Alfred 1.3 Released: Multi-file Actions, QuickLook, Compact View and more

Today, Alfred 1.3 is available through auto-update [non-Mac App Store] and from our website with lots of lovely additions. We’ve been using these new features ourselves over the past few weeks and already can’t live without them!

Multi-file Buffer

You can now pick multiple files directly from Finder or navigate to them in Alfred and add them to your file buffer. Once you’ve picked all your files, you can perform an action on all of them. With this feature in your hands, Speedy Gonzales will be left in the dust behind you!


You’ve been clamouring for QuickLook integration, and here it is.  Preview your files and documents using OS X’s QuickLook by pressing Shift or ⌘Y. Simple yet so useful!

Compact View

We’ve added a compact view in Alfred’s Appearance preferences, allowing you to make Alfred’s results view smaller. Handy for users of the shiny new Retina Display MacBook Pros.

Show more results

Alfred will now show you all matched results for your Default Results searches; Just keep scrolling down for more results.

1Password improvements

We’ve made the very popular integration with 1Password even better, by making Alfred find and handle your 1Click bookmarks even more intelligently. You can also choose to include your 1Password bookmarks in default results without the “1p” keyword and copy the 1Click URL to clipboard with ⌘C.

And much more…

Once again, the change log for this release is pretty hefty with many more improvements and fixed, so if you’re curious, grab a coffee and read all the details.



19 thoughts on “Alfred 1.3 Released: Multi-file Actions, QuickLook, Compact View and more

    • We’re still looking into whether it’ll be possible to submit this version given the recent changes to MAS rules.

  1. Looks great guys! Thanks for the update. Don McAllister over on ScreenCastsONLINE really did a nice job convincing me I needed Alfred and the PowerPack, so I look forward to fiddling with the new features. Thanks!

  2. Give up MAS, buying Alfred outside MAS is lot more effective :)

  3. I have had a Mac for 5 years and I’m now, just last week, hearing about Alfred? What an incredible application that has changed the way I do just about everything on my Mac. And I have only learned the very basics of Alfred… much to more to learn. Thanks for this terrific program :-)

  4. Tried out the file buffer feature and I love it! Now I don’t have to worry about copying multiple files, moving them to another location, and going back to delete them to avoid duplicity. Thank you so much!

  5. I can’t seem to get Multi-file Buffer to work. Do I ⎇-click on a file in the finder to get started. Then how do I perform an action on the file(s), e.g., delete, copy to, move to, etc.

    • To use multi-file, select a few files in Finder and hit Cmd + Alt + \ and this will pop up the result actions for the files you’ve selected. This is a Powerpack feature, I should add :)

  6. really glad i bought this app almost two years ago … great investment!

  7. Love this app to bits, but just wondering, will you guys be implementing Notification Center?

    • Andrew has been playing with Notification Centre today, so it’s likely that you’ll see some more Mountain Lion goodness in the next release :)

  8. It says I can pick multiple files directly from Finder, but I can’t find anything that explains how I actually do that?

    • With your Powerpack activated, select a few files in Finder and hit Cmd + Alt + \ and this will pop up the result actions for the files you’ve selected :)

      Have a look at the File Buffer prefs tab for the various hotkeys too!

  9. Don’t give up on the MAS please. I understand the pain sanboxing is causing developers, but having just reinstalled 4 family Macs in a row, I really wish all apps had been on the MAS. Hopefully Apple will relax the rules a bit, or better yet, provide trusted developers with special entitlements.

    • Yes, Alfred is retina-ready. Some of the preferences icons still need to be improved, but all of the important icons are retina-ready.

      We also recommend using the smaller view on retina Macs: Go to Alfred’s Appearance prefs > Options > Smaller default results. Check that box and it’ll be optimal for the MBP screen :)

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