V2 Sneak Peek: Advanced Workflows for Rdio, Twitter and Chrome

As we prepare for the imminent first v2 beta release, a few close friends of Alfred have been helping test during the early stages and have started creating workflows. One of them is David Ferguson, a proficient extension developer since Alfred’s early days.

Love Rdio? You’ll be blown away by the way David has integrated it. Prefer to use Chrome as your everyday browser? You’ll now be able to get to your bookmarks easily. He will also be updating his highly popular AlfredTweet extension for v2.

We can’t wait to see these first workflows take shape, and look forward to the ones you’ll create.

Rdio workflow

Rdio workflow in action in v2

Rdio workflow in action in v2

Chrome Bookmarks

Chrome bookmarks found in Alfred v2

Chrome bookmarks found in Alfred v2


It’s great to see the workflow canvas put to good use; here is part of the workflow for the much-anticipated AlfredTweet update.

AlfredTweet Workflow in v2

AlfredTweet Workflow in v2

Exciting stuff, isn’t it?


13 thoughts on “V2 Sneak Peek: Advanced Workflows for Rdio, Twitter and Chrome

  1. Since when are any Alfred updates not exciting?

    I’ve been looking for a way to search chrome bookmarks for ages. Kinda odd a search company doesn’t let you search your bookmarks…

    The current shell/ruby/AppleScript support is great. Thanks for adding another venue.

  2. I love the idea of an extension integrating results into the Alfred results area. I’ve many ideas for this!

  3. Given the high percentage of Chrome Mac users, I think the Chrome Bookmarks integration shouldn’t need a 3rd party extension. :)

  4. Wow! Any beta slots available?
    I’d love to start testing.

    I love LP and it’s minimalist interface, but workflows do sound like a good reason to switch.

  5. Amazing stuff. A shame I don’t use any of the three services/apps but it’s always great to see new functionality.

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