Alfred 1.2 Released: 1Password Integration, Large Type, New Themes, Clipboard Merge and more!

We’ve just released Alfred version 1.2, which brings an absolute boatload of new features and improvements.

It’s now available to download by checking for updates in the app, from our website or from the Mac App Store. Both the free version and the Powerpack have received a lot of love in this release so read on for the full details of this fantastic release.

Fast access to your 1Password 1Click bookmarks

We couldn’t live without 1Password so this new Powerpack integration is a marriage made in heaven!

Enable the 1Password bookmarks import in Alfred’s Features preferences, then let Alfred bring up your list of password bookmarks when you type “1p” followed by your search term. Your default browser is launched, and you are logged straight into your 1Password stored site. It’s completely safe as your browser still requires your 1Password master password if you aren’t already authenticated.

The 1Password team also blogged about 1Click bookmarks in Alfred earlier this week.

Large type with ⌘-L

Whether you plan to use it to view phone numbers on your screen from a distance, share the solution to a maths equation or to tease classmates sitting behind you in class, large type is a useful addition to the Powerpack. Hit Cmd + L to show the typed text as Large Type on your screen.

Two new colour themes

A few weeks ago, we announced that two new themes – Dark & Smooth and Pistachio – will be added to the default themes in Alfred’s core (free) version.

Clipboard Merge

Clipboard Merge allows you to merge a second item with the previously copied clipboard snippet. Once enabled, it’s simple to use: Hold ⌘ and press C twice to merge the selected text with the previous history item. You’ll hear a sound confirming the snippets have become one!

New hotkeys

We’ve added a few new handy hotkeys:

  • New global hotkeys to take action on currently selected text in OS X
  • New global hotkey option to paste the latest Clipboard History item as plain text without having to show Alfred first
  • Global hotkeys can be assigned to Snippets for instant pasting, e.g. your favourite email signature

File search overhaul

This may sound like hocus pocus but I can assure you that you’ll find that the improved file matching algorithm will help you find your files more easily than before.

If you’re curious to see how Andrew has refined file matching, have a look at his Tumblr post outlining what has changed.

A boatload more…

Version 1.2 is a big release in terms of improvements and bug fixes as well, so have a look at the Change Log here for the full list of changes.

Thanks again to everyone who helped us test this release over the past few weeks! :)



28 thoughts on “Alfred 1.2 Released: 1Password Integration, Large Type, New Themes, Clipboard Merge and more!

  1. Thanks for the update guys. Very pleased about the 1Password integration.

    Now this may be a horrible coincidence, but as soon as I’d installed Alfred 1.2, MsgFiler, which I use to file emails in Mail app, stopped working. Just refuses to move emails into the selected mail box (I discovered this because I tried to file your email!). MsgFiler is right up to date, and was working a couple of hours ago. Tried restarting both Mail and MsgFiler: no good.

    Any idea if it could be some conflict with Alfred? If it’s not, sorry suggesting it might be!

    Best, Kevan

    • Hi Kevan,

      I’m not familiar with MsgFiler, but I don’t see how Alfred could conflict or affect it, short of choosing the same hotkey for a global hotkey as for MsgFiler. You can drop me a line on info@ with more details if you have any further questions. :)


      • Vero

        My apologies for wasting your time. Turns out that the problem was with the message. It arrived in my Inbox as an RSS feed, and it appears that MsgFiler won’t work on such a message, but only on conventional emails. This is the first time I’ve witnessed such behaviour – or rather lack of it. Good luck with the new version!

  2. Hi,

    Is the 1password integration reserved for PowerPack users?.

    I have version 1.2 (220), from the MAS (free) and I can’t see anything related.


    • Hi Jérémy,

      Yes, the 1Password integration requires the version of Alfred from our website (non-Mac App Store) and the Powerpack.


      • So if I’m a huge 1P fan I have to uninstall the MAS version and grab the local version? Or will the MAS version eventually work?

      • Hi Larry, to use the 1Password integration, you do need to use the version from our website with the Powerpack. The MAS version consists of the free Alfred features only. :)

  3. Ok, I want to make sure I get the correct order right. I’m totally on board with 1Password integration. I originally downloaded your app fro the Mac App store which it has updated to 1.2. Before I purchase the Power Pack option, do I need to do anything special to my current version of Alfred so I can get that 1Password functionality?

    • To use the 1Password integration, you need to already be using 1Password and have it installed on your Mac. You also need Alfred’s Powerpack, which is only available as part of the version of Alfred from our website.

      Once you’ve activated your Powerpack with the license you purchase, you’ll then be able to enable the 1Password feature in Alfred’s preferences :)

      • Yes I already have 1password. So I just need to uninstall Alfred on my Mac now. Download your version from the the website and purchase the powerpack.

        Finally, I have set up some custom searches in Alfred. Can I backup and restore to Alfred without having to recreate them?

  4. Do you think integration with LastPass will be a feature that will be available in the future?.

    • We added 1Password as this is hands-down the most popular app of its type. We’ll keep an ear out for LastPass requests, but remember that the future Alfred API will also allow anyone to integrate any application they like, so one way or the other, I’m sure you’ll be able to use LastPass in the future :)

  5. I took some time to play around with the “Global Hotkey sending to Alfred”. Okay now that one is super cool. I used this keyboard shortcut: left Command, right Command (which Alfred sees as Command double tap), and I selected “put the cursor on the left”.

    Thanks guys – hadn’t been using this one yet, but it sure speeds up the workflow!

  6. This is one of the best Alfred updates to date! Now I can instantly open 1Password bookmarks without opening the actual extension. Oh, and the Pistachio theme compliments my wallpaper.

    Great work guys! :)

  7. Thanks! Awesome update to one of my favorite Mac apps. Keep up the great work!

  8. I’m looking around on the Alfred settings panel for a “check for updates” button, but don’t see any. Is there an easy way to update — I have the non-app store power pack

    • There is both a “Check for update” in the Alfred dropdown menu in the menubar, as well as under General > Updates in Alfred’s preferences. :)

      • Aha. I have the menu bar icon disabled and missed the “updates” panel under general.

        All good on 1.2 now, thanks.

  9. I’m using LastPass because I needed multi-platform support long before 1Password provided it (at additional cost), and hardware token support, which 1Password still doesn’t provide. I’d love to see some support for LastPass in a future release of Alfred.

  10. Love the 1password integration and Large text was quite fun. Thank you very much.

  11. Add me to the list of folks who’d love to see support for LastPass. I bought 1Passwd (the old name) years ago, but like Mystakill, I needed cross platform support before it was more than a twinkle in Agilebits’ eye. I’d love to be able to use Alfred to reach in and at least copy credentials to my clipboard.

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