Alfred 0.9 brings Global Hotkeys, Terminal commands and Sync

Alfred’s version 0.9 has been released now so to get it straightaway, go into Updates in the Alfred Preferences and click “Check now”. This is one of the most significant releases, bringing you many new features and improvements and really expanding the scope of what’s possible to do with Alfred. Have a look!

New: Global Hotkeys

Quick and easy access is at the core of Alfred’s philosophy which is why we’re very happy to have added Global Hotkeys. This Powerpack feature allows you to create custom global shortcuts for your most used applications, files and scripts. Once you set the hotkey, you’ll have single-hotkey access and a good feeling about all the time you get to save.

New: Custom Terminal Commands

For the advanced Mac users among you, Alfred’s Powerpack now also brings much improved Terminal/Shell integration and the ability to create custom commands that work right inside Alfred. You can easily run your scripts with keywords and arguments, either via opening up a Terminal/iTerm window or even silently behind the scenes. Here’s an example of a script allowing integration with the popular task manager Things on Andrew’s tumblr.

With this feature you’ll also be able to add custom shell actions to the Actions panel inside Alfred, extending the scope of how you can work with your files and apps.

Google Shorten URL command

New: Preference Syncing

Are you using multiple Macs and want to keep Alfred synchronised across your machines? With the Powerpack,┬ásyncing your most important preferences and thus keeping your snippets, scripts, custom searches and themes synchronised and ready to be used whichever Mac you’re using is easy and quick.

We recommend using Dropbox, but any cloud-synching service with a locally synced folder can be used.

New: Hide/Quit/Force Quit

With these new System commands, you can now easily hide, quit or force quit applications currently running on your Mac.

New: iTunes DJ

Experience the full power of iTunes DJ and play or add to your playlists, making you the life of the party. It’s a great way to pre-select songs to be played and allows you to compile your own ‘music queue’. Don’t forget to turn this Powerpack feature on in Alfred’s preferences.

And so much more…

The 0.9 release brings over 80 improvements, new additions, bug fixes and a complete overhaul of how Preferences are presented.

Amongst other things, you’ll now be able to drag files right from Alfred onto other applications, add icons to your custom searches, customise some of the keyboard functionality in File Navigation and Result Actions or have a peak at how much of your Alfred usage is spent using the iTunes Mini Player or the Clipboard Viewer.

Here’s a video walkthrough of the new 0.9 features:

Alfred 0.9 Walkthrough from Alfred App on Vimeo.

The full (and it’s certainly long) list of what’s new is in our changelog so go have a look.

Tempted by all the new Powerpack features? The list of advanced features available to you grows with every release so why not grab your Powerpack now? :)

13 thoughts on “Alfred 0.9 brings Global Hotkeys, Terminal commands and Sync

    • The free version of Alfred 0.9 will be submitted to the App Store this week. The Powerpack functionality will be making it in in a future release :).

      • Anna, how long does “future release” mean? I really want to buy the Powerpack but I’m trying to buy all the apps I want from the App Store. How will you handle the non-app-store-users and the app-store-users? Will they have the same “rights”? Like same time updates, features, etc… I’m curious to know in order to decide what to do. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

      • Hi Guillermo,

        The roadmap for Alfred is fairly fluid but we’re planning on releasing the Powerpack into the Mac App Store at version 1.0, which is coming soon. We plan on giving App Store and non-App Store users the same rights as we love our users and want everyone to be happy. Of course, we’ll be limited by what Apple allows, e.g. pre-releases and dev releases will only be available outside of the MAS.

        Thanks for supporting Alfred :)

      • Thank you for your attention. Well, I will wait for the 1.0 version then. I’m very satisfied with the current version. I hope you guys finish it soon! :)

  1. Been using the powerpack for about a month, and it rocks, but this update is going to be a huge time-saver. Seems like Alfred is going to subsume all of my menubar apps. It’s about time someone made an app like this. Thank you! Is there going to be a Code Snippet library in the future?

  2. So now that the Global Shortcuts are availible is it posssible to assigne a global shortcut to a web address, not just apllications and files?

    (That is probabaly the last thing holding me to switch to Alfred from QS)


  3. Amazing app! I was a quicksilvr user for a long time and just started using Alfred! I thought it was so good I purchased the powerpack last week. Great work! The ‘Global Hotkeys’ feature just made redundant.

  4. Hey guys, awesome update, I recently bought the powerpack.
    My favorite two features are file navigation, and the itunes miniplayer. Gotta love the miniplayer.
    I also LOVE the quit feature, especially for quitting all apps at once.
    And of course with all of my custom searches, the icon feature was really nice.
    Alright, finally, two things that would make Alfred go from Awesometacular, to something even better.
    1) Let us copy icons from the default searches to use on custom searches.
    2) Add a ‘print’ function to your list of options when you’re navigating files.

    I’m sure I’ll be blown away by version 1.0, and I’ll enjoy it in all of its powerpack glory!

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