Alfred 0.9.9 Brings Extensions & New Free Theme!

Have you dreamed of extending the scope of what our handy little Alfred can do for you?

The just-released Alfred 0.9.9 allows you to access even more of your Mac’s capabilities in an easy-to-use environment with the new Extensions tab. Haven’t got it yet? Check for updates in Alfred’s preferences to get this latest version.

Powerpack users now have the option to:

  • create their own Command Line Scripts (with Growl output)
  • launch AppleScripts (with parameters) with a keyword
  • run Automator workflows
  • build advanced Search Filters
  • create keywords for files and file groups

Extensions can be easily installed just by double-clicking on the exported file or dragging them to the Extensions home below. Have a look at the new Extensions page and the first examples by some of our users.

Alfred ExtensionsIn addition, Alfred 0.9.9 brings many more improvements:

  • NEW FREE THEME: Lion-based theme available both to free and Powerpack users
  • Improvements on many Lion quirks
  • Growl Support for output from extensions and more
  • Global Hotkey usage added to statistics graph
  • Address Book Contact’s Notes now visible in Contact Card viewer
  • Improved Knowledge Sorting to better account for extensions [and web searches]
  • Added ‘Get Info’ action for files
  • Make emailing attachments work with Sparrow
  • Improved accuracy for spell and define keywords
  • Ability to use Open Meta tags when creating search filters & extensions
For a full list of improvements and bug fixes, have a look at the Alfred Changelog. And don’t forget that the next release will be 1.0… so grab your Powerpack now to take advantage of the pre-1.0 price!

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  1. I guess EXTENSIONs are either a lion-only or a powerpack-only feature? Because I’m on 0.9.9 and 10.6.8 here and don’t see the tab.

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