Giveaway: Celebrate the Powerpack’s 1st birthday with a silly hat picture!

A lot can happen in a year. 12 months ago, we introduced the Powerpack as a very useful add-on to the free version of Alfred. The first Powerpack release had three main features: File System navigation, Result actions and basic control of iTunes with the initial Mini Player.

Since then, the Powerpack has grown and grown, adding significant functionality with every release and over 12 major features. Have a peek at the change log to see just how much has changed. And there’s still so much more to come!

Celebrating with a giveaway

To celebrate the Powerpack’s 1st birthday, we’ve decided to have fun and give away a few treats – seeing as we can’t send you all cake in the post. The winners will receive Alfred goodies and a Powerpack license (or an upgrade to Mega Supporter for existing users).

Andrew Jack and Vero in silly hats

How to enter? Here’s the fun part:

To enter this giveaway you’ll need to show us your style. The sillier the better, we think, and the winners will be chosen based on their originality so get creative!

1. Take a picture of you wearing a silly hat, 2. Tweet the following message:

Wear a #sillyhat & join the @alfredapp giveaway fun: – here is my hat…

If you are logged into the Twitter website,
use this button to tweet: Click to tweet

Don’t forget to add the #sillyhat hashtag and your picture to your tweet, as this is how we’ll find your tweets! For example, here is my tweet:

Wear a #sillyhat and join the @alfredapp giveaway fun! – here is my hat

You only have 3 days to enter this giveaway so don’t delay! We will post the winners on Friday 26th August 2011. The competition is now closed and we’ve announced the winners below. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Announcing the winners

We’ve absolutely LOVED every contribution; from the traditional to the quirky. We’ve laughed our heads off at some of the more… original ones! And finally, we’ve picked five winners.

The winners will get each a Powerpack or upgrade to Mega Supporter, as well as some Alfred goodies in the mail.

As we truly believe that it isn’t about winning, but about taking part, as your mum told you after the school football game, we’re giving everyone who participated a 25% discount on their very own Powerpack/upgrade. Simply email us with a link to your #sillyhat tweet and we’ll issue a manual discounted invoice for you :)

Without further ado, here are our five winners:

Silbert, for his magnificent top hat and magnifying glass (and smurf)

Casey Crowdis for… wearing a dog on his head

Christine for her tasty watermelon hat

Steven Pilkington for the rather awesome Sonic the Hedgehog hat

Scott Is Loud, who happily wears a colander on his head (and is also Canadian, woot!)