V2 Beta: A Few Workflows to Get You Started

As promised in the blog post earlier tonight announcing the first Alfred v2 beta, here are a few workflows Mega Supporters can import to get started.

Update: The workflows below have been removed, as these are now built into Alfred. In the Workflows tab, click the + button at the bottom of the workflows list and choose from the Examples menu :)

Google Searches

Search Google with a keyword or a hotkey, and launch in various browsers. This is a great starting point for creating your own alternative searches.

Download this workflow

Open Folders in TextMate

Use the “folders” keyword to perform a filtered search on folders only, then open then automatically with TextMate. Change what file types you search or choose a different “open with” application for a really useful quick filter to your files.

Download this workflow

Paste as Plain Text

Use a hotkey to paste the current contents of your clipboard as plain text.

Download this workflow

Should I watch this movie?

Type “movie” and the name of the movie you want to watch to search for trailers on YouTube (using Chrome – handy if you don’t otherwise have Flash installed on your Mac), open IMDB for more details and open Rotten Tomatoes to find out how bad that movie really is.

Download this workflow

jdfwarrior’s Alfred v2 workflows

If you still want more, check out David’s Tumblr for a few more useful workflows. He has created a Chrome Bookmarks search which presents results in Alfred, a Google Auto-complete workflow, a fantastic-looking Rdio search and a Mail.app search. He’s been working hard!

Looking forward to seeing what users will create over the coming months! :)


33 thoughts on “V2 Beta: A Few Workflows to Get You Started

  1. I may be missing it, but I don’t see an obvious way to import these into Alfred. Maybe you could add some short instructions to the post?

    • If you’re running the v2 beta, simply double-click the workflow. We’ll be adding more information in-app and plenty of documentation over the course of the beta :)

      • Ah, I see. The workflows were being treated like archives and being automatically unarchived upon download. It’s working now. Thanks.

  2. Us Powerpack Family licensees are chomping at the bit – I’d pay the extra ten pounds to get in on the beta.

    • Great, do you want to pop these in the forum as they’ll be more useful there for other beta testers? :)

      • Stupid question, but, where are the forums :-)

        I feel as stupid as a cheese without bread

      • It’s at http://alfredforum.com

        At this point, the forum is Mega Supporters-only so I approve everyone manually (hence the slight delay before you can access the forum). Once you’re in, you’ll find tons of brilliant workflows already created by other users :)

  3. I would really like to see a workflow that acts like this z binary does in the terminal: https://github.com/rupa/z

    It keeps track of folders you have recently viewed, and then you can easily navigate to a recent folder just by typing part of the name. For example, if I recently viewed “~/Documents/Personal Documents/” then I should just type “z personal” and it would navigate me to that folder.

    Would quite like to work on this idea with somebody, if anyone is interested and has an idea of how you’d track recent folders in Finder… (an AppleScript constantly running in the background, perhaps?)

  4. I have to be honest, I’m not quite getting the concept of workflows, all of that can be done in V1 by adding scripts (extensions)… am I confused here?

  5. I just created a workflow for Alfred 2.0 which searches YouTube videos and returns the results to Alfred. Grab it here, if you’ld like. http://c.4su.re/M9vJ :-) The source code is available at GitHub, just follow the same link.

  6. I really like this new workflow stuff. Very nicely done. I just have a couple of questions (hope they haven’t been asked):
    1. Will there be support for a cloud service (dropbox or the like?) to sync your workflows between machines (does licensing allow me to use my license between machines?)
    2. Will you create an online repository, or one within the application, to submit and get workflows?

    • Closer to v2, we’ll make it possible to sync your settings on both Macs via Dropbox, as with version 1 :)

      We’ll definitely be creating a site with our favourites and recommendation workflows and themes!

  7. where can i find more documentation about creating workflows? I would like to create one to dial Cisco phone based a search of a contact name.

    • If you are a Mega Supporter, you can join the forum at http://alfredforum.com where tons of users are already creating great workflows. If what you want hasn’t been created yet, I’m sure that other users or David will be able to help you out!

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