4 thoughts on “Announcing Alfred Remote for iOS

  1. Just found the old blog RSS feed changed – and broke – in November last year; so I’ve seen no new posts since then. Now realised, based on a quick glance, there’s probably a lot of good reading to catch up on and make better use out of Alfred. #sigh

    Wish you had posted an announcement before changing it. :-(   Mebbe next time, pretty please?

    • Sorry to hear that, Gary! We moved from Squarespace back to our original WordPress blog and tried to keep feeds and links the same. We’re on WordPress and here to stay now, so you’re safe with this feed URL :)

      • I’m working my way through the backlog of posts and pausing regularly to digest and play with the new ideas. And digress. I’m certain there are still quite a few areas of Alfred that I’m not using that I might otherwise engage with, so this is an interesting journey. :-)

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