Giveaway: Dropbox accounts up for grabs today!

DropboxIn the spirit of Christmas and our Alfred calendar, Dropbox have given us three 10GB lifetime upgrades.

Dropbox is an incredibly useful cloud-based file synching service, which we love and highly recommend for Powerpack users who want to sync their Alfred settings.

To participate, leave a comment below and tell us how you use Dropbox today. Tomorrow, we’ll randomly pick three winners, who will be contacted by email. (Make sure you use a valid email address so that we can get in touch.)


Thank you to the 555 commenters (yes, that’s five hundred and fifty five!) who participated in this giveaway. We closed our eyes, took a spin and picked three winners at random. They are:

  • Mark B
  • Brad
  • HankBott
If you’re a winner, you’ll receive your code by email. If you haven’t won, thank you for participating and sharing how you use Dropbox! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the future entries on our Alfred Christmas Calendar.


555 thoughts on “Giveaway: Dropbox accounts up for grabs today!

  1. I use Dropbox to keep most all of my files in sync between two computers. Plus, it is invaluable in allowing me to share things with students.

  2. I usually use Dropbox to sync files from my MacBook to my iPhone and sometimes vice versa. I also store important documents there, in case something happens.

  3. Sometimes I use dropbox to share files with my colleagues. But to be honest I don’t use dropbox much – there simply isn’t enough disk space. 10 GB would be very useful.

  4. I lobe Dropbox! I use it to store all my school documents so I can access them from my phone and my iPad. I can even view them on a public computer via

    I also store books (in PDF form) so I can read them wherever.

    I also use the sharing aspect of Dropbox. Some of my revision notes are in my public folder so that my classmates are able to use them.

  5. Hi! I’m using Dropbox to synchronize documents between my desktop and notebook, all data and settings of Alfred and 1Password, my Adium chat logs and to share files with friends and colleagues. :)

  6. I use it to back up everything important, and to get files wirelessly over to my phone.

  7. Awesome idea!
    I use Dropbox for Alfred sync (of course), for my 1Password sync, all my school work is normally in dropbox as i often use multiple computers. But when working with large Maya and Photoshop files it is not always easy with just 2GB :(
    I could really use 10GB =D

  8. I use Dropbox as an offsite/online backup for documents, a means if transferring files between my iPhone/iPad to my Mac and back, share files with a friend for editing podcast audio files, and move files to my MacBook from my Mac. All with the default 2GB storage limit.

    Dropbox is an amazing tool for doing just about anything with, absolutely love it and would love 10 extra GB’s. :)

  9. I use Dropbox to back up all the important files for my freelance copywriting business. My laptop was stolen earlier this year, and even though I had everything backed up, Dropbox had me up and running again immediately.

  10. I use Dropbox to keep a cloud backup of my important files and quickly synchronize documents between my Windows desktop, MacBook and iPhone.

    I also set up some remote triggers with external software to automate between computers: For example, putting a zip file full of images in a certain folder in my Dropbox will make my Mac automatically unzip the archive, add the photos to iPhoto and then delete the folder in Dropbox.

  11. I use Dropbox to sync my adium chat logs, 1password and alfred settings. It’s also a backup for any major documents and a few dotfiles I keep around for programming.

    I also use it to share music and other stuff with friends.

  12. I use Dropbox to sync important files from home, work, at my parents
    I use Dropbox when I need to take quick photo and transfer it to my computer.
    I use Dropbox to save ini-files from certaint programs, so my settings remain the same whereever I go.
    I use Dropbox with my 1Password.

  13. I’m using Dropbox to sync 1Password, WriteRoom, TaskPaper, and many other plain-text tools I’m using on a daily basis.

  14. This is the second year that I’ve been contributing my university’s entry in the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition. This means passing a lot of files between our team members: datasheets, CAD models, PCB layouts, etc. Dropbox has made this type of sharing effortless: if I want to share something with the rest of the team all I have to do is drag it into my Dropbox folder and forget it!

  15. I use Dropbox to sync all my technology together, to share files with the family and to be more productive in general.

  16. I put on Dropbox everything. Really usefull to get the content directly to your iPhone!

  17. I used Dropbox both for personal and work usage, keeping my files synced on the MBA, macbook server, and a PC.

    For personal I’m using it to store my 1password database, family photos, private docs, host a personal site, and other files.

    For work, I’m using it to send large attachments (with sparrow)and sharing project folders with colleagues.

    I <3 Dropbox !

  18. I use Dropbox to keep my college files in sync at home so I can work on them at home. I also like to keep Alfred’s sync files in Dropbox as well!

  19. I use Dropbox every single day to sync my files from my Mac to my working PC, and when I’m far away from them, I still can quickly access my data with my iPhone. It’s insanely time-saving and I love Dropbox almost as much as Alfred!

  20. I use Dropbox to make sure that I can always access my files for school. I’ve switched computers a few times over the past few years, and I’m always grateful to not have to worry about my important school documents being lost. It’s the perfect solution. Further, I know that I’ll have space for any other important documents in the future.

  21. I use Dropbox every day to sync my work from iPad to my MacMini and from work to home.

  22. I use dropbox for college. I use to have problems forgetting a USB either at home or at the lab. Now I have all my documents anywhere I have access to a computer and the internet. I also use to it to keep Eclipse

  23. I pretty much save my entire daily work directory into Dropbox. This creates a backup (and version history) of all my design work, finances and documents. The backup and the version history has saved my butt countless times. It’s also great having the files synced to my phone and computer at home.

  24. I use Dropbox for syncing app files with my iPod Touch such as 1Password and my todo list. I have separate folders set up to share files with my clients and accountant. I’ve used it as a flash drive replacement for accessing documents away from my computer. I also use it for backups. I have an elaborate subversion system set up for my websites, but for small things I use Dropbox for version control. I got my mom signed up for it and now my accountant uses it in her business! This is definitely one of those apps I rely heavily on for personal use and business.

  25. The utility of Dropbox for me is indispensable. The many ways I use Dropbox are too long to list; but, to name two of my favourites – having Alfred search all my .txt files created by nvALT on the Mac and PlainText on iOS and then synced via Dropbox – and having many of my favourite app data synced between devices. (I’m looking at you Alfred)

  26. I used it to:
    1) Sync pictures from my phone to all my devices
    2) Sending files via Sparrow
    3) Using Alfred to drop files into a dropbox for backup and file sharing

  27. I use Dropbox for all my current documents, syncing 1Password and Day One with my iPhone, sharing large files, the usual. I do sync my Powerpack settings, and someday when I have two Macs I’m sure this will come in handy!

    My husband and I are a tag-team of Mac and home/office network consultants, so we share Dropbox folders to keep current info on our work and home lives. My public folder contains academic work, just in case someone someday comes across a link to one of my papers and wants a PDF or epub of it. I’ve also used it to instantly send my resume to anyone who expresses even the slightest interest. I might be exaggerating to say I couldn’t live without it, but it’s right up there with Alfred in terms of mission-critical apps.

    And it’s getting pretty full, after years of hovering under 1GB, so a 10GB account would be quite lovely. Furthermore, it’s my birthday on Monday :)

  28. I use dropbox to store files and documents I work with in the cloud. I use it to sync ebooks between my Mac and my iPad. I use it to have docs available on my iPad when I am on the road. I sync my textexpander snippets between computers. And I am sure I can find more uses for dropbox when I optimize my workflows.

    I use iftt to move files to my dropbox based upon certain triggers. Hazel then monitors some of the folders in dropbox for further processing.

  29. Dropbox is the easiest way to get documents on my iPad. Apple could have done something simplier, but it seems that they dont like files :(

  30. I use DropBox on every private computer (Macs, Windows PCs), on every business computer and my iPhone, iPad and Android devices to have the most recent files on every device. So I do not only have backups but don’t need to sync manually. I cannot imagine “living” without DropBox anymore. It’s simply great :)

  31. I’ll use dropboz today for school, my colleges homework is on it. Today I’m writing the last version of our project with the benefit of dropbox.
    And maybe id I have Some time left, I’m ging to work with my own company with dropbox.

  32. i use dropbox various way.
    i have macbook pro, macbook air, windows desktop
    – sync alfred setting :)
    – sync 1password database
    – sync BTT setting
    – git origin repository. it’s useful.
    – collaborate with designer
    – share music with girl friend
    – save all of my document(pdf, ebook) and read iphone, iOS

  33. I use Dropbox for backing up all my business files. I have set up shared folders with several clients: just brilliant. No more hassle with documents that are too large for email, no more problems figuring out who did what with which version.
    I cannot imagine working without Dropbox or Alfred.

  34. I use Dropbox to sync settings for applications like Alfred and 1Password across all my computers.

  35. I’m using Dropbox for a long time. I can synchronize my music, my documents, my ebooks and also my programs like 1Password and also Alfred, then both at work and at home i have all the important things.
    DropBox is a must have.
    PS: Best way to sync both mac and PC!

  36. I use DropBox constantly — it keeps my own files synchronised and backed-up across all my devices, and I have a bunch of shared folders that I use to collaborate with others. Particularly useful is the versioning, which lets us track the changes in shared files.

  37. I recently used Dropbox for photo projection at my wedding — a couple of friends set up a computer to project photos off a Dropbox folder, while other friends took pictures with their phones and uploaded them to the shared folder. Great stuff!

  38. I use it to sync my Alfred settings across my Macs. Can’t begin to say how awesome it is to have global syncronized shortcuts across my work and home computers.
    Dropbox syncs many of my Application settings, shares screenshots, and makes it really easy to collaborate on projects.

  39. I’m a freelance translator, so I’ve set up a ‘work’ folder that I share with the clients that I work with on a regular basis. So they just drop their documents in that folder, and I get them instantly. No waiting for emails, no hassle with large files…

    I also use Dropbox to share files and links between my Mac and my iOS devices quickly and easily, and to occasionally share my small projects with the MacThemes community.

    And of course, Dropbox is a great way to back up my important files and data.

  40. Many different ways like:
    – Sync apps like Alfred, 1password, Dayone etc
    – Sync documents and images between my two MacBook Pros and iMac
    – Share scientific papers, raw data images and notes about my experiments
    – Share silly images, photos and notes with my girlfriend
    – Share personal photos with family members

  41. My life seems to revolve around dropbox more and more.

    I’ve brought Dropbox into my work setting, so my team of writers and editors share folders of work in progress (strictly version-controlled, though with Dropbox it wouldn’t be a disaster if we didn’t do so), work under review, background resources, images and everything else we need. So we all know where we are with everything – no more emailing and forgetting attachments, no more competing versions on different computers, no more lost files. Each week I do a telephone interview with a radio station about the week’s new film releases. They dropbox the recording to me so we can podcast. All so painless and efficient!

    I use it loads at home: sharing music, photos, backing up files, enabling the kids to do their homework on any of our computers, backing up settings for Alfred, 1Password and more. Dropbox and 1Password is so cool – I can be anywhere and securely access my passwords from the Dropbox website. I use it for collaboration on events at church, for doing design work for my sister’s online shop and sending Open University documents to my brother-in-law in Tanzania. Then there’s the oh-so-important function of making sure I have what I need on my iPod Touch when I’m on the road – including travel insurance documentation, walking and cycling routes for days out (set as favourites so it doesn’t matter being without wifi). I love the fact that I have the British Museum floor plans in favourites so whenever I have an hour spare in London, I can decide what I’m going to look at while I’m en route.

    I don’t know how I’d function without Dropbox any more!

  42. Dropbox makes me feel all warm and cozy by backup up all my writing notes and files; the genre-defining SF novel that no-one will ever read and the brilliant business plans that will never be implemented. It also serves a useful purpose by storing my settings and passwords across devices.

  43. I use it for so many things.
    * Save my source of my apps
    * Backup my university stuff
    * App-Sync
    * lots more..

  44. I use Dropbox to put the important things in it and keeps these things in sync with all my devices.

  45. I use Dropbox -literally- for everything. I have a desktop at work, laptop at home, smartphone on-the-go, and all my work and personal files are in my Dropbox folder. I use it to grab the photos I took with my phone into my computer, it’s easier than syncing the phone. I use it to share files with friends. Plus, I use it to add torrents to my work computer remotely :) I can’t think of an on-the-cloud life without Dropbox.

  46. Dropbox is my USB thumb drive that never gets lost. I love it to share important files on all my devices. And finally no more cd burning/not working instant messaging file transfers to deliver a file to a friend.

  47. I use it to:
    – have all my documents backed up and access them from anywhere using any device and across my Air and Mini
    – sync programs that supports its use such as alfred, 1password, text expander, etc
    – sync programs that don’t support it such as keyboard maestro and dragon dictation using symbolic links
    – Share files with friends and colleagues without using attachments
    – use hazel rules to auto-file documents that are saved in the root folder – very useful to do on iPhone or iPad or my scansnap
    – keep photos of business cards

  48. I use Dropbox to share files with friends & coworkers, sync my pwd-files, share photos, upload attachments via sparrow! I love it!

  49. I use Dropbox to continuously sync all my important files to multiple computer , it helps me to save time and tedious copy paste.

  50. I use DropBox to send large attachments via Postbox’s integration.
    I also like to take embarrassing photographs of friends and publish them on Dropbox. Especially that one of Mark.

  51. I use Dropbox for all sorts of things, including sharing documents within the office, backing up personal documents, syncing Dropbox-enabled iOS and Mac app settings, and sharing photos with family.

    Most importantly, I use Dropbox to synchronize my Alfred settings between my various computers!

  52. I use Dropbox to store all my personal files except photos, music and movies.

  53. I use Dropbox to share projectiles with my collaborators and to sync stuff between all these devices. Pretty space intense.. Could use more^^

  54. I use dropbox to sent mails containing links no attachments. To share videos made with the iPhone.
    And of cource to backup papers and Alfreds extensions.

    And the best feature undo my own stupidity when deleting files.

  55. I use dropbox to work in creative teams. Everybody is up to sync and the hassle of sending files and a having consistent working directory is finally gone.

  56. I use DropBox to have my important documents everywhere (at home, at the office, on mobile devices and online). Furthermore I use to collaborate on projects with several other people (using shared folders). That’s incredibly useful!

  57. I use Dropbox mostly to Share data with friends and family. E.G. when I made up a new Minecraft texturepack, which people on our private server probably will use, I upload it into a shared Dropbox folder.
    I also like the photo gallery of Dropbox. It’s very easy to share photos with Friends via dropbox gallery instead of mailing every single photo in a zip-file.

  58. I use Dropbox to sync files and settings between my Macs and for sharing photos with my family.

  59. Today? Well I think it was one of the first apps I started because I knew there is a new build of QuickCal 3.1 beta waiting for me ;)

  60. I use Dropbox for :
    – Sparrow attachements
    – Saving database scripts
    – Save / Sync Alfred settings
    – Use as sync platform for eBooks on my iPad

  61. I use Dropbox for backup (pictures, documents) and sharing (in a project involving several people, the shared folder feature is invaluable).

  62. Just moved an illustration I made this morning into my dropbox and will open it on the laptop of my colleague to present it to them.

  63. I use Dropbox at work for my Mathematica program which saves the incremental results of long-running complex tasks to my Dropbox; I can easily see when new results have been computed thanks to Dropbox’s update notifications. Apart from my valuable data being backed up, I can also analyse the data from anywhere at any time and don’t need to be in the office.

  64. So many ways I use Dropbox: syncing files between my work and home computers and my iphone, sharing media and documents between work colleagues (shared folders), sending attachment links to people instead of whole files, and of course, for dropping in torrent files from work and have them automatically start downloading at home. Bazinga!

  65. I’ll use dropbox to actually keep files in sync. No longer will I use sneaker net, no longer shall I dig around in my bag searching for the elusive flash drive.

    To use files at the touch of some key strokes will change my life and truly bring me into the internet age.

  66. I use Dropbox to synchronize 1Password, my eBooks and other data between my Mac and my iPad. In addition we use it for our homework so everyone has the most recent version :)

  67. i use dropbox to backup my photos. love the security that dropbox brings <3

  68. I use Dropbox for automatic backups of websites & photos and also syncing various services so that they are available on my iMac, MacBook, PC laptop, iPod touch and iPhone. Using combinations of Alfred and IFTTT, I can automatically send files to Dropbox without having to even think about it, they are just there in the cloud! I also use Dropbox for exchanging larger files with clients/friends when they are too large to be emailed. Dropbox is probably my second most used utility/service after Alfred!

  69. I use dropbox to sync my Development folder, so I can work on my iOS projects on my nice 27″ iMac when I’m home and use my MacBook when I’m out and about.

  70. I use Dropbox to backup everything that I couldn’t afford to loose, as well as to bring everything that I could possibly need everywhere that I go.

  71. I use DropBox for syncing various things such as alfred or 1password. It is also very convenient to share family pictures or sync study notes between iPhone, iPad and MBP ;)

  72. I use everyday to sync work/personal files, so I always have my files where ever I go.

  73. I am hardcore addicted to Dropbox, using it in all parts of my life,
    sync files, settings over different computer, share photos, working
    in collaboration on team projects.

  74. I’ve got 3 main folders in my Dropbox at the moment,

    Words – which has a folder where all of my text files are created & saved using an Alfred shell script and also my nvAlt data which syncs with Simplenote too.

    Back up – which has some large PSD’s, photos, 1pass keychain, and all the Alfred extensions I’m using (just in case).

    Shared – which has different folders for different friends & family so I can share music, photos, youtube links and whatever.

    There’s a few apps that I’d say are now essential and Dropbox is totally one of them.

  75. I use Dropbox to save files that i need in different devices. In this way they are always updated.
    I use Dropbox when i travel too (airplane ticket, hotel recipe, city map, underground map,etc) . I don’t want to connect to internet when i’m outside of my country. I upload files into my dropbox and i look them (in this way they are cached in my device) before i leave, so when i have no internet connection i can still see them without paying thousand dollars for foreign charges :)

  76. I use it mainly to synchronize docs between my computer at the office and all the devices I owned (which includes the iPhone, the Ipad and the MacBook).

  77. I use dropbox as my school bagpack! Every classes I take is in it, and all my papers are automatically distributed on all of my devices. Plus I know it’s safe somewhere in a cluster room!

  78. I use it for nearly everything:
    Sharing stuff with friends/collegestudents
    Syncing of several apps,
    Getting files on my phone.

    love it!

  79. I can’t live without dropbox. I use it to……
    share files,
    keep my work data available on all devices,
    sync various apps (incl of course Alfred), so I can use the same info on all devices,
    make what iCloud should/would be actually work with dropbox,
    ………. and much more

  80. I use Dropbox to sync wallpapers between computers, to store documents that should be accessible from everywhere and to store passwords with 1password.

  81. I cannot imagine a world without Dropbox. I would be kept up at night worrying about the security of my documents, would be on the road wishing that I had access to my documents back home and wondering how the heck I was going to share some large file with my friend, would be constantly tryng to ascertain which computer had the most recent version – instead – EVERYTHING ALWAYS JUST WORKS FLAWLESSLY

  82. I use dropbox to sync files with my wife between Mac and Windows. Far easier than shared folders on one of the computers.
    And to sync my passwords using 1Password.

  83. I use Dropbox to keep 1Password in sync with my iPhone, plus to sync stuff with work, but the main win is getting new copies of the books I’ve bought at just appearing in Dropbox whenever they get updated :)

  84. I use Dropbox to make my life easier no matter where I am – home, work, school, beach, Starbucks, iPad, Mac, Australia, Chicago…

  85. I use Dropbox to sync all of my Alfred settings, 1Password data, and to backup all of my university work. I couldn’t do without it.

  86. I sync all my importent stuff with it for backup purpose and for exchanging files with other designers and developers.

  87. I use dropbox to sync all my game save data just like iCloud does so that I can resume my game anywhere anytime!

  88. I love Dropbox. I use it for all my files so everytime I reinstall my computer I just have to install Dropbox to get all my files. I also use it for school where I share files with my classmates.

  89. I use Dropbox to keep all my passwords in sync, to create a basic cooperative development environment and to share lesson notes with my classmates

  90. I use Dropbox to sync loads of apps’ data (1Password, Alfred, iPhone apps) as well as using the awesome Send to Dropbox service to open links from my iPod on my iMac.ƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒ

    A 10GB account would be awesome for backing up critical files :)

  91. I use Dropbox to synchronize my wallpapers across my computer and my school project (I’m a Web student). It really saved my life sometimes :)

  92. i use dropbox to share files with my wife and to syn different software databases.

  93. I use Dropbox to sync my code between computers and keep it safe from any disasters. It also syncs my 1Password database, and most of my design projects, and Alfred’s settings of course. ;)

  94. I use Dropbox for a lot of stuff, really, it is that useful and great. I specifically use dropbox to keep two of my essential apps backed up and synced with all my devices, and those apps are 1Password and Alfred.


  95. I use dropbox to store all of uni coursework in, can’t risk loosing that now can I?
    I also use it to backup my Alfred configuration files, 1Password data, and all of my project files for my personal projects like AppFlow.
    Finally, I use with coruscates when we’re working on projects tog ether to sync our GIT repositories.

  96. I put everything of any value in Dropbox. And when applications let me their preferences as well. And when I fook up I smile because I can restore files. Really, where would I be without Dropbox, or Alfred for that matter?

  97. I use Dropbox for 1Password syncing but more importantly, for easy collaborating on school projects. Subversion is somewhat quirky for binary docs/binary data.

  98. I use Dropbox to sync many apps like day one or 2Do. My mail client Sparrow use it to. But i have no more space.

  99. I use Dropbox to keep all my research safe and in sync across two computers. It also allows me to collaborate with my colleagues and keep our group readings in on place. It has been a life-saver for me so many times.

  100. I use it for syncing bliss and to share files with nice people.

  101. I use dropbox for syncing settings, backing up config-data and store photos for sharing with other familymembers.
    I used it as a always-available archive for all my school-files.

  102. I use Dropbox to keep important files backed up and in sync between Macs. Also to collaborate with other students using shared folders.

  103. I use dropbox to save every important files and to share program config between several computers.

  104. I use Dropbox to sync:

    – iPhoto libraries
    – our entire Documents folder
    – numerous apps that sync directly with it

    And I also use it to quickly share photo albums with friends as well. Tremendous app.

  105. I use Dropbox for everthing — backup, syncing, sharing. Why? Because the EXPERIENCE is great. I don’t have to think about all the technical stuff — it just works, on ANY platform.

    Thank you for making all that computer stuff a little less painfull.

  106. I can’t tell everthing where i use it for, it’s so easy and nicely integrated in every os.
    That is really usefull for me while i work on different os’s / computers at the same time.
    So sharing apps / scripts it something what works brilliantly (while working with computers in the cloud).
    And for me personally i used it daily to sync prefs from different apps (and also bundles from txtmate!)

  107. I use Dropbox for:
    The typical
    -storing my files
    -acsessing them away from my Mac

    Tailor made:
    -upload torrents of things I wanne watch. they automatically gets downloaded
    -a kind of version controll on my scripts
    -all scripts live on Dropbox, when I update one, my other macs gets the update as well
    -prefs for apps I use on my macs so they look the same and behaves like I want them to
    -storing large attachments and mailing them with Sparrow

  108. I use it to sync all my important data between my laptop,desktop and iphone. I also use it to share documents with people I work with or to sync 1password.

  109. Dropbox is invaluable to me.

    I use it not only to keep files in sync between the multiple computers I work on both personally and professionally, but also to share files with external vendors, colleagues, and friends. Having my documents with Dropbox also serves as a great backup.

    In addition, Dropbox has become such an essential part of my workflow, I actively seek out and choose applications that provide Dropbox connectivity as part of their feature set (Alfred, 1Password, Sparrow, Snippet, DayOne, Typinator, Notational Velocity, etc).

  110. Dropbox is the core of my digital life, it is the bridge between my work and my personal life, the gate to my file when I am on my mobile.

    It keeps my data safe, help me sync my files and apps and make me feel home no matter the computer I’m using.

    I really can’t imagine my life without it.

  111. I use Dropbox to have my University stuff available on my iPhone in classes, to synchronise Alfred Preferences, Savegames, templates and other stuff with multiple computers.
    I also really like the Finder integration which allows me to share loads of screenshots with my coding team and be even able to copy the public link into my clipboard.

    So yeah, I really like Dropbox for the huge possibilities it has to offer.

  112. I use DropBox mostly for synching the data files of apps that I have installed on multiple devices that don’t natively support cloud synching, for example 1Password and Snippets.

    I also use it as a simple way of getting photos of my team’s scrum boards from my phone to my laptop at the end of each sprint.

    Finally, I use it for sharing project related documents with my colleagues (designs, wireframes etc.).

  113. I keep my iTunes library on Dropbox so I can sync my iPod at home & at work. All my Adium chat logs, address book contacts, 1Password, Adobe (etc.) settings go with me everywhere.

    I keep all useful assets such as vectors, images, fonts, templates in Dropbox so I don’t have to go hunting for them again. It’s absolutely changed the way I work and play.

  114. I use Dropbox for pretty much anything that has to go to anyone. Ever. I have a couple hundred pictures on it, I share screenshots and pictures to people with it, and of course I sync, back up, and edit my files. I use it with my iMac, Macbook Air, iPad, and iPhone.

    I <3 Dropbox! And Alfred, of course.

  115. I use Drop Box for everything from backing up my imprtant data to sharing pictures with friends and family.

  116. Dropbox is a life saver, I’ve been a fan and user for years. I’m using it to keep al my development work centralized so I can work everywhere I have access to a computer. I especially like the ability to use versioning, very helpful!

    The integration with other software like 1Password and off-course Alfred makes it even more versatile. The only thing to make it even better is more storage :)

  117. I use Dropbox for my part time business files. Whenever I need to show a client a form or need to print a few documents when I’m not home, Dropbox is always there when I need it. I can’t imagine being without it.

  118. Well, being almost nomad traveling between two houses and office. It’ SO easy to have always what you need at hand.

    Even on iOS.

  119. As a frequent traveler, Dropbox has become my mobile repository. I save in Dropbox all documents that could be useful to me while traveling, and all the ones that my family may need to reach me in case of need: airplane and train tickets, hotel reservations, rental cars, visas, maps of places to visit, copies of passport and health insurance, and so on. This way, I can access my vital documents from home laptop and travel devices (phones, pads).
    Moreover, since I work for a company where everyone works from home, we share a dropbox folder to review documents easily.

  120. I store all my Files I need “on the go” in my Dropbox and sync Applications like Alfred & 1Password. But most important: my dropbox connects me to my Friends/Family and my Teams at university

  121. Well, first of all I use Dropbox to sync preferences of some files (Alfred ofc, 1Password, Minecraft and other).
    Second, Dropbox is my main tool for sharing files between my family (I have different shared folders for my Dad, my Sister, even my Wife ;) ).
    Third, to store some fancy photos, so I can show them each time I want to :)
    Fourth, by using Public folder I am sharing some graphic projects, to my customers.
    Fifth, I am storing there Documents that I want to have access to.
    Sixth, I’ve got there a lot of books, so I can read all time :)
    Seventh, a chaos, which means I am storing that all files that I think I will use or like :)

    10GB additional space would be great for me then :)

  122. I have dropbox syncing data for a few of my Apps . I have Ifttt forwarding various social media items there . I have a backup folder of odds and ends . I have just started using the photo public gallery option also . I swear between dropbox and alfred Im living in a brave new world of computing these days !

  123. I mainly use dropbox to backup and share lecture slides, homework, code, reports, etc. I also use it to sync preferences across computers.

  124. I use dropbox to keep work sync’d across multiple machines using symlinks, to share docs with colleagues and images with friends and family.

  125. I use it to backup all source code I write, and this way I don’t have to commit to be able to go back in time, and I don’t have to commit to synch between different machines. Works like a f****** charm!

  126. How do I use Dropbox? How *don’t* I use it?

    -I sync content between my home and work computer.
    -I use it to send things I download at work home to myself
    -I backup my Instagram photos using Instadrop
    -I backup my 1Password content, and use that to sync my password info to 1Password on iOS
    -I use it as a file sharing tool with Sparrow mail
    -I use to automatically save a copy of any photo in which I am tagged on Facebook.
    -I use to save a copy of any photo I favourite on Flickr
    -I have a shared folder with my girlfriend to share files back and forth with her.
    -I had a shared folder with the cast of the last play I was in to share script notes and music
    -I have a folder configured to be watched by the Evernote client so that any document that shows up in that folder is absorbed by Evernote.

    Clearly I am going to be needing some extra storage space. I wonder how I will score 10 or so GB of space. *whistles innocently*

  127. I use Dropbox in almost all of the different ways you can. I already pay for the 50 GB options (but still could use 10 GB of course). There I put all my work and personal projekts for constant and instant backup, I sync passwords and notes to my iPhone, I sync between computers and I share folders with colleagues and family (hi Mom!). Being able to reach my most important files from my phone, iPad or the web is a bonus, but a great one!

  128. Insanely awesome software to keep a small business ticking over and sharing with a distributed team…

  129. I use Dropbox as a Mercurial and Git Server. A shared folder is the server repository for all university project team members where we push our local repositories too. Priceless :)

  130. I use Dropbox to share files with my girlfriends and fellow worker.
    And with my iPhone et my iPad :-)

    Thank you for the contest

  131. I use dropbox everyday. I have all my Calibre’s library into dropbox folder, so I have all my book available everywhere (and my collections). I also use it to share images and videos from my android phone to my family :-)

    Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy (and better) New Year :-)

  132. 1. Automated backups
    2. Automated syncing between, in my case, home and work.

    Do you need anything more before Dropbox is invaluable? I don’t think so.

  133. I’m a consultant which means that I switch workplaces and computers quite often. Dropbox ensures that wherever I end up, I have a convenient way of keeping my important files in sync. I don’t remember how I got by before Dropbox! :)

  134. I use Dropbox to share some projects with friends to collaborate on development tasks. But my Dropbox space is limited so my familie never gets photos or videos from me as my friends gets new Ruby code :/

  135. I use Dropbox to share files with my colleagues as well as keep some files on my phone up to date.

  136. I use Dropbox for keeping the document of the residents’ association event.
    For example, I draw from Dropbox what I did any event in three years ago.
    The document is easily succeeded by a successor, too.

  137. I love using Dropbox to put files on my iPhone. Also collaborating with shared folders is the best!

  138. My company is too cheap to buy me a decent scanner, so I scan all of my invoices and paper documents at home on my scansnap and they sync automagically to my Dropbox folder on my work computer. I also sync my 1Password database, photos, documents and my Beersmith beer recipes.

  139. I use dropbox to collaborate with my coursemates at University, colleagues at work, and to store files that I want accessible at all times whether on my computer, my smartphone, or from a remote location.

  140. Hi there! First of all, I looooove both alfred and dropbox!
    And to the question: I use dropbox for everything. Syncing files between my macs, iPhone & iPad. Sharing files with my fellow students. Syncing notes and other data through apps that support dropbox (alfred ;-)). And ofcourse its my trusted backup-system. I’ve already bought 50 gb upgrade, and currently it’s 93% full. A 10 gb upgrade would be an honor to receive.

    So keep up the amazig work both of you!

  141. i put all my documents in there.
    i also use it as a working dir for my university stuff.
    couldn’t sleep well without it!

  142. I use Dropbox for many things.

    It’s an easy way to share a few folder with the people I work with. We’ve even found there’s a nice feeling of security in sharing a document when you can revert to older versions if one person messes it up.

    I use it to sync data between some apps on my iPhone and my desktop. It’s so much easier for both the iPhone and the mac to talk to Dropbox than to remember have them talk to each other.

    I use it as an easy way to send someone an http download link. Just stick the file in the Public folder, copy the public URL, and email that. I know how to upload to an FTP site and construct a URL, but that takes more steps. Dropbox is quicker and easier.

    The best thing is how it Just Works™.

  143. I use dropbox to replace the iDisk functionality so cruelly stolen from me by Apple when they created iCloud. I’m a happier man for it.

  144. I’m currently writing my master’s thesis about reception of the Floating World (the urban culture in 17th century Japan) in the 1920s.

    My main sources are actual books from the 20s, which are so old and fragile that I cannot borrow them from my university’s library. So instead, I photograph the relevant pages with and upload these pictures to Dropbox, so that I can compile them into handy PDF files for reference.

    I’m totally happy with how easily this all works out.
    Just a few years ago, this would have involved a lot of syncing my mobile phone and my computer, but now the pictures are simply waiting for me when I get back.
    This way, I don’t have to worry about technical busywork, and can use my computer as a tool to help my research, instead of getting in my way – just like Alfred does with my Mac.

  145. I use dropbox for my studies as a collaborative tool. I have stored all my stuff in Dropbox

  146. My most important use of Dropbox is for my studies. I’m studying to become an interaction designer, which requires a lot of group work. All of my classmates and I use Dropbox to share files and work on documents together year round. In addition to this I also use Dropbox personally to backup my important documents such as exam essays :)

  147. It’s much easier if you ask where I don’t use it for! :D

    I use it for everything, Dropbox is great!

  148. I use dropbox for ALL kinds of stuff… for my studies, my work on my little startup, some sharing with friends etc..

    Dropbox is truly a lifesaver

  149. I use it to share stuff between 4 computers/tablet/phone, share photos with my family and have it as a general backup option for fast changing documents

  150. I’m sometimes using DropBox to share files and data with others but I use it on a daily base to work on files no matter where I am (in office, at home on my mac, on the road with my iPhone or anywhere on another computer). I’m also working on some projects which are stored on DropBox to be able to work with a team on it, which is also able to work anywhere. Another part is syncing setting for example with 1Password, Alfred etc…

  151. I use dropbox to protect my wife’s written work, and provide her invisible backup and versioning of her manuscripts. Has made me the hero many times.

  152. I use dropbox for most of my important files (albeit in a encrypted sparse bundle), all my eBooks some project files, reference material and of course file exchange with other people.

    I regularly hit my limit and must move files. So: More space please!

    Alfred is great, by the way.

  153. Like many, I use Dropbox to store documents and share, but I do a few other things with Dropbox that really helps me a ton!

    1. Store video files that I download on one of my computers that I can later stream with AirPlay to my AppleTV or watch on the go on my iPhone or iPad.
    2. I keep all of my project git repositories checked out into Dropbox. This allows me to move between a couple of Macs and keep on coding. I can even open up files and make change on my iOS devices.
    3. I create symlinks to keep settings files sync’d between apps such as TextMate and Snippets. Works well!

  154. I use it to share documents with my students, as well as backing up many of my personal files. It REALLY helped when my laptop was stolen earlier this year!

  155. It’s almost easier to say what I don’t use it for.

    At work I have a linux machine and home I have a Mac.

    I use dropbox to sync all my work related stuff, my hosts files and ssh configs (not the keys though ;) ), 1Password for use on Mac, linux and android. all my scripts and important files so that reinstalling my system at work is super simple and smooth.

    I use a mix of Epistle, dropbox and nValt for notes and stuff and am constantly finding new and interesting ways to use DB.

    Cheers and thanks for a great product!

  156. I use it for syncing Alfred and TextExpander, Instacast backups, guitar chord charts (for a constant backup and ipad/iphone access), sharing music with friends,, work documents I never want to lose, and pretty much anything that I can find to throw in there that doesn’t kill my Dropbox storage. I don’t know what I’d do without it at this point…

    Hook me up!

  157. I use Dropbox every day. I use it to share photos, documents, and files instantly with my family and friends. It has truly simplified the file sharing process, which has been too complicated since the dawn of the Internet.

  158. I use dropbox to keep a safe backup of certain projects, sync a copy of projects between machines and of course to keep my alfred settings in sync between computers.

    But mainly, it’s the best way to keep my Minecraft worlds safe and play them on whichever box I’m closest to when I fancy a dig :)

  159. I use Dropox for everything—books to read on my iPhone, cloud backup of important files, sharing work and personal project files with coworkers and friends, sharing owners’ manuals with my wife, flashcards to study on my iPhone, sharing various large files so I don’t have to use an FTP site, all kinds of work projects, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on.

  160. I use Dropbox to share and sync files between my iMac and my Air. This includes 1Password, Alfred folders and all my documents.

  161. The nicest thing about Dropbox is that it’s so easy. It’s the only sharing service I was able to make it work with my inexpert colleagues.

  162. I use Dropbox to share Documents between Mac and iOS-Devices, to sync 1Password or to share files for some of my projects with other people.


  163. Nice one =)!

    I use Dropbox for my university stuff. Sharing files and projects with my colleagues is really easy :D.

  164. I teach music theory at Ouachita Baptist University. While editing our 10-year accredation self-study, I kept annotated pdfs of the accredation agency’s materials and all our constantly-updated documents in Dropbox. Having access at my office, home, and while traveling was invaluable.

  165. I use Dropbox to share photos with my family, I could use the upgrade.

  166. I use dropbox to collaborate and share files with a colleague through a shared folder – very useful.

  167. I use DropBox daily, for my work, for sharing some stuff with my friends, for keeping my essentials files everywhere with me with my iPhone and my iPad
    I love DropBox, I could not live without

  168. How do I use dropbox? Let me count the ways. Alfred syncing. 1password syncing. Things syncing. Sharing files with dropbox users. Sharing files with public users. Never being without the file I need. Accessing files from iPhone/iPad. Version history.

  169. I use it for sharing docs between my macs and iphone, for sharing dbases of some apps I am running on my macs, for sharing stuff between home and work (yes, I was able to set up dropbox on my work PC machine!) and for sharing files with my friends and family – plus for ad hoc sharing of files. And now also with Sparrow. There is no end to it, really!!! And SHARING IS GOOD!

  170. I use it to sync my Alfred Settings :) between different computers, backup banking documents, share work documents and files between co-workers and save digital receipts and license information. Hoping it’s secure ;)

  171. I use dropbox mainly for family file share and also for my school, where I use it for my “electronical” binder, I have all my papers scanned there, which allows me easy access to them from anywhere.

  172. I use Dropbox to keep my FIRST robotics team organized. We store important documentation and our source code in out dropbox, and share it with everyone on the team. I also use it for my company, storing assets and project files in it so we can share it between all of our employees.

  173. What don’t I use Dropbox for?

    Backups and easy-access of school work.
    Backups and easy-, multi-user-access of simple code projects.
    Automatic backups of my Penultimate notebooks.
    Web hosting from time to time.

    And my favorite:
    I’ve written a set of Apple Scripts to work with Hazel, Dropbox, and Alfred.
    If I want to quickly transfer a file to someone, I search for that file in Alfred.
    I then select the Alfred Action (that I added) “Drop”.
    Alfred then runs a few commands that copy the file into a public Dropbox directory (which is watched by Hazel), copies the public link to that file to my pasteboard, and Growls to let me know that this has all been done.
    I can then throw that link at anyone and boom: quick file transfer, only size limit is the size limit of my Dropbox (:hint:).
    Oh, and Hazel’s participation in all of this? Hazel goes through and removes any content from that folder that is older than 1 hour, just to keep things from getting clogged up.

    Yeah. I really like that one.

  174. Dropbox is used by many other software companies. So it’s my little file center, for all the programs I want to keep in sync.
    Additionally, in the drop box are my important documents so they should survive the apocalypse in 2012 (:

  175. I use my ipad as my main programming machine w/ the textastic app. Textastic lets me update my source codes residing on my remote mac via dropbox. It’s so straightforward that it’s ridiculous.

  176. I run a 3 person staff. We each work remotely. We share folders on Dropbox where we keep all our company files. Everything available to all and in sync, and no server required! We love Dropbox-and Alfred too.

  177. Dropbox allows me to sync settings/preferences for various software across multiple comupters. No annoying ritual of reassigning that keyboard shortcut on the home computer after I set it earlier at the office. I also sync databases for password repositories like mSecure and task management apps like Things. Dropbox has really helped with storage of PDFs fetched from across the internet….long-form essays, household appliance manuals, etc. And since I have it installed on both work and home computers, as well as my mobiled devices, I could really use that upgrade in storage space to keep even more music, images, and docs ubiquitously accessible.

  178. Well… besides the usual (storing photos in Dropbox, and sharing some of them), I mostly use Dropbox to keep my projects and work folders synchronized between my 2 computers.

  179. Dropbox is amazing! I use it all the time. My boyfriend and I use it to share music we like, photos we find, and much more. We also use it as a collaborative space for our development projects, keeping important files there so we can both access them. It’s nice to have that space where we can share things.
    I set my parents up with Dropbox so I could quickly send them my drafts of college essays. Definitely saves a lot of money on paper and ink, and I can instantly see any changes they make to the essays.
    I’m also a member of a FIRST Robotics team. The programming subteam uses a shared Dropbox folder to share bits of code from over the season, as well as the game manuals and any rule changes that are released.

  180. I use Dropbox to backup my school files and collaborate on documents with project partners. Not sure what I’d do without it.

  181. I use dropbox for absolutely everything that needs to be on several computers and on my iPhone + iPad plus I do use some shared folder to collaborate on projects with friends and also just to share files. Then using Hazel, I make some automated cleanup and filing.
    I also share lots of apps preferences (Alfred is one of them) between my Macs.
    One thing that I could not leave without now is 1Password keychain sync through Dropbox. This is just the most useful thing I use Dropbox for and it makes using 1Password so much easier and cross platform.

    All this would not be possible without the complete non-friction usage of Dropbox.

  182. I use it to save my night sleep )
    Use it for 1password to get all my passwords where ever I am (can have one password for every site and change them often
    Then sync mail, clipboard and of course to share folders for project and with friends family
    Dropbox is the first app I install on a new computer (then 1Password …)

  183. I use dropbox for having access on my files via iPhone, iPad or even a random computer via web interface.
    I have used it also for collaboration.
    Dropbox also is my third backup plan for many of my files(second is another disk).
    I also use Dropbox for synching apps preferences, or editing text files via IA writer for iPad or having automatically download to my computer all the books i buy via praprog.

  184. I use Dropbox day in and out with co-workers and friends when it comes to file sharing. All of my friends who I recommended to use are quite satisfied with its features, especially they can get files, images, and documents on the go. A photo that I take with iPhone can be easily uploaded to the folders that I choose, and I can check it out with my Macbook right away. By the way, multiple images upload is quite stunning that any other apps. Dropbox becomes the most must-have app to me, I can’t live without it.

  185. saving and sharing useful college stuff…really useful app !!

  186. I use Dropbox both as a way of transferring files between devices and also as repository of a very few essential documents that I’d hate to lose. Though Dropbox is essential, it could get better. Two wishes: multiple Dropbox accounts on one computer (for the multiple roles we all have), and the ability to sync folders and files outside the Dropbox folder (and without using synlinks).

  187. I use dropbox at work to share assets between all our team members. Futhermore I keep most of my Documents folder sitting in dropbox. So I can always access the most important files anywhere.

  188. I use dropbox to keep my macs in sync, especially the places where I collect and organize data.
    Dropbox is also invaluable to keep files in sync with clients.

  189. I use Dropbox… For everything. It’s by far the best software for keeping my laptop, iPad and iPhone connected with my important student documents!

  190. All my Uni work is backed up and available when I have to use one of the campus computers *shudders*.

  191. Datenabgleich auf verschiedenen Rechnern mit verschiedenen anderen Dropboxern (mit ge-share-ten Verzeichnissen): einfach der Knüller!!!

  192. Quite simply……MobileMe will forever live in the shadow of DropBox!

  193. I use Dropbox for a ton of things, but my top four are:
    – storing my current project files and sync them between work and home
    – syncing 1Password between our family’s iPhones and laptops
    – sharing files & collaboration on large projects
    – sharing files too large to email

  194. I make websites in my spare time, for a small web development company (It’s just me & the owner). We share all our files using Dropbox, like designs and the actual web pages. I also use Dropbox for personal things like uploading files so I can access them anywhere else, on another computer. This is especially handy because my printer is connected to another computer. I’m really impressed by the simplicity. Just drop a file in the Dropbox folder and it’s in the cloud!

  195. I store my master git repos, share builds with folks, share documents, sync docs between devices, have a stash of good tunes in case I need a quick fix, sync apps like Alfred and 1Password, I use the personal markdown based wiki called Trunk Notes on iOS, sync my docs between devices and laptop then edit on Mac using MultiMarkdown Composer, I store all of my AppleScripts so they are backed up and can immediately be used from all of my computers, I have a folder I throw .torrent files in from work and my Mac at home will pick them up through DropBox and queue them up for downloading…

  196. I mainly use it to transfer files back and forth between myself and my freelance clients. It’s much easier than email, and in some cases its’s the only option, because I have clients that like to make HUGE files for site layouts (seriously, do you REALLY need to have 15 layouts in ONE file?! :) ).

    Beyond work, I also use it to automate screenshot sharing (using GrabBox), and share files with friends and family.

  197. I use it for everything. Backing up photo, school work, and programming projects(in addition to git). I use it to automatically sync replays from Starcarft 2 with friends. Also share files with coworkers when we are working on a project together.

  198. I use Dropbox for all of our company files, syncing them across all our Macs.

  199. Oh, but let me count the ways!
    * At the office, syncing diagnostic files from field tech’s.
    * At home, it keeps my iPad as useful as my iMac (but on the couch)
    * Easy email attachments with Sparrow
    * Thanks to a shared folder with my Grandfather, I can help him fix/recover any of his documents for work from hundreds of miles away.

  200. Transferring files between home computer, laptop and work computer. Sometimes transfer pics from iPhone to computers.

  201. I use Dropbox to sync all kinds of documents, 1Password, and of course a few indispensable app’s settings (including Alfred’s!)

  202. Sync
    Alfred, 1Password, Due.

    Photos, Docs, everything!

    Big files without depending of a mail server.

    Some files I could need in other places than home.

  203. I use dropbox to share our Quicken Essentials data file between my wife and I. This way we are always up to date with our financial history.

  204. I use dropbox to share files between my wife’s and my own Mac account. I also use it to store 1Password and Alfred.

  205. I use Dropbox to sync files between devices.
    For example, I draw a mind map on iPad on my bed, then save it to Dropbox. When I sit before Mac, I can continue to work on it.
    Also, I use Dropbox for collaboration.

  206. I use Dropbox for almost all my files.

    – User data for a lot of apps I use (including Alfred).
    – Work files.
    – Quickly moving files to my iPhone/iPad.

    I love Dropbox. It gives me a quick way to store all my important files and have access to them anywhere.

  207. I use Dropbox for sharing files to my friends, photos with the family. Mindmaps with the iPad and everything I need at work and at home!!

  208. Dropbox:
    • Hosts files for me to share
    • Backs up my life
    • Makes me feel tech-savvy around the office
    • Makes me addicted to increasing my storage!

  209. To store knitting patterns so I can use them wherever I am and to store books that I’m editing and proofreading so that I don’t have to worry about losing changes.

  210. I use Dropbox for (1) syncing my notes and key files between computers; (2) saving scans and research from libraries and archives; and (3) sharing files with my business partner and clients.

  211. 1.) For keeping config files (vimrc, etc) in sync across various computers.
    2.) For email attachments that I can modify before they reach the recipient.
    3,) For my Alfred clipboard.

  212. I keep my entire documents folder in Dropbox in case something happens on my desktop or to have access to my files in other places.

    I also keep my 1Password keychain up there to sync with my iPhone and when I had my Android phone.

    The way I like to use Dropbox most, though, is for downloading and managing files on the go. When I used my Android phone (and even know with my iPhone) I can take a photo, upload it to Dropbox, and then I have a Hazel script watch a folder for any changes. If there is a photo in that folder, it gets moved to my iPhoto library and deleted from Dropbox. This also works with files I’ve downloaded from Mobile Safari or any images or screenshots I’ve taken. Using Hazel in conjunction with Dropbox makes it really great and integral app for my workflow.

  213. I’ve been using Dropbox for 2 years now to make my parents happy. I live in Florida, USA and they are in Romania (Europe). They don’t know how to use a computer to send and receive pictures or emails, but for two years the’ve been able to receive pictures on their computer via Dropbox.
    I even set up the computer to automatically print text files so they can read all my “letters” printed right after I add the text file to a special folder. Dropbox has re-united my family and has made my parents happy :)

  214. I use Dropbox for everything: work, school, personal things. The sharing and collaboration function is priceless.

    There are two kinds of people: those that already know they need Dropbox and those that don’t.

  215. I use Dropbox to backup my projects, share files with iPad apps and sharing files with friends.

  216. I’m using Dropbox for a large set of files. It’s so easy to stay in sync with my PC in my office. It doesn’t matter, if I want to use my files on my MacBook or relaxing on the couch and read my some PDF files in the Dropbox on my iPad. It sync across several (i)devices without any problems. You just have to set it up. Additionally, I’m using it for sharing at the office and with my friends to have an easy solution that works out of the box.

  217. I use dropbox everyday, to:
    – sync MacOS applications like Alfred, Things and 1Password. By placing the settings file in dropbox
    – sync MacOS applications that doesn’t support moving the settings file. By creating symbolic links (ln -s) from Application-Support-folder in to dropbox.
    – sync iOS apps like: Textexpander, PlainText and HippoRemote
    – keep my every-day-work-folder in sync
    – sharing a folder that contains small windows applications, like: ProcessExplorer, Notepad++ and Launchy, with the rest of my family and my VMWare drives. To minimize the trouble of updating everywhere.
    – sync my scanned receipts and discount codes to my iPhone.
    – achieve files. By, on my laptop, dropping files into a folder that is monitored, on my server, by Hazel. When Hazel sees a file in the folder, it can based on my rules copy, move and/or do a lot other different things with the file.

  218. I’m a student, so Dropbox has all my school files- which I can then access at school or on my laptop. I just finished a project that a friend (who had Dropbox) and I were working on. Dropbox made sharing all the files a breeze

  219. I use dropbox to share documents with groups of people and my different computers and devices with different operating systems. I often use it to share a screenshot image via the public folder.

  220. I just used Dropbox two minutes ago! I wanted to show clients a quick mock-up of a logo in a header. I dragged the image from my desktop into my Dropbox public folder, copied the public url and pasted into the code in jsfiddle. Then I shared the jsfiddle url with them Easy peasy.

  221. I use Dropbox for MY LIFE.

    My iTunes library sits in there so I can grab it from anywhere, all my files for work and otherwise. It’s my second Home folder.

    Whether I’m on my desktop, laptop, tablet or even phone I’ve got all my stuff. At the risk of sounding like a PR speech, everyone should use Dropbox.

  222. I use Dropbox to sync all my apps that use it e.g. 1Password. I use Elements to write markdown files on my iPhone, and sync it with Dropbox so I can also edit the files with Mou on my laptop.
    All of my development work and all of my university work is kept on there because I don’t trust my laptop to not die and I don’t trust myself to remember to manually backup.

  223. I use it to sync everything. I´m lost without it.
    Files, Pictures, Apps, Configs, …

  224. I use Dropbox for almost everything that is very importants like documents for school. Utilitaire très utile que je recommande à tous! I need more space!!!!!!

  225. we use dropbox in the office all the time to share files for work or for fun. I use it to backup and sync data between mac and the iphone. I use it to have access to stuff when and where ever i want and sometimes i use it just to impress those who don’t know it yet :)
    so… the ush.

  226. Wow, what don’t I use Dropbox for? It mirrors my Mac’s Documents folder so I have access to everything wherever I am (it’s saved my skin numerous times when I’ve arrived at campus without something I need); it syncs all of my Notational Velocity entries with Simplenote; it backs up all of my Instagram, Delicious and Twitter content via Gimmebar; and I use it to share attachments with Sparrow… Dropbox is right at the heart of my digital life!

  227. I use dropbox to keep tons of apps in sync and at ease of access, then access them either locally or on the web at the wonderful convenience of my dropbox folder. Also I remotely access tons of file from it on my phone.

  228. As a student I use dropbox to backup all my projects.
    I also synchronize 1Password keychain in dropbox to be sure I will always have a copy of my passwords.
    Last but not least it’s on Dropbox I keep my alfred’s extension accessible for everyone. :)

  229. I use Dropbox to sync important files between my computers, share files with other programmers I work with, and a few of us have a collection of useful tools and ebooks we’ve gathered over the years that we share with each other.

  230. I use dropbox for all important documents and I use it to sync settings from apps that support it. I have multiple shared folders to share files between friends working on the same project and since Sparrow 1.5 I use it to mail large attachments. I don’t know what I would do without Dropbox on my mac.

  231. Dropbox was a life-saver in law school. Made sure I had all of my documents and class notes through bad hard drives and failed logic boards. Being able to triple my storage would definitely help me use it more effectively. Thanks for the chance!

  232. I use it for university; it’s saved me a number of times with lost/corrupted files! Though now that I’m more into PS for university, I’m quickly running out of room!

  233. Dropbox is indispensable to me. I use it for two primary purposes:

    1. First I use it as an automatic backup and sync of all my primary documents. The books I’m writing, teaching notes, and everything in between goes on it. This allows me to access it from anywhere and gives me an automatic and constant backup. Without Dropbox I’d be in big trouble.
    2. I also use Dropbox to manage my teams. I work at a non-profit and our IT is not nearly as centralized as many organizations. For the most part, employees use whatever platform they prefer (Windows, Mac, etc) and many of us simply work from our own laptops. Dropbox has been a life saver. We use simple file sharing to be able to share documents. The built in backup, sync, and the ability to have the files available whether we are on the network or not is critical for us. All of my team’s workflows are dependent on Dropbox and I honestly don’t know how we’d get anything done without it. In a non-profit where every budget is squeezed Dropbox has become mission critical. Having documents available has also been a huge life saver when I can pull up a spreadsheet in a budget meeting on my phone and settle an issue right there instead of schedule another meeting or creating an email chain.

    Having more Dropbox would be a huge benefit, though I’m very grateful Dropbox’s generosity in granting space increases for inviting others.

  234. I use Dropbox to sync my apps (1password, Compartments, Alfred), my work files for 3 different jobs, and to have a permanent web-based backup of my most important documents and files.

  235. I use it to keep my Alfred settings in sync, of course! I also keep settings and files for 1Password, Moneydance, Notational Data/Simplenote and Typinator. Hopefully I’ll find other apps that I can take advantage of.

    I also use it as backup for a couple iPhone apps — Road Trip and ShopShop.

    I also use it for share files with family and friends, storage for current software projects, any file I want access to from anywhere.

  236. I use Dropbox for my PHP-Project files and I save automatic different Pictures from my Webcams there.

  237. I work with a team of 5 people supporting numeracy in a large school district. There are many documents we need common access to from anywhere – Dropbox, ’nuff said!

    • And I forgot to mention the gabillion apps that I used Dropbox with for syncing things across my iDevices and Mac.

  238. I use Dropbox to sync my work and my AlfredApp Prefs between the office and home. Productivity! duh!

  239. I use Dropbox for collaboration on projects with friends. 10GB would allow my friends to collaborate on a short film.

  240. I use dropbox to share files with my colleagues in different locations.

  241. I use dropbox to store all of my documents and the project data for my studies in it, that way everything is backed up and I can work from every computer at home or in the university.

    Additionally I sync my 1Password data between my Macbook and PC over Dropbox and I can access my password from anywhere with 1PasswordAnywhere.

  242. I use it for sharing .config files with my friends and for sync’ing alfred and 1pass

  243. I use Dropbox to sync my wallpaper collection across all of my machines, as well as a bunch of application databases: Notational Velocity, Things, 1Password, and of course Alfred. :)

  244. Its all about Teamwork – Dropbox is our Nr.1 project collaboration platform.

  245. I use it to sync personal photos, work files and anything I need to be able to access on my iPhone and iPad. Been loving it since day 1.

  246. Hi, I would really like to get 10GB dropbox space!!!
    ususally I use dropbox for syncing all my documents and usful data between my computers, iphone, ipad.. Also I use it with my clients to share some working data.

  247. I use DropBox to save my files, I also use shared folders to work in group.

    I also use it to sync application settings or games saves between my different OSs and computers.

  248. I use Dropbox to sync my Alfred settings, files, images and such between my work and home computers. I also use it as backup for my personal development projects.

  249. I use Dropbox to keep my documents in sync between my OS X and Windows partitions on my Mac, my computer at work, my iPhone and iPad, and available for access anywhere on the web!

  250. Dropbox became amazing for me when I realized keeping my dotfiles there with symlinks was way more efficient than keeping them in a git repo

  251. I don’t remember how I use Dropbox, because it is so natural.
    Thank you.

  252. I would put the whole of my research on it. Also, I could be able to have a repository for my project I’m working on. This could help a lot since I have to make sure the code can run on different platform and I don’t have access to all of them at my home. So I have to travel with a huge amount of code and data (I’m working on electronic hardware design and embedded systems).

    This would simplify my life.

  253. I use Dropbox to backup my important documents, share documents among my research group, and as a “flash drive” to transfer data from instruments to my computer.

  254. I use Dropbox rarely, but a big fan of it. It’s ideal for people on the move. Mostly I sync my files with a co-worker.

  255. i use dropbox to sync my 1password file and to store photos of my little girl. with a little boy on the way in january, i’m going to need more space for those photos!

  256. I have ALL my files on Dropbox because it’s a great way for me to access them from multiple devices. I never have to worry about syncing anything and it keeps my files safe :D I also use it to collaborate with a friend of mine on graphics.

  257. How don’t I use Dropbox???

    I use Dropbox to keep all our family’s 1Password and MacGourmet data in sync, to share files between multiple Macs and PCs – and to share large files with colleagues. Dropbox makes our digital lives so much easier!

  258. I use dropbox to sync my documents, and have a backup of all my code

  259. Makes bootcamp much better by allowing me access to files no matter what OS I boot into

  260. I am using Dropbox for syncing my Alfred settings, 1Password database, school and work projects and sometimes as a temporary sharing place as well as storing my guitar tabs and to exchange files with my family and our club.

  261. A simple and quick way to keep 1Password, Code Collector, PDFs all synced between Mac (2), iPad, Android phone, and a windoze machine (although that will be going away soon). I just picked up Alfred, so not yet sure how I’ll use it with Dropbox yet. But I’ll figure something out.

  262. Dropbox is the way I keep apps in sync that don’t feature syncing like Alfred does. I use symbolic links to sync preference folders and such. I also record music and use Dropbox to sync my music project files between all of my computers. Sometimes I use the Dropbox iOS app to edit text notes on the go.

    I actually recently unsubscribed from Dropbox because it was too costly with all of my other bills, so winning a lifetime 10GB subscription would be amazing!

  263. I use Dropbox to sync important files, 1Password as well as share final documents with clients. This way I can easily update / add new pieces and they see new work as been put out. Quite simple really, but I couldn’t have a simpler way to do it.

  264. I’m a student and I use Dropbox to sync my files between my laptop, iPad, iPhone, and any random computer I might use on campus. I also use it to sync files with my fiancée’s computer so we can keep on plans on the same page.

  265. I’m on the move a lot, using different devices all the time. Dropbox helps me keep everything in sync so I always have what I need.

  266. I use it as another backup source. If something happens to my drive, I know I have the important stuff backed up in multiple locations.

  267. Dropbox is my repository for source files and application configurations across multiple machines. For example, my 1Password and BBedit configurations and data files are stored in Dropbox and maintained in a sync’d state across my work, personal and mobile machines. Without any thought on my part!

  268. I use dropbox for access everywhere to my data. And for sharing with friends.

  269. I use Dropbox to keep my iMac, Air, iPad, and Android phone in sync. All of my lecture notes and assignments are right there whenever I need them. Programming projects: I can save at school and they are waiting for me by the time I get home. This is just the way the world should work.

  270. I use it daily to keep work documents in sync with my home computer and my laptop. I also use it to keep helpful receipts, records, etc., available from anywhere. Love it.

  271. I use it for everything!
    I keep works and homes computer synced up and I as well got it installed on my phone, to access my data when a situation requires it.
    I use it as well to keep the same config info throughout all my devices. :)

  272. The question really is what DON’T I use Dropbox for?!? For starters, there’s all the apps that use Dropbox to keep things synced between work, home, my iPad and my iPhone, like 1Password and Moneywell. Secondly, I’m an independent web developer and musician. I put all my current projects in there so I can work whenever and wherever I want. I even keep an archive of receipts and bill payments in it, partly because I generate them both at work and home, and partly so they are permanently backed up. Dropbox is as indispensable to me as Alfred. ;-)

  273. I use Dropbox to keep photos in-sync between my wife’s computer and mine

  274. I use Dropbox to sync my Alfred preferences and desktop wallpapers between multiple Macs as well as for some simple file sharing with several people.

  275. I use Dropbox to keep my invoices in sync with MacBook and iPhone when I’m out of the office. Tremendously handy.

  276. Thank god I don’t have to manually keep all my dotfiles sync across all my machines anymore thanks to Dropbox

  277. I use Dropbox to backup essential files and to share files between friends.

  278. My Dropbox has got my whole life in it… all of my photos, my self made music and of course my Alfred prefs for my other machines ;) I simply love it!

  279. I use Dropbox for my 1Password sync, to share files with my mom, and for files that I need access to on my iPod Touch.

  280. I use DropBox to sync my Alfred preferences!

    Well, that’s why I STARTED using it… now I use it to sync preferences for all kinds of apps: BBedit, Keyboard Maestro, and iTunes library, a bunch of audio apps…

    The best part of using DropBox is that I can leave work early: any text or document I’m working on I can toss in DropBox and it’s available to edit on my iPhone for my bus ride home (it’s a long ride). Save it back to DropBox and I can continue on my home computer, meaning I’m home before dinner to spend more time with my wife and daughter!

  281. Dropbox is the best tool for collaboration I’ve come across. I use it to send designs to my programmer for web development and to send edited photos back and forth via a shared folder.

  282. As a grad student, I use Dropbox for all my school work. Everything backed up all the time is the best peace of mind in the world!

  283. I use Dropbox to keep 3 computers, an iPad, and an iPhone in sync. It keeps all my college papers and assignments safe, so even if my computer crashes the day before my final report is due, it’s still safe on Dropbox!

  284. Mainly for sharing photos. Sharing photos has never been easier with family members across the world. There’s never a sacrifice in quality and the seamless sync make is the easiest tool to use.

  285. Dropbox is essential for sharing files and photos with friends, family and everybody!

  286. Hi, I use Dropbox for lots of things including work and school files. During school I put all of my files on Dropbox and sync them between my MacBook Pro and iMac and sometimes I also use my iPhone to get access to those files. I don’t know what I would do without Dropbox!

  287. My favorite dropbox uses are program preference syncing and sharing screenshots easily with Grabox. And of course, having access to my files whenever I need them.

  288. I use it to sync 1password between multiple computers, back up important docs, and send files that are too large to email.

  289. I simply use Dropbox to sync my life !!
    Docs, pics, apps, Alfred settings, etc :)

  290. I use Dropbox to sync stuff between my desktop and my iDevices.

  291. Beyond using to share photos, and keep my to-read list on ebooks on my iPad, Dropbox is critical for the backup, history, and syncing og my MSc dissertation and project. Sync code between my laptop and lab workstatation, with the ability to revert files to how they before I screwed everything up just before lunch (but not yet in git).. Download the day’s LaTeX generated PDF of my report to my iPad to proofread on the London tube. It all makes my life much easier.

    Dropbox also does an excellent job keeping my ever-evolving .emacs and other dotfiles between the three workstations I regularly use!

    It’s absolutely indispensable! Also great to sync my Minecraft saves for the rare times I get to use my wive’s much nicer laptop! :)

  292. I use it to sync files between my iPhone, iPad, and iMac. Very great service!!

  293. I use Dropbox to save my university files; think of all the extra work I could do with a 10GB lifetime account! We’re talking about curing cancer and finding the Higgs Boson, at least, folks.

  294. I have a photography client who sends me photos to edit and post on their website. Dropbox has been the absolute best way to transfer these files from point A to point B.

  295. As a computer science student, I use drop box to store all of my homework so I can view and edit it no matter where I started writing my code.

  296. I LOVE DROPBOX. Thanks to dropbox, I share photos, movies and the lastest episodes of DEXTER with all of my family and friends.

    While there are several other companies offering knock offs, dropbox is the REAL DEAL and has no competitors.

    I have already received two complaints from COMCAST thats says I have exceeded my bandwidth (250gb) from uploading and downloading so much EVERY day.

  297. I keep all of my scrivener documents in Dropbox so I can access them on my desktop or my laptop at any time! It’s the best when I have anywhere from 5-6 projects going on at the same time!

    Dropbox+Scrivener = writer’s dream!

  298. I use Dropbox every day! It helps me ferry my information across my computers and has come in to save the day multiple times when I thought I lost my schoolwork.

  299. I’ve got nvALT set up to store its database in individual text files in my Dropbox folder. Boom! Instant and transparent access to my notes on the PC at work, and everywhere else via PlainText on the iPhone.

  300. I use Dropbox daily to keep my file in sync and available between my work PC, home laptop, and Android phone. Dropbox makes my life SO much easier!!

  301. I use Dropbox for syncing my passwords on different devices with 1Password. I also use it to share files with other people.

  302. I use Dropbox for everything from keeping my Alfred settings synced across multiple computers to moving files between machines, to just keeping important files in a place I know I can always get back to them easily. It’s an awesome service and it’s hard to imagine living without it at this point.

  303. Alfred and 1Password synchronisation mostly. But before iCloud, I used it to keep my Address Book and Calendar (iCal database) in sync with some symlink magic.

    Most recently I’ve moved my library to it.

  304. IT manager and keep all my important docs as well as some small utilitiy apps.

    Love the dropbox!

  305. I use dropbox to backup my documents.
    I use dropbox for easy collaboration between my teammates.
    I use dropbox to backup my school notes.
    I use dropbox to sync my tasks.
    I use dropbox to backup my works.
    I use dropbox to sync and backup my Alfred settings.
    I use dropbox to backup my projects.
    I use dropbox to save older versions of my projects.
    I use dropbox as a replacement of a usb stick.
    I use dropbox to print documents remotely (with folder action).
    I use dropbox to sync and backup my games’ savedata.
    I use dropbox to send better attachments with Sparrow.
    I use dropbox to share photos and files between my friends and family.
    I use dropbox as an extension of my iPhone’s memory.
    I use dropbox as a simple web server.
    I use dropbox to control my Mac from my iPhone (by creating files with a key name which are synced to my Mac and then are processed with Hazel).
    I use dropbox to store and backup my must-have files (fonts, wallpapers, etc.).
    I use dropbox to sync apps libraries which doesn’t support syncing by themselves.
    I use dropbox to add downloads to Transmission remotely.
    I can use dropbox to track thieves, but I hope not to have to use it.

    Thanks dropbox for exist.

  306. I use dropbox every day when moving files to and from clients all over the country. I wouldn’t be able to do it so easily otherwise!

  307. I use Dropbox as a secondary backup system for my most important files and for stuff I need to access from my phone.

  308. I use dropbox to sync my files between my mac(s) and my iPhone …and also my work pc, sometimes to share files with others people . I use it everyday !!

  309. I use DropBox so I can always have access to files that I need to use across all of my devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad…). And I love apps that integrate with DropBox, such as 1password. I’ve also recently learned that I can put Silverlight apps on it so my beta testers can access it over the web; that’s awesome!

  310. I use Dropbox on my MacBook Air, iMac, iPhone and iPad to have anywhere access to my active documents. As an added bonus, it provides an offsite backup for these important files.

  311. In addition to folders that contain files that I share between computers, I also have a directory for each computer I regularly use, so when I want to install software I add it to each computer’s folder. When I’m at a computer, I check it’s folder for any new items to install.

  312. DropBox has simply become part of my Mac life. My biggest use is for the photo galleries to share my work with friends and clients.

  313. I use Dropbox as a replacement of the “automatically” “synced” folders on my work laptop with Windows on a Exchange network. This way I got all my files backuped up AND available on my MacBook Pro at home!

  314. I use drop box for storing all my working files and folders and sharing files with others.

  315. I use Dropbox as a backup system, for synching files between the iPad and PC, and for sharing and editing projects with students. I couldn’t live without it.

  316. I use DropBox to sync files between work, home, iphone and ipad. It’s a great tool for my business and if I win the lifetime 10gb DropBox I will be very happy!!

  317. Dropbox shares between my work and home computers and you can easily share files with anyone. It is a must have.

  318. I use Dropbox to sync lots of system setting including: Alfred extensions, sublimetext2 snippets, terminal profile, plus more. Also use to share files with clients – so 10gb would really help with that.

  319. I have been introduced to Dropbox just a while ago, when we were looking for a solution for our team to add and edit information in ONE file at the same time. I’m happy we found DP, most of the time it works great so far. Also, I’m using it for personal stuff like sharing pictures with my family.

  320. I use dropbox to keep all my college files together! Without it i would have lost all my files many times by now…

  321. I use Dropbox to keep my entire office up to date on our latest projects – we’d be lost without it. At home, I use it to keep my music organized, keep my computers in sync and keep myself efficient and productive — which, truthfully, is where Alfred comes in.

  322. Dropbox is my external brain. Everything I need to keep track of for work is in there and so it’s available anywhere – from my Windows work PC, my Mac at home, and on my iPhone and iPad. 10GB would give me a bigger brain. :-)

  323. I use Dropbox for Alfred, of course!, but also for college work. No matter where I am, I know that I have all of my papers, assignments, and syllabi.

  324. I use dropbox to sync my documents folder on my macbook pro. Works great! Could I use more space? HELL YEAH! Please hook me up!

    HUGE Alfred fan, btw. I can’t stop telling my friends to d/l it and give them tips on how to use it.

  325. I use Dropbox every day to sync school documents between my home Mac and school Windows laptop. It’s a wonderful piece of software, and so is Alfred!

  326. I use dropbox to share folders between home and work. It is a great way to share files with co-workers also!

  327. I use dropbox with my team and it’s really helpfull ! We can share files and have better interaction. It’s easy to always be up to date on project.

  328. I use DropBox for two things: to keep files in sync across several machines (PC and Mac) and to get quick access to files on my iPhone. I love it!

  329. I use Dropbox for syncing and sharing media files with colleagues for production needs at church as well as backing up some critical files.

  330. I use Dropbox for backup, sharing with co-workers, and making my files accessible wherever I might need them.

  331. I use Dropbox to sync my travel plans from my home computer to my office computer

  332. Honestly, Dropbox has changed my life! It’s right up there with Photoshop and the mouse as major shifts in my computing world.

    I use Dropbox to store projects I’m currently working on. If I’m collaborating with other designers, I’ll share the folders. I also store the majority of my documents as a method of backup, and for remote access.

    One quirky use is that I store my Adobe presets so whenever I sit down at a new computer, I can download my own custom keyboard shortcuts and get to work!

    I also store my Instagram photos, and any images which I need to have handy on my iPhone (since it’s easier than launching iPhoto and doing that whole thing).

    Dropbox 4 life!!

  333. I use Dropbox to store all of my lecture notes, sync settings and preferences across multiple computers, and for housing my collection of ebooks.

  334. Dropbox replaces USB Sticks and even does a better job!
    Also, sharing important stuff with friend, colleagues and fellow students is way easier.

  335. To keep my mum in the loop on the lives of her grand children. Living 1600 miles away, it closes the emotional gap by letting my dump all of the cute pictures and films of her two lovely grand daughters… and there are always plenty of them. Which is why, of course, I need more :)

  336. I absolutely love Dropbox, I keep most of my clients files, I also have several shared folders with them, so I never have to use mail attachments again!

  337. I use Dropbox for Pictures, sharing Files with friends and customers and for Markdown-Texting with iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Markdown Pro (Mac). A Must have…


  338. I can’t imagine working without Dropbox. I have my complete archive of documents I currently work on in my Dropbox. Always accesible and shareable.

  339. I keep a folder of user manuals in Dropbox so I can pull up instructions, maintenance tips, parts lists, etc. for hardware and appliances on various iDevices wherever I am.

  340. I use dropbox to keep in sync between my iPhone, MacBook and iMac. Plus I have some a few shared folders for keeping synced up on projects with others.

  341. Dropbox is AMAZING! That’s the first thing to say!

    I use it for all sorts:

    – Holding eBooks which I can open in iBooks on my phone
    – Hold my font collection to sync between devices
    – Sync application preferences
    – Shared folders to transfer files to family, mainly brother at uni atm!
    – Public folder used for holding screenshots or images for posting on forums
    – I use it the other way around, I can save files into it on my phone and access them back on my PC!

    Love Dropbox.


  342. I use Dropbox to keep my Alfred extensions and setting in sync between my desktop and laptop! Other things I use it for are hosting reference documents I need on demand (desktop, laptop, iphone) as well as a quick place to host a photo to share to family or friends.

  343. I’m a translator and I use Dropbox to store all my linguistic assets (translation memories, termbases, dictionaries and glossaries) so I have access to all my data wherever I go.

  344. Dropbox has been an invaluable tool in the ‘Post PC’ era. I can sync notes, code snippets, preferences, and documents on all of my devices – iOS or otherwise. Dropbox has also been a lifesaver to share files with colleagues. I’d love to use Dropbox more frequently to backup client work, but have always shied away due to space. For everything that Dropbox has done to simplify my life, it’s definitely a product worth paying for. If I don’t win this contest, I’m sure I’ll be a paying customer soon enough. #fingerscrossed

  345. I use Dropbox for my study to exchange files with fellow students. Also I use it fot showing anybody any file in the internet…

  346. I use it to sync files between my laptop, desktop, android phone, and iPad. It works great to move files between devices, and I can always find the information I’m looking for, no matter where I am.

    But the biggest and best use for me is syncing files that our church uses each week. Every video and document that we use for our Sunday services is uploaded to a common folder and is on our church projection computer when we arrive. It works great and allows us to be prepared and ready to go each week without using thumb drives.

  347. I rely on Dropbox with most of my things and it is the easiest and most convenient way to access the files, photos and data I need from everywhere. Dropbox is installed on all my Mac, my iPhone and iPad as well. It would be nice to win this upgrade.

  348. I use DropBox daily to sync my multitude of APPS, from calendars to To DO lists; DropBox is an Awesome program! DJJC

  349. I use Dropbox for just about everything! It makes it really easy for me to sync files and settings for applications, like Alfred and 1Password, between my personal and work computers. I also use the shared directories when I need to collaborate with someone on a project. It also makes it easy for me to access files while I am on the go via my iPhone, or a friends computer. It’s just a great product!

  350. I use Dropbox for… EVERYTHING. Literally. Mostly for documents relating to university, coursework, assignments, eBooks etc. Dbox keeps them perfectly in sync between my Desktop and Laptop and also backed up incase either fail. As well as group sharing for team work, presentations or just fetching of off one of unis computers via the web app etc

    I also use it to backup my essential apps and their settings such as Alfred, 1Password, Snippets, Textexpander etc. An extra 10GB would be incredibly useful.

  351. Dropbox has become invaluable to me aswell for quite a while now. There aren’t many tools i really depend on on a regular basis but dropbox&alfred clearly are two of them!
    There are sooo many things i use dropbox for, probably the most noteworthy are:
    – hosting my website/web-businesscard
    – providing an easy way to manage documents i want to read when i’m not at the computer
    – syncing my itunes-library/alfredsettings/savegames
    – fileexchange

  352. Sharing files
    Working on work stuff from home
    Syncing apps
    Bragging about using Dropbox

  353. I use Dropbox for virtually all my documents and files (except code, which I have managed in SCM). As a result, it’s super easy for me to share any file I need to ad-hoc with friends and colleagues. At work we share company documents and developer reference materials. I used to store my iTunes library in Dropbox too, but now I use iTunes match for simplicity. Because everything is in my Dropbox, I can rest assured that if I’m ever at the beach lounging and someone urgently needs a file of mine, I can give it to them without any trouble at all. And, of course, I use Dropbox to sync my Alfred settings between my Macs!

  354. I <3 Dropbox.

    It syncs alfred prefs for me!!

    I use it to post all my work files to at 5pm so I can go home and work on them some more. But it keeps telling me I'm almost out of space, so this would be a treat!

    Cheers for great software!

  355. I use Dropbox to sync my files across my home and work Macs, including my favorite apps like Alfred. I also use it extensively to collaborate with colleagues in other far-off locations.

  356. I use DB to sync libraries like The Hit List and 1Password between computers, store code snippets and code libraries, and share media such as photos and home videos that would be impractical to email. Having more than my current 3gb would certainly improve how I could use it.

  357. I buy and download music at work, pop it into Dropbox, and I can continue listening on my home computer when I get home!

  358. I mainly use Dropbox to share files with friends and family and clients. I am a photographer and Dropbox gallery feature is awesome to give clients a quick preview of photos.

    Recently after Sparrow mail app update im using Dropbox to email large attachments.

  359. I use dropbox mainly to keep my day to day documents sync between the machines I use & my iPhone ; and for all the side goodies the dropbox API allows …like sync the keychain of 1Password, share files when you send and mail with Sparrow or even backing up my WordPress.

    In short, Dropbox (like Alfred) is absolutely necessary tool for me…couldn’t do without.

  360. I use dropbox to have someone edit a calendar file which in turn is read by a CMS to show the calendar online.
    Also I share documents on the home network and store my Alfred preferences there.

  361. I use dropbox so that when the zombie hordes are eating my braaainz, I will die happy. in the knowledge that my wonderful Star Wars centric haiku are safe

  362. I coordinate my labs research files, host lite webpages for my mentoring program and sync my research files. :) love dropbox

  363. I use it for keep my coding work always in sync between my office, home or when I’m out of the city, also to get access to my photos where ever I am, in fact on my Mac I only have personal files or files pending to upload to dropbox. Also to keep in sync some applications as 1Password, Day One, among others. This 10GB would be awesome! :D

  364. I use Dropbox for a number of reasons: sharing my files across a number of computers and mobile devices ensuring I have quick and easy access to anything I might need regardless of where I find myself; collaboration on documents with friends and colleagues – depending on the nature of the document; as a means of transferring files from work and home; smuggling files and multimedia to various private locations, and so on…

  365. I store applications, documents, notes, photo backups, and i’m syncing apps. I would like to sync my iTunes library too.

  366. I use Dropbox for two things:
    1. Store settings/backup for Alfred and 1Password
    2. Store all of my active documents that I’m currently working on or reading

  367. I use dropbox everyday to share files for work and backup everything. Then I can quickly get access if I need something on the run or at home.

  368. I drop pdfs into it so i can read them on my iphone. Manuals for cameras etc.

  369. Basically dropbox runs my life. I have all my documents that I use across all my devices, syncs application settings and I use it to share files with family and friends. Pretty much worth it’s weight in gold. If software had weight.

  370. Dropbox allows both desktop and laptop to access the same information, allows me to view mobile notes, moves 1Password data everywhere and allows me to work collaboratively with my accountat on the company books.

  371. I use it to share all my business documents with my business partner/girlfriend. I also use it to keep everything organized across systems & to start torrents remotely.

  372. I use Dropbox all the time for keeping track of my study documents. It’s certainly a lot easier and safer than carrying a USB drive everywhere I go!

  373. I use it all the time for keeping my documents safe and synchronised between my Macs and for looking after my 1Password keychain, my task lists with TaskPaper on Mac and iPhone and notes in general using Elements on iOS and Notational Velocity on Mac.

  374. I use it to sync & store all my important documents and my Xcode and NetBeans workspace!!

  375. I use Dropbox to sync data between my iPhone, iPad and iMac !

  376. I use Dropbox all the time for work to exchange files with co-workers. I also use it with my family to share pictures.

  377. I use dropbox for syncing files with Ipad and Iphone. I use it with Picbox to seamlessly transfer photos I take to my drop. I store all my ebooks so I can always grab one to read. I share with committees our documents that we work on together. It is amazing how easy it is to use. lOve it and would love some more space.

  378. I use Dropbox for a lot of different things. I have folders shared with clients, friends, and family for easy file transfer. I also use it to upload photos from my phone when out and about and it also keeps a few things in sync between various computers. Really one of my favorite services and one I recommend pretty regularly.


  379. I use Dropbox as a central storage facility for 1Password and TextExpander, sharing files between my Mac and Linux machines even when I’m away from home and to share files with others.

  380. I don’t know how I got by before Alfred and Dropbox! I design lots of magazine ads, and I find that Dropbox is the easiest way to send high-res files to each magazine’s art department. It’s also a great way to backup my documents, contact lists, 1Password, etc.

  381. As a student I use Dropbox to collaborate with others on exercises. It makes restoring older versions possible, but nevertheless adds no overhead to our workflow like normal version control systems.

  382. I use dropbox to keep all my computers in sync, especially my studies stuff and program settings like for Alfred, Notational Velocity and 1Password.

  383. Oh How do I use dropbox, let me count the ways

    1. Sync 1Password between all my iDevices, Android and MacPro
    2. Access my 1Password when on my wifes laptop
    3. e-mail attachments with Sparrow
    4. Share API’s and white papers with fellow developers
    5. Keep a backup of my SSH Key
    6. Share wireframes and comps with fellow developers
    and last but not least
    7. Keeping all this safely stored and accessible for when I get a new job and need to transfer everything over and the IT dept tries to keep me from accessing all my existing data on their laptop

  384. transfered screenshot over to another computer in a blink, 0 effort

  385. I use Dropbox to keep all my school work backed up and accessible from anywhere while I’m on campus. It makes keeping track of my files hassle free, and sharing a breeze for group projects!

  386. Pretty standard, i think. I just save a lot of my documents and my project in dropbox. I also use it often to transfer files between my mac and windows machine

  387. I’m sharing files with my family, friends and coworkers. Also to access files on iOS. And to sync app data and settings (1P, Alfred, TaskPaper etc.).

  388. One day I found I had got bad blocks,
    With a need to turn back the clocks,
    My data was gone,
    But it was back anon,
    As it was all in my Dropbox!

  389. Dropbox is great for syncing preferences between computers (my bashrc and vimrc for instance).

  390. I sync all my text-based notes between computers and devices using Dropbox and nvAlt, ResophNotes, and Elements.

  391. I use Dropbox to keep my important files in sync between my computers and my iPad and iPhone. I also use it to sync the data between various apps. Works great, and I can always put more space to good use. Thanks!

  392. I use Dropbox to keep the free Alfred DMG file so my friends can install straight away

  393. I would use the extra 10 gb to make Dropbox my default documents folder then I would never lose a paper again.

  394. Hey, i use dropbox for all my documents, private and for my studies…and for syncing alfred of course ;) i love both ;)

  395. I do a lot of music writing and production with artists all over the world and the first thing I do with clients is set up a shared Dropbox folder so we can keep organized and send large files back and forth. It’s a crucial tool for my business.

  396. Like many others I use Dropbox to sync multiple computers and to easily share files with friends. I also exchange recipes with my mother in a shared folder (easier than email ;-)) and use Dropbox to update a flashcard app I have on my phone.

  397. I use Dropbox for syncing Alfred, Things, 1 password, textexpander, books and all kind of other files.
    Especially since Apple is going to end iDisk, Dropbox is now my favorite clous space for syncing my files between all my electronic equipement.
    Keep up the good work.

    Best regards,

  398. I work on projects on several different computer (Mac and PC) and use Dropbox to store the active project files. I also use to to store some private data that I encrypt so that I have a copy if something untoward happens.

  399. Dropbox means that anything on my Mac is guaranteed to be on all my devices, in exactly the way I had it the last time I looked at it. I use it to stay productive.

  400. I use it daily for syncing my documents, 1password, alfred,…
    One of the most usefull services ever.

  401. I use Dropbox to sync files for other people to access via the public folder as well as store files I need to access from other location. Super helpful and saves me a lot of time (and sanity!)

  402. Besides the obvious stuff (syncing config files and documents between all my computers) I love the integration with 3rd party software. Sparrow, 1Password, Evernote and so on. Not to mention I can throw files to my friends without using any of those dingy upload-services.

  403. I use Dropbox daily for synching my mind maps between iPad and iPhone.

  404. I use dropbox to sync my university files across computers, so that I can work anywhere. I also use it for group workshops to sync and send files between co-students more easily

  405. It seems like there are infinite ways to cleverly use Dropbox–I love it. It is the app that makes my daily digital life easier. I sync not only docs and photos, but more importantly, my Suitcase Fusion font libraries and pdf type specimens and various app manuals. Dropbox also keeps my passwords synced via 1Password–indispensable!! I even use it to help my folks become OS X savants from 2000 miles away!!

    I would use the extra space to store more pdfs, sync even more fonts and create more photo slideshows for my folks to enjoy.

  406. I use dropbox to store just about all my files (minus music and movies) but also to transfer files to and from my dad who live a about 4 hours away. He’s in a band and sometimes send me his new songs and pictures of my niece’s and nephews

  407. Dropbox has become a very important part of my day to day operations. I love the ease of sharing and referring. Keep up the good work!

  408. I use it to keep a backup of my presentations, in case I lose/destroy my laptop while traveling.

  409. I use Dropbox to:
    Sync settings between computers.
    Sync documents between my two Macs and my iPad.
    Sync between Taskpaper on my iPad, iPhone and Macs.
    Keep my current work in it so I can get at it from work and home. no more forgotten documents.
    Keep my website in Dropbox and Calepin creates it.

  410. I use Dropbox for syncing several applications across multiple platforms including Alfred! also to store scanned documents in my quest to go paperless.

  411. Dropbox lets me easily share with my family and friends without the need of local networks or email. Great stuff!

  412. I am a student, so i use dropbox everyday to sync my data, to view it on my iphone, to use 1password and for many other things. I’d love to get more storage! :)

  413. I once was as strong as an ox
    and then I discovered dropbox
    Papers and files were vast
    Carrying them a thing of the past
    Now my life’s pace is as quick as a fox

  414. I use Dropbox to backup my precious documents. What’s in the cloud is safe from HW failures :)

  415. I use dropbox to share scripts, documents, etc to all my university friends

  416. I use Dropbox to share personal documents, photos and app data across devices. I also share stuff with my friends & family.

  417. I mainly use dropbox for my ebooks. Helps me add books to my e-reader wirelessly :)

  418. I used Dropbox to get back at those darn USB drive manufacturers!

  419. I use Dropbox as a document backup and as a sharing resource with network consultants at work.

  420. I use Dropbox to share with colleagues and family, sync portable apps and app settings between machines, sync work and reference material across all my fixed and mobile devices and to basically achieve daily technology miracles.

  421. What do I use Dropbox for? What don’t I use DB for? Sharing photos with family! Budgets with my wife! Documents between home and work! My 1Password encrypted data! And, of course, to store my Alfred preferences :)

  422. I keep my Dropbox full of images by other photographers for inspiration whilst travelling!!!

  423. There is God, Chuck Norris and then there is Dropbox… One creates, one destroys and the other saved us all!! Thank you Dropbox for keeping our files secure and accessible anywhere!

  424. It is my portable notebook.
    Alfred + Dropbox + Notation Velocity = Awesomeness!

  425. I use Dropbox to put all my school files on so that if I need to i can switch between computers to get to them easy.

  426. I use Dropbox for many reasons.

    1) To send files between computers, to print for instance.
    2) To quickly and easily share files with my family on-the-go.
    3) To share a folder containing images for a web site I help manage.
    4) To keep 1Password accessible everywhere? Nothing less.
    5) To store files I use often a bit everywhere.
    6) My most important use: To back up my current semester’s school files, preventing data loss and making them accessible anywhere I am (on my iPad, iPhone, school computer, etc.).

    I’ve been using DropBox since its humble beginnings (a mere upload/download web interface) in 2008. I’ve been hooked ever since. Having tried alternatives, Dropbox remains the best out there.

  427. Lots of things: Syncing files to my iPad/iPhone so I have them available for travelling, backing up encrypted disk images, sharing files with my girlfriend (especially useful as we’ve just been through building an apartment, having all drawings and plans shared and always available has been invaluable), 1password, sharing large video files with faraway friends…… Dropbox makes sooooo much possible.

  428. Hi,

    I use Dropbox for syncing important documents, my 1Password keychain and, the most important of all, my Alfred settings ;-)

  429. I use Dropbox to sync life, work, and school files so I never have to worry about making sure I transfer a file before I walk out the door.

  430. I use my Dropbox all the time.

    I use it to sync my 1Password Database, Alfredapp settings, ScreenSteps Library, and even Minecraft saves.

    I also use it to share files between my friends and family, each of us have a folder such as Zack-NameOfFriend where we can quickly send everything to each other around the world! :D

    I also use it as a quick and wireless way to send files to and from my phone.

    Really, now that I think of it I use Dropbox *alot* and could always use more space :D

  431. I’m a web designer and work with my brother. We put all of the projects we are currently working on in Dropbox so we both have easy access to the up to date files. I personally use it to sync my Alfred data across 3 Macs which is very helpful. Also sync my 1Password data across those computers.

  432. I often share large files via the Public ‘Copy Public Link’ option.

  433. I use Dropbox DAILY at work. I keep my laptop, desk PC, and ‘tech room’ PC all in sync with identical programming files and customer info in individual shared folder. Set up a 2nd account with my ‘personal’ info, linked the 2 accounts and my home computers also have all my “WORK STUFF” on them. My EVO has Dropbox installed so I can quickly check some customer info or check a price sheet.

    I could not work without it. Program on my desktop PC w/2 monitors, click Save, carry my laptop up to the equipment I’m working on, plug it in, and the file I just worked on is sitting on the laptop hard drive waiting for me. Simple and brilliant.

  434. I use Dropbox to sync and backup all my coding projects as well as my Alfred settings and school files.

  435. I use dropbox to sync my files between home and the office including my todo list and Alfred scripts!

  436. I use dropbox to sync files between my 3 machines. I have a Macbook pro, Windows 7 Desktop, my IPAD, and my android phone. It’s great allways having access to my files from anywhere, work,home, or mobile.

  437. I use Dropbox to sync my settings, share files between platforms, and keep school documents at hand at all times. It’s faster than using an usb key, and always available, everywhere!

  438. Use it to save important stuff, share files with friends, sync 1Password, for pdfs I want to read on my phone, to save files I need to print somewhere, etc.

  439. I can’t imagine life without Dropbox! I often work from home, and I use Dropbox to sync my source files with my computer in the office. I also use it to share photos with other members of my family.

  440. Well first of all a lot!
    Starting with personal files I need to have with me. Not everyday, but just in case. Who knows when you might just need a particular file?!
    I keep copies of important documents like my birth certificate, citizenship etc. in a folder, because again, I could need them once. Especially if I’m away and most of the time you need them when you’re not at home!
    Well something maybe every single one mentioned and something that’s pretty sure, my Alfred files. Extensions, Themes, Clipboard, Hotkeys, etc. (well you sure know what ;) ) but that’s something I relied on before, when I accidentally erased something or beta tested and there was something going on, just go back to Dropbox and get your file back from the death!
    I also use it for storing some other Library files like my 1Password encrypted files, some Finance stuff, Apps that I want to be in sync and also checkable when away from my machine and more.
    A brilliant feature is sharing files with friends. Is it short tutorials or whole works. Whether it is a folder with fun photos of cute little puppies with a cast, being stuck in a bottle, sleeping in a hat or whatever, stuff that make your day, when you’re feeling down and just need some laughs. University stuff or work related files you could send to a person you don’t want everyone to see or having one and the same file you’re working on. It’s just there.
    I would also use it a lot more for music (especially after theres still no iTunes Match in Austria for now – even though it came out in europe earlier today!). Still need to find a way to sync my music library or have a system I could go back to if there’s a song I wanna listen to that’s not on my iPhone/iPad right now.
    It is also a nice way to share photo albums with family and friends. Sure there are lots of services out there, but building and changing your library just by putting pictures in a folder is really easy to manage. Especially to add them or change something. Also one important point is that this is a lot more private than having them somewhere online, where people could stumble upon them and if there should be some issue, just change the folder or delete it.
    So for now Dropbox is perfect to use apps that have no iCloud support and a lot of them will probably always be using Dropbox.

    So as you can imagine…
    … it gets really crowded for those files if they have to share their tiny space with music, and pictures battling around and imagine those encrypted files being secured and other files approaching them. Such a secured file would think that a photo of a cute cat with a pumpkin on his head could also be a trojan horse that just tries to get into the secure file system. Especially if you can hear the Inception soundtrack playing in the background. Even the TextExpander folder doesn’t know where to expand itself anymore. I’m glad Alfred is still an app in a nutcase!
    That was a cry for help and if somewhere deep inside this system there would be a Batman, well I’m sure Alfred would definitely know who to contact!

  441. I use dropbox to sync between my two store locations, This way I know that my employees know what’s going on in both locations.

  442. I use dropbox for science! :) As a PhD student I store almost all of my important work files, papers library, Alfred preferences, .vimrc and so on in there. It’s great not needing to worry about forgetting to sync my desktop with my laptop!

  443. I used Dropbox today when I found some sweet desktop wallpapers at work! Instead of having to email them to myself, I just threw them in my Dropbox folder for use at home, when I get home :-)

  444. I use dropbox for loads of different things. I use it for University so I can transfer documents between mac/windows/ipad/iphone, and I also use it to share pictures and songs with friends.

  445. I use Dropbox to store and sync all my schoolwork. Works wonders! :)

  446. I use Dropbox to share files between my 3 computers. I can work on a project on any or all of them and always know that I have the most current version of a file.

  447. I use dropbox to keep any files I need to access away from my desktop available to me where ever I might be when I need them!

  448. I use Dropbox to sync documents from my Macs and PCs, and access them on-the-go on iPhone. Sweet stuff.

  449. I use it to power my Calepin blog, to sync work documents between multiple Macs, and for some personal files that I always want to have access to, no matter what computer or device I’m on.

    Dropbox is awesome.

  450. I use Dropbox to sync files between a few of my computers, and as a quick way of sharing photos and documents with a group of friends in the middle of a group IM session. We’ve been working on a group project using Dropbox, too.

  451. I use Dropbox to keep my work in sync between my home computer and laptop as well as to provide access to those files from my Android phone. Most importantly, it keeps my Minecraft in sync, no matter where I am!

  452. I’ll move all my documents onto Dropbox so I can share it without needing to constantly waiting for new files to upload.

  453. I use Dropbox mostly for school related documents.
    It makes it really easy to cooperate on projects.
    Sync’ing keychains and application settings (Alfred searches/extensions :)) across computers is great as well.
    I love how I can just pull up my iPhone to view my documents when I’m away from the computer.

  454. I use it with 3 purposes:
    – sync most used files between computers.
    – the public folder to share docs, including my publications.
    – sharing folders with students under my advise.

  455. This is insane, but I use Dropbox to access my Alfred searches when I’m away from my computer (or in Windows). I symlinked the custom sites plist to my Public directory, and wrote a little webapp to parse that and display a web-based version of Alfred.

    Oh, and I use it for syncing settings and data with 1Password and Notational Velocity, and for easy access to my school work, photos, documents, etc. It’s great.

  456. I love Alfred more than I love Dropbox. But I love Dropbox more than I love the rest.

  457. We use DropBox to instantly transfer iPhoto pics of customers work to central pc, more space would be really useful.

  458. I drop in folders with dozens of photos taken of sites I have to recreate in Sketchup. I then swipe between them in the Dropbox app on my iPad as I draw up the model. I can even pinch to zoom in for more detail. Invaluable!

  459. I’m currently using dropbox as a backup and means of (lightweight) versioning for my dissertation. I would love an upgrade! Thanks, Alfred.

  460. I love Dropbox. We use it for everything, but I think the most sentimental use would be for sharing photos with family in different states. We can call up and just say “Check out the folder in the Dropbox” and everyone has it, regardless of if they are on an iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac.

    It is really fantastic.

  461. I want it because I want it, plus of course when my computer burns down I will be saved by the DropBox…he, he….

  462. I use Dropbox to keep my Home folder synced seamlessly between my Macs with symbolic links. I also use it to keep Alfred preferences in sync :).

  463. I love Dropbox because I can snap photos of my dogs, family and friends on my Android phone and then upload them for safekeeping into my folder :)

    I’d be lost without it!

  464. I like Dropbox for keeping all my files synced between work and home. I also use 1Password, and keep it synced between my Mac and iOS devices using Dropbox.

  465. I use Dropbox to keep a cloud backup of my important files and synchronize documents between my MacMini, Windows Machine and iPhone.

  466. I use Dropbox as a way to keep my teacher files with me wherever I go so I can get things graded and recorded anywhere I go without having to haul all my books with me. It has basically replaced my educational storage systems.

  467. Mainly, I use Dropbox to share my stuff with friends. A dedicated shared folders for my group of best friends, who currently live and study in different cities, is set up.
    And of course, I sync Alfred pref files to my Dropbox as a way to backup my settings, since I only have 1 Mac. ;D

  468. My wife and I homeschool our five-year-old son. Part of homeschooling is documenting his physical education component. Last weekend, he and I went out for a long hike. I took my camera and took some shots. Then I got called out of town. My wife needed the photos to show our advisor. The camera goes with me everywhere, so no problem: load the hike photos into Dropbox, share them with my wife, she shows them to our advisor. Problem solved.

    Thanks, Dropbox!

  469. An indispensable tool for my daily computer (Mac) life. So much things in sync with dropbox, do not know what my life would be without Dropbox. And now without iDisk (or with) I am in need of more space, would be a wonderful Christmas gift.

  470. At least 3 different ways:

    1. Sync applications conga across my machines

    2. Make my aprox. 3000 markdown files available to pretty much any of my devices

    3. Quick way to keep some of my source code in sync

  471. I’m pretty represantative of student Dropbox users: I use it to bring the Neanderthal technology of USB drives and email group collaboration to obsolescence. I am a student in Seoul, and my second favorite use for Dropbox is demonstrating the huge gulf between Dropbox and Korean “webhard” services. With 10 gigs I would put my Logic projects on there.

  472. I use Dropbox for all my university work. Saving all my lectures and podcasts and notes they are all synced with my main computer as well.
    Also share some files with some friends that have Dropbox.
    one of the most useful apps + of course Alfred :P <3 it so much thanks!!!

  473. Dropbox keeps Alfred, 1Password, Day One and other apps and docs all in sync across all my devices and it works like a dream come true. Syncing Alfred settings across all my machines is just amazing and saves so much time. All apps should just be like this.

  474. I keep an HTML file of links in the “iPhone home screen” format (complete with icons) of all my most used mobile web links for use as my iPad’s and iPhone’s Safari home page (in which I always keep one tab open to it at all times).

  475. I mainly use Dropbox to store all of my screenshots that I take for my blog posts, that way I can access them from my PC and Macbook Pro.

  476. I use dropbox To be in sync with settings and data on different systems (also different plattforms). It’s great.


    I use dropbox not only to sync files across multiple computers and iOS devices. Dropbox is awesome and I can share files with it as well as host my personal website on dropbox. Dropbox also can sync data across many applications so as Alfred, Textexpander, Plaintext and much more. I can’t imagine what it would be like without dropbox!!! :D

  478. Dropbox has freed me of the tyranny of my data. I no longer fear the death of my computer or care which device I’m using. My vital data, the stuff I live, love, and work for is always there: in my pocket, on my laptop, on my desktop. And with Alfred it’s at the tip of my fingers.

  479. I use Dropbox to sync any info, for any app I have that has built an interface for it, between my desktop, MBA, iPad and iPhone. I also use it to share a small file with 8 coworkers that allows any one of us to update it daily which dramatically improves communication between us

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