Alfred Version 2 is Coming Soon!

Alfred v2 hat

After over 6 months of work in secret, we can officially announce that Alfred version 2 is coming!

When we first launched Alfred in February 2010, we hadn’t anticipated that Alfred would grow up to become butler to millions of users, winning awards and engraining himself into our lives. Version 1 grew organically, with numerous releases over almost three years.

In version 2, Alfred will be even more polished and user-friendly than ever. To achieve this, Andrew has rewritten Alfred from the ground up to make every aspect more efficient, more powerful and more flexible, reusing only around 15% of code from v1. Of course, we’ve also taken great care to ensure existing users would still feel at home with v2.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing sneak previews of the new v2 features. We’ll also put out a beta once v2 is near completion in early January.

Did you say beta version?

Yes indeed! When the beta version is ready, we’ll invite Mega Supporters to give us a hand in testing v2. Your help in putting Alfred through his paces in previous development releases in the past has been invaluable, and we thought you might enjoy playing with a new shiny app ahead of release. :)

In order to keep a handle on the number of beta users and the feedback we’ll receive, only Mega Supporters will get early access.

If you’d like to become a Mega Supporter, you can upgrade your Single User license or, for new Powerpack users, grab a Mega Supporter license. The upgrade is great value and gives you a lifetime of updates included!

Everyone who has bought since 1st December 2012 will receive a free upgrade to v2, so if you buy today, you’ll get your v1 license instantly, and receive a v2 license when it’s released.

All users who bought prior to 1st December are eligible for a discounted upgrade and can either upgrade to a Mega Supporter license today, or a Single/Family license on release day.

We’ve created a License FAQ page with answers to most license-related questions.

Once the beta is available, we’ll provide documentation for developers who want to make their extensions compatible with v2. In most cases, this will be easy and will give you even more flexibility.

I hope this news is as exciting for you as it is for us. Follow us on Twitter @alfredapp as we won’t be able to resist posting some screenshots and sneak peeks over the coming weeks! :D

[Update: Have a look at the v2 tag on the blog to see all sneak previews we’ve posted to date!]

39 thoughts on “Alfred Version 2 is Coming Soon!

  1. OMG! I can’t believe an awesome and perfect app it’s getting more awesome and perfect!!
    Can’t wait for this release!!!

  2. Can’t wait!!! Like a kid waiting to eat the marshmallow!!! He he he!!!

  3. This is excellent news. Just upgraded to Mega Supporter. Can’t wait. This is even better than an Alfred App Advent Calendar

  4. Amazing timing! Was just adding a few Alfred extensions and wondered what was planned for Alfred. Glad to hear it’s coming.

    Now if only there was a way for you to have system access to the iPhone/iPad!

  5. Can’t wait to see what’s new. A new extension/plugin system that would give devs more power would be very welcome.

    • “All you guys” is a single developer, Andrew. :)

      We may do software for iOS in the future, who knows… But at the moment, we’re fully focused on creating the best Alfred v2 possible for you!

  6. Wow, glad I just bought the power pack like two days ago (after the Verge article), so now I’ll also get an upgrade to v2!

  7. Awesome news indeed. Can’t wait to hear the new features in V2. Think it goes without saying I will be upgrading to V2 as soon as it is available. Alfredapp is such an integral part of my everyday use. Not quite sure how I would navigate on my mac without it.

  8. Became a Mega Supporter today just based on how much I use version 1 the updates are just a bonus :)

  9. I hope Alfred doesn’t gain unneccessary weight, i.e. become bloated. There is such a thing as too many features too. Less is more! That said, I’m looking forward to v2.

  10. I’m sure you won’t, but just in case, please, please (pretty please with chocolate sprinkles) don’t do an Evernote/Skitch on us….we love Alfred and want to love Alfred Two!

  11. Mega supporting you because I have full confidence in your nous and style to make Alfred even better. Thank you!

  12. I’m with Alfred since the very beginning. It’s obvious that I have become a Mega Supporter too. Price is high for me but the app is worth it for sure!

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  13. Really looking forward to Alfred V2. Could you also post news to @alfredapp on App.net please. Would be great if you could. Thanks.

    • I don’t want to just re-post our Twitter stream to app.net, so will try to do it manually. As there are only two of us, you’ll have to bear with us if we forget. :)

      Your best bet is still to sign up to the blog’s RSS feed!

  14. All that I ask is you do not allow your feature lust to outweigh your true love for performance.

    I never ever wait on Alfred v1. He is literally lightning fast. Spotlight, for example, is featured, but it will show me one Top Hit, begin thinking, then swap-in a different one during the exact millisecond my finger presses Return. This is infinitely frustrating. Other competitors like QS and LB also suffer from a painfully bloated sluggishness.

    Speed and efficiency are the most important features in a launch app.

    • Believe it or not, we’ve actually managed to make certain aspects of Alfred even lighter and faster!

      Here’s an example, one of the thousands of tiny things that will make Alfred so lightweight yet so clever:

      You’ll love v2 :)

    • Very unlikely, as the rules for the Mac App Store have changed in the past year, making it much trickier for developers to release and maintain apps that can’t be sandboxed, like Alfred. Your best bet will always be to check out website directly for the latest version :)

  15. I have a single user license. Am I right thinking the price for me to upgrade to a Mega Supporter license will be the same if I upgrade today and when the v2 is released?

    • That’s correct – you can wait until v2 is released and the price will be the same. Upgrade to single license will also be available.

      The benefit of becoming a Mega Supporter early on is mainly for access to the beta in the new year :)

  16. Just bought a mega support (used to have family licence for powerpack) this app is indispensable. When I sit at someones mac and they are running stock spotlight I pity them. Cmon beta let me seeeeee!!!!

  17. Alfred is actually one of the “best buy” of my life (second only to a DropBox account, I think). I’m a Mega Supporter since the “alpha” version and it was worth every single “penny” I putted on. I’m very pleased to hear that news. Keep up the good job, guys!

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