Welcoming David Ferguson (jdfwarrior) to our team!

As many of you know, the v2 beta is in full swing. Many Mega Supporters have already started creating their own workflows, tinkering with new appearance themes and enjoying the new features.

Needless to say, all this enthusiasm leads to lots of questions, suggestions and ideas, so we’ve roped in the help of long-time friend of Alfred and amazing extension/workflow developer David Ferguson. Also known as jdfwarrior, David was one of the earliest and keenest extension developers, and has since become an authority on developing extensions and workflows. You’ll find some of his v1 extensions and early v2 workflows on his Tumblr.

He joins the team to help us manage the buzzing forum and give a hand to developers who are creating their own workflows. Those who have joined our forum (currently Mega Supporters-only membership until the v2 general release) will have seen how helpful he is already, but for those who don’t know David yet, you’ll most likely come across him in the Alfred forum over the coming months.

It’s also worth noting that David helps us in his spare time, evenings and weekends, so please be patient when asking questions on the forum.

Join us in welcoming David to the team! :)

3 thoughts on “Welcoming David Ferguson (jdfwarrior) to our team!

  1. Outstanding! What the world needs now is workflows, workflows, workflows!

    Seriously, the biggest challenge I have is understanding what can be done with workflows.

    For example, are any of these things even possible?

    – have a set of folders with names like 500×200, 600×300. Any photos in that folder get resized to that size when a workflow is triggered.
    – Show me files on my Mac tagged with X
    – take a folder of bookmarks from chrome. Make an evernote note of each bookmark

    I use/visit/read hundreds of apps (IOS, OSX and web) each day. My biggest productivity hole is building workflows to accomplish things using more than one app/site. If Alfred can now do this, and Vero/David can light the way, that would be awesome!

    • It’s likely that all three can be done – the second one can be done with a simple file filter, while the first and third will require some scripting. I suspect that images resizing has already been done so you’ll just need to find the right workflow!

      Mega Supporters can join the forum to see the existing workflows that have been created (http://alfredforum.com), and once v2 is released, we’ll have a site linking to all of our favourite workflows. :)

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