Alfred Extensions: The best scripts (so far!)

[Update: You can find numerous Alfred extensions in our Extensions Gallery. The links in the blog post below may not be kept up to date, while the gallery is maintained more closely. You can also find out there how to contribute your own extensions.]

With Alfred 0.9.9 out for general release, we’re excited to share some of the best Alfred Powerpack extensions that we’ve seen so far.

These scripts have been created by Alfred users and are supported by their respective creators. Where possible, we’ve included a link to their Twitter account or website.

If you’ve created a useful extensions yourself, send us a link on Twitter and we’ll add the best ones to an upcoming Extensions page.

Tip: Don’t forget that once you’ve created an extension, you can right-click it in the sidebar to export it and share with friends!


Create a Symbolic Link [link] by @jdfwarrior
Result action that creates a symbolic link to the selected item

Down For Everyone or Just Me? [link] by @jdfwarrior
Checks to determine if a site is down

Facebook Status (requires FBCMD) [link] by @jdfwarrior
Updates your Facebook status

eBay Checker [link] by @jdfwarrior
Provides item information from eBay

Flush DNS [link] by @jdfwarrior
Flushes your DNS cache

Lipsum Text [link] by @jdfwarrior
Retrieves lipsum text from and copies it to your clipboard automatically

Local Weather Conditions [link] by @jdfwarrior
Displays local weather conditions via Growl. Get your weather location ID from or (setup page). Need metric units? In the script, change METRIC=false, to METRIC=true

Create DMG [link] by @jdfwarrior
Result action that creates a DMG image from the selected folder

Package Tracker [link] by @jdfwarrior
Tracks packages via and displays information via Growl

Get External IP Address [link] by @jdfwarrior
Retrieves your external ip address, copies it to the clipboard, and displays it via Growl

Zip Folder [link] by @jdfwarrior
Result action that creates a zip file from the selected item and places it on the desktop.
UPDATED: Now has ability to create archives with folders with spaces in the name. Long explanation of why it didn’t work. It’s fixed now.

Fantastical [link] by @jdfwarrior
Applescript that lets you quickly pass new events into Fantastical

Add a task to Remember the Milk

Turn on/off Airport (by Andy Jeffries)
networksetup -setairportpower en1 on
networksetup -setairportpower en1 off
Use the ‘BSD device name’ from the ‘Network’ section of the System Information app instead of en1.

Tweet without a Twitter client

Changing network location

Open URLs in non-default browser window Credit @f5point6

Get public IP address and copy to clipboard (by Joseph Flasher)
curl —silent | grep -Eo ‘([0-9]{1,3}\.){3}[0-9]{1,3}’ | bcopy

Create and open a new file with your Default text editor (by Roger Byrne)
touch /Users/rogermbyrne/Dropbox/Writer/{query}.txt; open /Users/rogermbyrne/Dropbox/Writer/{query}.txt

Lots more cool scripts by Don Southard:


  • Convert image to another format
  • Share your current song from iTunes or Ecoute
  • Create tasks in OmniFocus with Natural Language
  • Set Wallpaper from Alfred action menu
  • Start a screencast from Alfred
  • Use Alfred for Window Management
  • Upload Picture to Picasa
  • Create custom shortened URL
  • Upload file to Amazon S3
  • Convert video to AppleTV format
  • Create a CloudApp bookmark from Clipboard
  • Shorten a URL with and more

Full list of very useful extension scripts created by @jdfwarrior


Spotify AppleScripts by Robin Enhorn

Evernote search

Adding notes to Evernote

Switching VPN (by @johanbakken)

Set your Adium status by @simonbs

Create a task in Things by @preppeller
Andrew’s Tumblr post on Things

More coming soon

We’ll soon create a page where the best extensions of each type will be available for you to browse. In the meantime, link to your own extensions in the comments and we’ll be happy to include the best ones in our future extensions pages!

85 thoughts on “Alfred Extensions: The best scripts (so far!)

  1. how do recover my powerpack after total reinstall?

  2. Alfred extensions for Heap CRM:

    Adds the ability to (complete/create/list/search/export ) (events/history/stats/prospects/people/templates) — and all of the possible permutations of those two lists.

    Alfred extension for Torch Project Management:

    Adds the ability to (complete/create/list/export) (time/expenses/events/payments/invoices) — and all of the possible permutations of those two lists.

  3. I would suggest a simple quicklook extension, waiting for a better integration in Alfred itself:

    qlmanage -p {query}

    Make the script extension act on files (tick both Silent and Action marks).

    One can open several quicklook windows ….

  4. I’ve got two I can share. The first is a thing for toggling Bluetooth. Download “blueutil” from and install it (just open the “install” file on the disk image), then use the script described by spazek in this thread to toggle Bluetooth on or off.

    Second is similar, but for Wi-fi. Change
    1. “usr/local/bin/blueutil” for “networksetup -setairportpower en0”, and
    2. (do shell script blueutilpath & ” status”) for (do shell script “networksetup -getairportpower en0”)
    in Applescript editor, and you’ve got a similar app/script to toggle Wi-fi with.

    Hope these are useful :)

  5. @adamhorner is there any way to get the quicklook extension to produce a preview that responds to esc? I am in the habit of hitting esc to clear a quicklook preview & needing to use a mouse-click to dismiss it is a bit awkward.

    • The only way I know of is to upgrade to Lion!

      I never did discover a way to get the QL window to dismiss in Snow Leopard other than by pressing the little X in the top left corner. Sorry.

    • I totally agree — I found myself wishing the same thing putting together a controller for spotify, though I am really liking the extension framework so far…

  6. Here are a couple simple shell scripts for hiding and unhiding files in Finder. Check the boxes for both silent and action.

    To set a file as hidden:
    setfile -a V {query}

    To set a file as visible:
    setfile -a v {query}

  7. Copy and paste this as an applescript.

    Thought I’d share it.

    #For setting the rating of the currently playing song in itunes
    #Ratings [0|20|40|60|80|100] or on percentage

    on alfred_script(q)
    tell application “iTunes”
    set rating of current track to q
    end tell
    end alfred_script

  8. Hi.

    Exists documentation about how make alfred extensions?

    I want to create a extension where the user be able to choice a option from the results box (where my extension will provide this results) and the extensions will use this as the {query} for do something, is this possible in this moment?

  9. I wrapped some of the spotify applescript controls in this extension (allows for view track info, pause, play, next, previous, mute, unmute):

  10. Anyone knows if there is a way to interface ms communicator 2011 and Alfred ? It would be nice to be able to type the name of the person we want to chat with.

    • Skype chats from Alfred!

      Simply type “- [first few letters of person’s first name] [message]”

      It searches your Address Book contacts by first name and then looks at the “Nickname” field to find the contact’s Skype username. You’ll have to manually enter these by going to the Address Book menu Card > Add Field > Nickname

      I would like it to (in the future):
      – search skype for users by contact’s email address
      – set an option flag to focus on skype chat after sending – right now it just sends it.

    • Doesn’t work very well under Lion. Skype opens up hundreds of windows confirming the s the security. When it does make a call it seems to do it in the background and you can’t hang up the call.

      • Yes! I’m on Snow Leopard, but for me, Skype sometimes also opens a few confirmation dialogs. (“Do you want to allow AppleScript to access Skype…?”) If you select “always allow” that shouldn’t happen anymore.

        And yes, making the call in the background could be considered a feature, not a bug. But you could add “tell Skype / activate / end tell” if you want it to pop to the foreground. I prefer to keep Skype in the background, as I don’t usually want to look at it while I’m talking.

        As for hanging up, I’ll have to make a separate “hang up” script. :-)

  11. Don’t suppose anyone could knock up an extension for adding Reminders to iCal via a hotkey?

    TIA :)

  12. Here are a few more I just made after purchasing alfred’s powerpack a few days ago. I’m working on replacing my favorite features of quicksilver that haven’t reached alfred yet. Includes reminders and easy dropbox sharing of files and screenshots.

    • Thanks for the extensions Nicolas, one small bug I’ve noticed is that when I make a reminder set for a 1 minute delay and then list my reminders, it states the reminder as 180 mins away. The reminder still displays after a 1 minute delay. Can you reproduce this?

      • You have to reveal in the finder the script allowing you to list the reminders and change the timezone. Default time zone is “America/Los_Angeles” time. Once you changed this to the same time zone as your system, the time will be displayed correctly.

      • Hi Zachary. As tiago noticed, this was an error with my timezone setting which I have now fixed (along with a couple other bugs). I posted the new versions of my extensions on my site so please update to those when you have a chance and that should fix things!

      • I tried changing the time zone in the php script, but it still isn’t displaying the time correctly when listing notifications. I live on the east coast of the US so I tried both America/New_York and America/Boston, but neither work (Los_Angeles makes the times too early, New_York and Boston make the times 2 hours late). My machine’s time is set automatically from the Date & Time system preference pane which displays my correct location from the location services. The other issue I had was I had to add an echo “/n”; to the list script because it was not putting line breaks in between reminders. Another suggestion I have, if you are intent on working on this more, would be to add the ability to create a reminder at a specific time (maybe making use of the unix ‘at’ command. I made some shell scripts ( to regain reminder support after switching from Alfred to Quicksilver, but they are different from yours and I’m not as proficient a scripter as you so I didn’t know how to show a list of reminders once they were created (though the ‘at’ command has a way to show anything created by it). You can contact me at for a better communication channel.

    • Hi Zachary – glad you found the extensions useful! As Tiago noticed there was a timezone setting error on my part that I have now fixed (along with a bunch of other display bugs). Please download all of the reminder extensions again when you have a chance and they should work much better now.

  13. I’ve thrown together a bunch of extensions over the past few days (my appologies if any of these have already been made):

    – Appender: Append the specified line of text to the end of the selected file in Finder
    – CharPalette: Show the OS X character palette
    – CopyPath: Get the POSIX path of the selected item in Finder, then copy it to the clipboard
    – FileFromClip: Create a text file in the active Finder window and write the clipboard contents to that file
    – ReplaceInFile: Find and replace the specified text in the selected file
    – Symlinker: Create symbolic link(s) to the selected Finder items in the chosen folder
    – TerminalHere: Open a Terminal with the frontmost Finder window as the working directory
    – TerminalHere&&: Open a Terminal with the frontmost Finder window as the working directory and run the specified shell command
    – Touch: Create a blank file in the active Finder window
    – Uploader: Upload the selected Finder items to the specified folder in your webspace

    If you’re interested, you can check them out at my website!

  14. In lieu of a better place to write this. I thought I’d share a nice delicious / Alfred integration.

    Download and install delimport from here:
    Delimport saves your delicious bookmarks in the following folder:

    Create a search filter extension with that directory as the search scope using a keyword like ‘b’. Then you’ll be able to search your delicious bookmarks by title with ‘b ‘. Now for the kicker: on the advanced tab add a metadata field ‘kMDItemKeywords’ and you’ll be able to search by tag!

    • The comment sanitation ate some of my text. Let’s try this again:

      Delimport’s save directory is:

    • I made an update to Golden Ratio (same link) it’s now able to past the result to your clipboard

    • I deleted the ZIP-Files from my server, pleas send me an e-mail if you like to get it …

  15. Not sure if anyone will find this useful here but I use this script a whole bunch. I have a Time Capsule at my house that I have to connect to before opening up iTunes because all my music is there so I made a simple way of doing this. The script takes no parameters so you’ll have to change the script itself for it to work for you.

  16. I made an extension that takes the path of a file you want to share and then spits out a shortened link to the file now hosted on Dropbox. It uses in case you were curious.

    Presently I’ve got to use the “Copy file path to clipboard” option in Alfred’s file browser and then paste it after the keyword in a new Alfred instance. Is there a way to add this script directly to the file browser?

    If you want the script just ask.

  17. I modified the Open in Firefox extension at to open the link in Chrome instead, mainly because I don’t use Firefox and sometimes need to open stuff in Chrome instead of Firefox, usually due to its flash support.

    For now you can grab it from my blog at



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