Giveaway: Five Powerpacks & Alfred Goodies

It’s our final giveaway for this year’s Christmas calendar: Five Powerpacks and ten envelopes of Alfred goodies (stickers and keyboard brushes) will be sent to commenters at random.

We don’t want to cut into your last minute shopping time so we’ve kept it simple once again. As 2011 has been a really amazing year for us, and hopefully for you too, tell us what was the highlight of your year – This can be anything from getting a new job to winning the lottery, or maybe even getting engaged to your loved one! We’ll pick the winners at random and post them before Christmas day!

The few simple rules:

  • The Powerpack can be for you or for a friend (aren’t you a generous one!) and will be a single user license or an upgrade from single to mega supporter (for existing Powerpack owners);
  • If you’re not interested in the stickers and brushes, say so in your comment as it will give those who want goodies mailed to them more chances of winning;
  • We’ll ship the Alfred goodies anywhere the postman goes, so there are no geographical restrictions;
  • We’ll send all the goodies in early January so provide a valid email address here and, if you win, get back to us with your postal address by then.

You have until the end of the day on 22nd December to participate (Giveaway closed! See winners list below) so close your eyes, think of what made 2011 most awesome for you, then post your entry. Feel free to use a glass of rum eggnog as a form of creative inspiration. :)

The winners are:


  • Paul
  • Tim D
  • Yohannes Wijaya
  • Juan Carlos Orozco
  • Andrew MB

Alfred goodies:

  • Naoko
  • Kevin W
  • Mike Earley
  • Pavel G
  • Tim Jennings
  • Farthen
  • Jeff J
  • ‘Ley Missailidis
  • Adam B
  • James G

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated!

169 thoughts on “Giveaway: Five Powerpacks & Alfred Goodies

  1. There are many things Santa could get me. One would be a powerful Alfred pack. Much like Alfred in batman, this pack is a utility belt of great power providing me, batman, tools to get my bat mobile (Mac) humming down the road to kick some butt.

    So, Santa, get me an alfred pack.

  2. The highlight of my year was going on a three week Outward Bound course in Aberdovey, Wales, this summer. It was a really challenging experience, but I enjoyed it tremendously. The feeling you get from having climbed a mountain, or having gone for a swim every morning in the freezing water, or from having been part of a winning team, is fantastic.

    Thank you Alfred for having helped me throughout this past year. Since 24/09/2010, @alfredapp has been used 11,027 times. Average 24.2 times per day!

    Sebastian, 14 years old

  3. 2011 has been a big change, I finally got around to doing something that I kept saying I would do but never did, which was learn chinese. So I moved to Shanghai and am currently taking classes.
    Also finding alfred has been great, I had been using quicksilver which, until recently, had been abandoned. But alfred is much more stable, still does not do everything I need, but with the powerpack it will get me a lot closer and the continued updates gives me confidence that it will be around.

  4. Actually each year, there’re always new Apple product that made my year such a bless.
    and ofcourse with beautiful softwares ;)

    Hehe, and now a wish. I’d like to have a powerpack for Xmas :D

  5. I’m lucky enough to say that the highlight of my 2011 was being able to come in to work everyday and do great work with amazing people. :-)

    (and being able to use Alfred to help me do so :-P)

  6. There were lots of great apps and games released in 2011 making it a great year. Alfred going gold is definitely one of the highlights.

  7. The highlight of my year was starting a podcast called Simply Apple.

  8. I really like Alfred, it is my favorite mac app and I barely use 25% of the features. I regularly browse the preferences panes to see if there is a new trick I can learn.

  9. Since 13/09/2010, @alfredapp has been used 10,095 times. Average 21.7 times per day

  10. The highlight of my year was to finally move to Paris and have a little more fun studying what I like :)

    Go Alfred!

  11. Highlight of the year? Alfred of course!
    Also, I watched “Batman begins” yesterday and Alfred was the highlight of the movie.

  12. The highlight of my year was Japan’s earthquake and I found people throughout the world were so kind to Japanese
    Thank you very much.

    (I’m not interested in the stickers and brushes.)

  13. For me, finally getting to participate in app development after years of complaining about how others got it wrong was the highlight of 2011.

  14. Hello,
    I think, there are some very great moments in this year.
    First, I´ve got my first Mac. It´s a 13″ MacBook Pro from Mid 2009. Before this, I´ve only had an Hackintosh (Intel Pentium 4!!11(But Alfred worked))
    The second thing is a little bit confusing, because I think the great Catastrophes in this year (Oil in the golf, the Nuclear power plant in Japan) was very terrible, but of course, had people changed their mind. In Japan, for example, are much more anti-atom protest then before.
    Germany (I live there) has granted to quit the nuclear-phase in a few years.
    That´s it.
    I hope I can gain a licence.
    PS: Sorry, if there´re spelling mistakes. I´m 14 and from germany. Google Translate isn´t a big help for entire sentences ;)

  15. This year, I began to use Mac OS X and love the cool system, and sure, Alfred. :)

  16. The highlight of my year was becoming an employee of a great company with awesome, challenging and inspiring collegues. I’ve developed myself and expanded my competence in a way I didn’t think was possible.

  17. It’s snowy outside and that’s enough of awesome for me in 2011. Looking forward to the End of the World next year!

  18. Highlight of 2011 in terms of productivity was the purchase of a gorgeous MBA ^^

  19. This year I discovered I like:
    Tripping people up
    Discovering clouds that look like Bruce Forsyth
    Wearing a hat at a jaunty angle.

    I would give the power pack to a friend once I get one as I am already MEGA!!!

    All I require for myself are your branded trinkets. I like hats and therefore stickers of them.

  20. The highlight of the year… yeah… I don’t thin I had only one. My summer was great though the weather wasn’t. Alfred was my favorite App this year and Minecraft is still my favorite game. The best Film I had seen was Mary & Max, which was released in 2009 and my highlight in music was Ey Lou Flynn.

  21. Highlight of 2011 was making an important decision in my life that would really make a difference going forward. (I would share but its a bit personal to share it online).

  22. Highlight of the year? Getting my first Mac and hunting down the great apps (including award winning Alfred)

  23. The highlight of my year was discovering all of the wonderful extensions which have been created by David Ferguson (@jdfwarrior) and all the other extension developers.

    My goal for next year is to use Alfred even more than I currently am, and converting my wife to use Alfred to help speed up her workflow too, so if I win, the PowerPack would go to her as an extra wee Christmas present ;-)

  24. The highlight of my year was definitely writing my first iOS app. It’s not very sophisticated but I am very proud of it nevertheless! And I got thousands of users now :D So cool!

  25. In 2011 I go to buy me an iMac and iPad – i love it.
    I never change to windows again!:D
    With this Mac, I never found so good Apps like Alfred.
    With this iPad, I never can watch movies, or videos so easy.

    Since 2011 my Life is really better and easier than before.

  26. The highlight of 2011 for me was the birth of my grand-daughter! Such a joy is this.

    No stickers and brushes for me, thanks.

  27. Getting my PhD and getting married. That’s what made 2011 awesome.

  28. Highlight of the year? Definitely Alfred, because he gave new power to my Mac and to my productivity. Launchpad and Spotlight in Lion are great, but Alfred is simplier and just better. Thanks!

  29. Highlight of my year….taking my 2 kids to Disney!

    And also the day I installed Alfred ;-)

  30. My name has to carry some weight in this giveaway, doesn’t it? Every where I am on the Internet is a plug for your great app!

    In all seriousness, I asked on twitter in what ways Alfred is better than Quicksilver and you pointed me to the Vimeo tutorials. I have to say that you have taken the best of QS and made it fast and beautiful. Very nice job.

    Lot’s of highlights this year including BOTH kids FINALLY in school. Believe me, a very bittersweet day.

  31. Here in The Netherlands we have Sinterklaas who comes early December. Santa visits very few children here. My highlight of the year can be winning one of the Alfred goodies. I am already an Alfred Powerpack user, but maybe the envelope can make it here to The Netherlands. But I would not frown on the mega supporter upgrade.

    But this aside: my highlight of the year was my start as an Licensed LifeCoach which has allowed me to use my passion and inspiration to help other people discover their own strengths. My motto: “if you give it attention, it will grow”.

  32. Highlight for me this year just has to be completing my first ever half-marathon. It was something I never thought I could do but did and I can’t tell you how good it felt crossing that finishing line!

  33. Alfred is like a wishlist. You type some wish in and it comes out :D

  34. The highlight of this and every other year is see my two beautiful girls grow up, nothing beats that.

  35. Most definitely best thing of 2011 is graduating college. I’m actually about to head out to the ceremony right now!

  36. I’d never seen the point in launcher apps – what’s wrong with the Dock, people? Then I started using command-Space to launch semi-regular apps that I didn’t want in my Dock. Loved it, but I wish I could be a bit more specific with what it did. And then I tried Alfred after someone on my Twitter feed mentioned it. Had no intention of getting the Power Pack, seemed to be for power users only, I’d be fine with the free app. And then I saw how cool the free app was and immediately I knew I’d love the Power Pack and now less than a month later I’m training my brain to do as much as possible via Alfred where I can. It’s so, so good.

    And the feedback on Twitter for my stupid questions is great too – what more could I want from an indie developer on the Mac? :)

  37. The highlight for me was joining Realmac Software for the summer to get first hand experience in working at a software company in the Mac development community. It was a fantastic experience and I learnt more than I could have possibly hoped for.

    I now look forward to joining Andrew and Vero, the RMS team, and many other brilliant developers out there in making awesome software for a platform I love.

    Of course other highlights include meeting the Alfred devs, roller coasters, donuts, more donuts, and Alfred 1.0.

  38. Highlight of the year was my new appartment where i’m now in. :) It was much work to get it done, but after moving in it was very cool.

    Thanks for letting me in this giveaway :)

  39. The highlight of my year is the terrifying and rewarding joyride of starting my own business and hopefully the highlight of next year will the the brilliant success of that business.

    Also the *The Muppets Movie*. (only half joking)

  40. One of the Highlights of 2011 was being introduced to Alfred!

    Up to then I was using LaunchBar as my main overall best utility to locate-search for items, but I just could not get my head around how to use it efficiently.

    When Alfred came along, the keystrokes were so simple and the utility was so powerful, that it was the icing on the cake for me for 2011.

    Don J J C

  41. Whoops, just realised I was supposed to post a highlight of the year. Hmm, I think it would be managing to successfully juggle a staff TV camera op job and plenty freelance movie unit stills work at the same time, thanks to the incredibly understanding studio manager at the TV production company I work for. All areas of my employment are things I love doing. What could be better than that?

  42. Highlight for me (as a belgian) was: finally a new government! Oh how I wished I could have said that last year!

    Also: Finally bought a house: yay for me (us)!

  43. I think the highlight of this year wins hands down to any moment of 2011… I finally received an eye surgery in May and turned my vision to a fantastic 11/10!

    I own the Powerpack, Alfred is one of the most used apps in my Mac. I love what I can do with the plugins and using it since the early versions it’s great to watch how it gets better in every release.

  44. The highlight of my year definitely was purchasing our first house! And Alfred is a great butler—saves time every single day.

    No stickers and brushes please.

  45. The highlight of my year was when my son was born back in February this year. Since then, I’ve had to cut back on spending money on things and unfortunately, the Powerpack was one that suffered. If I don’t win I will probably buy a license in the near future.

  46. After 10 years of break I’ve return to play ice hockey and every time I’m playing I’m feeling that I have more and more power on the ice. But some powerpack would be nice for next year. :)

  47. The highlight of my year was reconnecting with two old friends. I’m blessed to have both of them back in my life.

    Merry Christmas, Alfred!

  48. Highlight of the year was when my daughter open her birthday present: her first own computer – an iMac! A power pack for her might get her to belief in Santa again.

    (If you don’r want to send stickers and keyboard brushes abroad, don’t include me)

  49. In June of 2011 I walked into the emergency room of the hospital and was told I was having a heart attack. Eight hours later I had had a 6 bypass operations and had a healthier heart than for many years. Recuperated well and snatched success from the jaws of tragedy which certainly made 2011 special.

  50. Wow, this would a very nice after christmas gift!
    My highlight of the year was switching from windows to mac OSX and so I can use Alfred!

    Keep up your awesome work!

  51. This year had way too many highlights to count. Climbing Mt. Sinai with my sister was amazing.

    No stickers or brushes, please.

  52. This year turns out to be a big year for my uni and career life. It’s actually like connecting the dots backwards when these events has passed, like Steve said. I was currently studying Animation & VFX in March when I found Alfred (which replaced QS) and decided to purchase the PP to support the development. That led me to follow @alfredapp on Twitter and get utterly inspired by Andrew’s development and career life (you’re my idol! :D). I eventually changed my degree from Design to Com Science to follow my interest and passion on computing and technology. I’m currently studying many new exciting things on my own alongside uni.

    Great things continue to happen as my cousins are expecting; my grandma is waiting for her first great-grandson!

    Merry X’mas and Happy New Year to you all!

    • Oh yeah, please give stickers and brushes to those who want them more. ;D

  53. My highlight of 2011? Geez, I really wouldn’t know… This year has been one huge highlight for me!

  54. The highlight of my year was watching my city rebound and grow after a devastating tornado destroyed 20% of the city in April of 2011.

  55. I’ve been using Spotlight for launching apps mostly until I discovered the power of Alfred. Now I also discovered there’s even more power in a powerpack!

    Getting to the condition for participating in this giveaway: the highlight of my year was a 3-week-hiking-vacation in the mountains and hills of the not-so-deep-south of Northern Georgia :)

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone!
    (no stickers and brushes please)

  56. The highlight of my year was probably getting back from my Duke of Edinburgh expedition in July.

    We went walking through mountains in Wales, though thankfully not Mount Snowdon. It was very cold and windy the first two days, so I was thankful to get to the campsites both days, even though I didn’t get any sleep in the nights, thanks to my friend snoring all the way through!

    The weather on the last day was amazing – it was very sunny and warm, and it made Wales look like the idyllic countryside we had been promised. We were all very grateful to return to our real beds afterwards.

  57. I absolutely love Alfred! I use it everyday, and if I’m ever at a computer without Alfred, I just feel like something’s missing.

  58. Highlight of the year has to be moving around; back to London after Christmas at the beginning for second term of University; then home for Summer, seeing all my friends and family; then back again in September to meet with all those I missed over summer; and finally back again for Christmas to my family back home. Every time it feels great.

  59. I moved from Windows 7 to Mac OSX in November 2011 and Alfred helped to make the transition so much easier as I sometimes have no idea where a program or document is.

  60. The highlight of my year was starting a new job. Thanks for all of your hard work on Alfred!

  61. Highlight for me this year was definitely my trip to New York City, went out in May and had a ball, saw the Cavalera Conspiracy there which was loads of fun and totally unplanned (yes they just happened to be playing the day before my birthday). Was also part of a burlesque show that was streamed over the internet so there may be a random video out there with me and a lovely lady with her lady lumps near my face.

    What a way to turn 36!

  62. The highlight of my year was definitely getting married, then moving across the country (US) for my wife’s new job. Many changes, but all for the better!

  63. My favorite part of this year has been moving into my first apartment…and upgrading to the powerpack! :)

  64. 2011 has been such a great year. The youngest of my two daughters got married in October. The celebration was so fantastic it really made my year. The only downside my checking account is now depleted. I have only been a Mac user for four years but just love all the great Applications that make using it such a great experience. Alfred is one of those and the Powerpack would make it even better.

  65. I won a free iPad in a contest, which is awesome since I could have never afforded it myself. Here’s hoping my luck continues!

  66. After waiting for spotlight to index for the billionth time I said “ENOUGH” and finally tried Alfred. I LOVE IT. Thank you!

    Happy Holidays!

  67. Tough question. I think my best single moment this year was seeing The Naked and Famous live at Northside Festival.

    (No stickers or brushes please, I’m sure somebody else wants them more than me).

  68. Es scheint, dass ich der einzige deutsche Anwender von Alfred bin? Ganz bestimmt nicht. Jedenfalls ist die App eine der größten Entdeckungen für mich im zurückliegenden Jahr.
    Gratuliere allen bei
    Merry Christmas!

  69. My 2011 highlight would have to be going back to university to finish my Literature degree after my two-year leave of absence. I had to stop to raise my baby girl, and now that she’s old enough we’ve moved back to the capital in order for me to attend my classes with ease. Both my little girl and my husband have been a great inspiration and tremendous motivators for me that I wouldn’t have achieved so much this year without them.

    I already bought Alfred’s powerpack upgrade, so the stickers and brushes are my choice! Merry Christmas Alfred! :)

  70. I must say it was proposing to my girlfriend. The wedding will be next year, although I don’t think it will go as smooth. :)

  71. For me, highlight of this year has been start learning IOS development. So I will soon or later have my app on the app store!

    I wish all people of good will a wonderful year 2012!!!

  72. Highlight of my 2011, as simple as this sounds, is not dying in a pretty bad wreck a few weeks back. lol. Rolled 5-6 times, and i’m still here. Yay! :)

  73. This year is my final year :-)
    One of the best Christmas present would be to have a license to Alfred.
    Otherwise I’d be this beautiful gift in no time.
    The free version is fine, but the Powerpack looks so much better: P

  74. 2011 was great. I feel so blessed. I have a great job, a finance, a English Bulldog puppy & a loving family. I bought the Alfred PowerPack in the summer. I’d love to share the Alfred Awesomeness with one of my family members! I bet they would love it as much as I do!

  75. The highlight of 2011 for me was finding Alfred of course. But beyond that, my son turned two, and started being more like a kid than a baby…which was happy and sad all at once (the parents in the audience will understand… :) ).

  76. Definitely quite a great year!
    Got a new job in February.
    Bought an iPad and a Macbook Air.
    Traveled USA’s west coast.
    And got engaged a month ago. :D

    Couldn’t ask for much more, but hey, this Alfred license sounds great. :)

  77. I think the highlight of the Year is the Powerpack giveaway from Alfred :)

    (I’m not interested in the stickers and brushes.)

  78. Meeting & getting to know more about my family members again after a decade of separation are definitely the the highlights 2011 for me.

  79. The best thing about this year has been the birth of my first daughter and watching her as she grows and learns new things!

  80. I have a comfortable home, a loving family, a good job, and now Alfred. I count my blessings, but a personal highlight is seeing movements for social, political, and economic justice take off throughout the world.

  81. The highlight of this year has got to be graduating from University and landing a job (that I will be starting in January)! :-D

  82. The highlight of my year was a summer spent backpacking into remore corners of the Montana mountains. And then playing with my Mac when I got home. :)

  83. Highlight of the year – my new degree – MSc Business Systems Analysis and Design! Second, Textmate 2!! (a veritable miracle) Third, the ever-growing popularity of Alfred – of which I was an early adopter!!!

  84. I think the highlight of the Year is the moment alfred entered my life, makes my work so much easier!

  85. Every single day for me was a highlight! There were bad times that also makes the path of your life, but mostly good times and these are the things you remember!
    A lot of things happened and I’m happy to have met some new *friends* even though I’ve never met them in person, I had some nice conversations and some good times with them!
    So my highlight for this year, was to see that every day is a highlight itself!

    Wishing everyone a good time and all the best for next year!
    And for the Alfred team, keep the good work going and all the best with it (and the new project)!

  86. The highlight of that year was truly my exchange semester in Trondheim (Norway). Thanks to Alfred I had the translations (german-english and german-norwegian) directly at the fingertips with my custom searches!
    Saved much time and nerves.

    Thank you Alfred.

  87. In 2011, I lost my new job after 5 weeks, spent 3 days in the hospital, traded in my new truck and bought an 11 year old sedan, learned how to be a freelance designer, finally made the switch from PC to Mac, taught myself photoshop, inDesign, and advanced html/css, built websites, designed a product interface for Barclay’s Capital, and got my dream job with a company called Network Ninja, in Chicago. 2011 was an awesome year.

  88. On a personal level, this has been a year of many highlights: a new job, leading a successful pilgrimage to Serbia/Montenegro/Kosovo, and the birth of my third child, Zora.

    The highlight of my year working in programming / tech / priest is definitely Alfred. It’s amazing that this one little App makes me so much more productive and efficient.

    Thanks team Alfred!

  89. One of the highlights this year was my son’s baseball team winning his leagues championship in dramatic fashion. They were the 4th seed and beat the number 1 team. My son had a great catch to seal the victory.

  90. The highlight of 2011 for me (so far – it’s not quite over, so I’m open to winning the lottery still…) was landing a new job that allowed me to moved back to Portland. Having been away from this fair city for the year before, it was great to move back.

    Even better? I discovered many cool new things had popped up while I was gone, making my return that much sweeter. I don’t know what 2012 will hold (the end of the world?), but it’s got some big competition if it’s going to be a better year than 2011 for me.

  91. Going on Vacation with my entire family for a week and being able to spend time with my sons!

  92. Highlight of my year may have been winning a £300 gift card. Sad, but true.

  93. Highlight of the year was getting a 4.0 GPA as a full-time student in the Fall Quarter. And also getting a new job. And a new son. Not in any particular order.

  94. Happy holidays Alfred team! Thanks for a reliable app and congratulations on shipping 1.0!

  95. The highlight of my year was getting out of after the without attracting the attention of the security service. Believe it or not, the was actually overseeing the of their own inside of at the same time. of with is still officially frowned upon and the within would prove to be , at least normally, in the instance of a indictment worst case leading to extradition. So, as you can imagine, I was quite relieved.

  96. 2011 has been great for me too… My new business, great clients and discovering Alfred… Then telling all mt buddies about this fab new friend.

  97. My Highlight of 2011? Getting a Mac. Having only used Windows boxes before it made a huge difference. Especially after getting a bit into Objective-C / Cocoa development. I definitely prefer that to C# and .NET.

    Not able to think of a lot else though. I need to get a life, I guess.

    Ah and Alfred Stickers sound awesome! If I don’t win them I’d love to be able to buy such stuff, too. xD

  98. The best accomplishment in this year was probably that I learned not a small deal of PHP and I’m looking forward to learning some more.

  99. It’s been a crazy year 2011 for me, good and bad. Proposed to my fiancée, who I will marry very soon. Experienced the Tohoku earthquake in Japan (while in Tokyo) just as I was getting ready to move back to Canada after living in Japan for 8 years (as if parting wasn’t tough enough as it was). Successfully returned to life in my home country. Father made it through major heart surgery. Made my first big purchases. Found new work. Started a small company. Was nominated for awards in my field (ExpressionEngine) for my work this year. A ton of my friends had kids…

    It’s crazy how it all fit in a single year. Maybe I’ll leave having children of my own and winning the lottery for 2012! ;)

  100. Got a MacBook Air this year. It has been 3 years since I owned a notebook. SSD is definitely the way of the future. Now I am more productive than ever!

  101. Getting all A* results in my GCSE exams so far >.< as well as many other things :D

  102. So much has happened to me in the past year. My life has really changed; I’m not a born again or anything like that, but after being expelled, I learned the mighty lesson of not taking things for granted. While what I have in life is not as good, I’m leading a happier, more full, life. I wish all of you a very happy holiday season. Best of luck.

    PS. Santa, I have a single license, so a mega-supporter would be nice. Thanks!

  103. The highlight for this year for me were my children:

    1) my special needs autistic son going to school and excelling far far beyond what we thought he could ever achieve
    2) my second child protecting him
    3) and my new born baby – our first ordinary normal child – surrounded by her siblings who adore her and express that every hour every day.

    My children, my children.


  104. Hands down, the best part of 2011 was moving back to San Diego. Home, sweet home. On the beach. With a taco in one hand. And a margarita in the other.

  105. Overall 2011 was a great year, I made the move from windows to OS X and wonder why I never made the move before. I have been learning PHP and I have been reading about writing plugins for Alfred and am looking forward to trying that when I get a chance to purchase the powerpack.

  106. I was working full-time for about 2 years, when this year, I decided to go back to school.

    The interesting lectures, the challenging exams and homeworks, were all things that I needed in my life to be satisfied.

    Going back to school was the highlight of my 2011 and surely, one of the best decision I will ever make in my life!

  107. The highlight of my year was returning home after a 6-month stay abroad. Bought my first Mac too!

  108. In May 2011, I proposed to my girlfriend of six years… and she said yes!

  109. I’m sorry to disappoint but my life this year hasn’t been nearly as awesome as most of yours.
    I have been working very hard for school but I wish I could the Powerpack.
    Check out my site if you’re nice.

  110. Highlight of the year? Definitely Siri and the protests against SOPA.

  111. I think the highlight for me would have to be finally finishing school, as well as getting university offers :)

    Happy Christmas Team Alfred!

  112. Finishing grad school. All the hard work, late nights and studying finally paid off.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year to all!

  113. Breaking my arm made me again realize how wonderful Alfred is. I was able to do a lot of things with only my left hand (when normally I do everything with my right hand).
    So thank you very much for this amazing tool, that let me do things instead of going crazy because I could not use my computer.

    Best regards and have a wonderful christmas,

  114. The Highlight of my year was deciding that my religion from then on would be Kindness.

  115. Finally getting on my bike and commuting during the summer was the highlight of my year. Probably the best thing to happen in a while as it’s gotten me interested in a new hobby as well as improved my health. Have a wonderful holiday and a great New Year!

  116. Loving Alfred and all he does for me – Alfred quickly became indispensable on my MacBook Air.

    It is small companies like yours who make using the Mac such a great experience, so thanks for the fantastic development work and have a happy Holiday season.

  117. My highlight of the year was getting a new job.

    (I’m not interested in the stickers and such, but I am interested in the Powerpack. Thanks!)

  118. I have discovered a few gems this year, including a marvelous Tiny Bang Story distraction and a truly appreciated breath of fresh air in the form of v1 of Alfred. I agree with an earlier poster that apps like yours make working on my Mac a great experience. Thanks! Were I to win, I’d only like to upgrade to a Mega User (what is that anyway?) or spread the goodness of Alfred’s PowerPack to another…

  119. The absolute highlight for me this year was seeing my name up on the cinema screen during the credits for Mission Impossible 4. :D

  120. 2011 was a very special year for me. 2011 is the Steve year. The year I understood I had been lucky knowing such a…a….well, you know what I am talking about. Thank you Steve.

    And thank you Alfred team for the best mac app I owe and daily use.

    (I already owe powerpack, so other goodies will be awesome!)


  121. The highlight of my year was seeing my brother finish school and succeed in getting into the university course he wanted to do. He also came third in the state (NSW, Australia) in Software Design and Development!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  122. This year has been really special to me.
    I got engaged and we are now expecting a baby for 2012.
    These are not only the highlights of this year but the highlights of my life.

    I am also proud to have become and Alfred Mega supporter this year. Good things all the way, very nice product (is Alfred really is just a “product” BTW ?) from a very nice and friendly indie team.

    Happy Holiday Season to you all !

  123. Highlight of the year ?

    All of my Mac OS X friends are now using Alfred, because I introduced them to this awesome app. Thanks for such a nice app. I couldn’t imagine living without it, because it makes my everyday tasks on Mac OS X so much easier and faster. Again thanks for all app and twitter updates, but I really wish to get my hands on the power-pack.

    Merry x-mas and happy new year!!!

    Best regards,


  124. My best moment was when I got accepted at the university and now I am studying software engineering. On top of that I have got a lot of freelance jobs in which I develop apps for the iPhone.
    2011 has been filled with great things!

  125. The highlight of my year (at least in the computer world) has been watching Alfred grow and mature from the tiny single-function program that it began as. Every day I check my twitter feed to see what news there is from Andrew or Vero!

  126. Buying christmas gifts is always difficult. Luckily the Alfred powerpack makes a perfect gift!

  127. My highlight in 2011 was my 4 new nephews some of my best friends gave me…

    As second highlight I can tell the discovery of GTD productivity system and, of course, Alfred. I cannot understand what was I doing without it last years.

  128. The highlight of my year was meeting who I think may be my future spouse. I think that she is perfect in every way and we met in one of our classes.

  129. The highlight of my year was spending a weekend with a friend I had not seen in 12 years. We met in Memphis and went to Graceland. The King lives!

  130. Best part of 2011 was 2 months of camping in Australia! Please send the stickers to someone who will make better use of them, I’m more interested in the license. Thaanks for the giveaway!

  131. My highlight was probably going on a vacation to Disneyworld. I also would like the goodies to go to a better home.

  132. best part of 2011 is getting a best buy gift card, and being able to turn that into a visa gift card so i could use anywhere.

    powerpack me please!

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