effortlessly connect to your neighbours networks and computers without having the hassle of authentication. Even better, Alfred doesn’t need to be running on their computer (Mac or PC) to be able to browse and search their files.

It’s convenient and fast and you’ll never have to wait for your neighbour to take the time to send the files over! Just pop into Alfred, quickly identify the file you want, maybe take a peek at what they have been up to over the past few days and you are done, without them even having to know.

We give you Alfred Neighbours – Bringing you and your neighbours much closer together.

* As Alfred is a true English butler, you are required to spell it “neighbour”. No alternative keyword will be accepted.

Get Alfred stickers & more from our Zazzle store

The community around Alfred has been amazing so far and we truly appreciate your interest and support.

As many of you have been asking for some Alfred-branded loveliness, we’ve now set up a Zazzle store to reach as many of you as possible (although if you’re coming to SxSW, we’ll be bringing some exciting swag as well :) ).

We thought we’d start small with some Alfred hat stickers (as shown in this post) and some mugs. Beyond this, we’ll let you decide the direction the store should take. Are you keen for some T-shirts with funny taglines, keychains to hold your all-important house keys or buttons to wear around to show just how much you use Alfred?

Let us know in the comments to this blog post. We’ll listen and act accordingly.

All proceeds from the sales will go to both local UK charities, as well as international ones so you’ll be doing good while you show off your Alfred love.

What are you waiting for? Check out the Alfred Zazzle store.

Alfred 0.8 – Snippets, Recent Docs and More!

This week, we can’t help but feel festive and cheerful. We’ve been working on bringing you the best treats in our Alfred Xmas Calendar and recently received a treat ourselves when Alfred was featured as one of The Best Mac Software of 2010.

Adding to this, the 0.8 release has been a very strong one; There have been very few reported bugs and feedback from the pre-release users has been fantastic. So we hope you enjoy this pre-Christmas update!

New: Clipboard Snippets

Save your most-used clips as permanent Snippets, and access these through assignable keywords or through the main Clipboard History window. You’ll need to enable this Powerpack feature under the Clipboard preferences.

New: ‘Eject’ command

Under System Commands you can now enable Alfred to ‘eject’ any mounted drive on your Mac. This is disabled by default so don’t forget to go and check the box!

New: Recent documents

You can now show recent documents for your applications. Simply press the right arrow on an app within Alfred and then select the first action “Recent Documents”.

New: Customise fallback searches

You can now customise which web searches Alfred offers when he can’t find a suitable local result. Go to Preferences > Features >Fallback Searches. We’ve added a shortcut to help you work out why Alfred may not be finding a result you were expecting, and both of these features can be hidden by going to the Preferences if you prefer the minimal look.

New: Usage graph

Ever wanted to see just how much you use Alfred? For the stats geeks, we’ve added in a usage tab and a quick way to share your Alfred statistics with all your friends.

For a complete list of what’s new in 0.8, have a look at our updated changelog.

With so many features, don’t forget to check out all that the the Alfred Powerpack can do. And remember that it’s not too late to look at the Christmas Calendar tips and tricks to become an Alfred power user!