Powerpack Giveaway Winners

In the past week, CacheFly & Leo Laporte have been doing a giveaway for 20 Alfred Powerpack license codes. Today, we are announcing the winners of the giveaway, as well as giving everyone who didn’t win an awesome 20% discount on the Powerpack single and family licenses.

If you’ve missed the giveaway, it’s not too late to get the 20% discount code. Sign up on the TWiT giveaway page before 1st August and you’ll receive an email containing your discount code instantly.

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to CacheFly and Leo Laporte & the TWiT team for their collaboration in this giveaway. If you’ve yet to listen to This Week in Tech or any of fantastic shows they create, you should check them out.

Announcing the winners

The 20 winners of the giveaway will be contacted today with the details of how they can claim their Powerpack license code. They are:

  • Nied Hui
  • Eric Unzicker
  • Rob Kreisel
  • Korey Haug
  • Andrea Calvetti
  • Jacob Feinstein
  • Oleksiy Kovyrin
  • Erwin Riley
  • Etseve Graells
  • Elliott Bowles
  • Matt Collins
  • Brooke Gravitt
  • Nathan Walker
  • Max Wolf
  • John Green
  • Brandon Ruschill
  • Marek Zhibo
  • Reginald Hollins
  • Jennifer Liang
  • Leif Brogren

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated!