New Support Site & Over 100 Awesome Alfred Extensions

Since we released version 0.9.9, you have been creating some fantastic extensions to improve your productivity.

We published the first few extensions in August to give you a taster for what could be done with extensions. Powerpack users have since created over 100 extensions so we’ve added a whole new section to our new support site to show off the best extensions.

The new support site

In preparation for version 1.0 and Alfred being all grown up, we’ve created a new support site. On it you will find:

Huge thanks go out to Wikidot for the platform itself and to Bryce from Roaring Apps for suggesting it early on. Also, Zaharenia, who has done a great job wrestling Wikidot into the design you’re seeing today.

Submitting your own extensions

As so many great extensions are being sent our way, I wrote a little guide to submitting an extension. By following 3 simple steps, you’ll help us make the most of the Extensions section of the site and we’ll be able to give you credit for your creation.

Note: If you’re one of the early birds who created a script we’ve already listed, please help us by adding the information in the guide above to your extension’s page.

Finally, we can’t say it enough – thank you so much for your energy and support. We love seeing the extensions, custom themes, custom searches and everyday uses you’ve found for Alfred, so keep tweeting us and telling your friends about Alfred. You make every day of work much more fun! :)

Peace, love and bowler hats,

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  1. It’d be awesome if somebody could make the awesome open source Tagaini Jisho and alfred work nicely together. I can see some really cool things happening if somebody with a little know-how spent an hour or two playing :)

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