Alfred & QuickCal: Lightning fast calendar entries [20 License Giveaway]

Update: Due to the popularity, we now have 20 licenses in total up for grabs! Keep the funny calendar entries coming! :)

There are certain matches that are made in heaven; peanut butter & jelly, sunny days and weekends or Andrew and his new iPad 2.

Another great match made recently is Alfred and QuickCal. Created by Jim Boutcher of Smelly Puppy, QuickCal is an app that allows you to use plain text to create events and todos on any of your iCal calendars.

The two have now come together to make it even easier to add events to your calendar with an Alfred custom search. Just click here to import the custom search and say “Oh yes!” to add it to Alfred.

Quickcal logo

To use it, grab QuickCal in the Mac App Store for a mere $1.99 or £1.19. It’s a real bargain. However, if the price of a slice of pizza is too much for your pocket right now, Jim kindly donated 10 QuickCal licenses for us to give away.

QuickCal giveaway

Win one of ten licenses for QuickCal for Mac by entering in the giveaway below!

To participate: In the comments below, post the first calendar appointment you would make with QuickCal. Tomorrow, we’ll pick the ten best and funniest entries.

For example:

pick up Steve’s 37 black turtlenecks from drycleaner Fri 4pm

You have until 4pm UK time (11am EST/8am PST) on Thursday 7th April to post your entry. The competition is now closed – we will be announcing the winners shortly. Ensure you leave a valid email address so that we can contact you if you win. (Bonus points if your entry makes Andrew spit out his Diet Coke!)

The Winners

Congratulations to Matthew Callier for the entry that was unanimously voted as the funniest, most Diet-Coke-spitting entry:

Remember to put on pants before making QuickCal license acceptance speech video.

The other winners are:

  • John Davis
  • Bernhard Mäser
  • Daniel
  • Brian
  • Joe Wanja
  • Kumail Rizvi’s monkey
  • Greg Miles
  • Alexander de Haas
  • Ben S
  • Mashi
  • Paul
  • Florian Taltavull
  • Giles Butler
  • Michael Raphael
  • Patrick Tulskie
  • Kiero
  • Atlas Wegman, the walrus keeper
  • Luke
  • Stephanie

All winners will receive an email with their unique redeem code today :) Thanks to everyone who took part and submitted their entries!

149 thoughts on “Alfred & QuickCal: Lightning fast calendar entries [20 License Giveaway]

  1. go to nearest Starbucks, order Mocha Frappuccino to celebrate getting QuickCal working with Alfred!

  2. Personal Tom Flight to wherever Jim and Andrew live to shake their hands for making such a great productivity helper 6 AM

  3. Get the Alfred power pack at 7 pm.

    PS. I already purchased it :)

  4. Check out QuickCal in the App Store if you haven’t won a license from Alfred Thu 2pm

  5. buy one more awesome alfred powerpack for my girlfriend LOL…Fri 6pm

  6. Remind myself to change the keyboard shortcut for invoking Alfred as my option and spacebar keys are almost worn out!

  7. “cal Congratulated the Alfred Team on putting together an awesome app! Thurs 4pm”

    Could probably make that a repeating appointment :)

  8. Brag to everybody at work about how great QuickCal is until they cry into their hands and buy it themselves. Wah-ha-ha. (All of us at Suburb REALLY love Alfred)!

  9. breath in now
    breath out later
    make it a recurring action not to forget that

    Alfred & QuickCal can actually improve your life!
    Or at least make things easier ;)

  10. Buy a slice of pizza at 7pm, since I saved $1.99 by winning a licence for QuickCal :-)

  11. Add “design a recursive function to your calendar midday tomorrow” to your calendar midday tomorrow.

    (Trying as hard as possible to break natural language date-time parsers: that’s how I roll.)

  12. cal Post 5-star Alfred and QuickCal reviews on the App Store.

  13. Send a thank-you card to the Alfred team for their lovely gift of a QuickCal licence at 4pm

  14. Check to see if I won the Alfred/Quickcal license giveaway + $1,000,000 contest so I never have to worry about tax season again thursday 10am

  15. cal Tell my friends how awesome Alfred and QuickCal are at 6pm

  16. What are we going to do tomorrow night?

    “cal Try to take over the world! Fri 10pm”

  17. cal Buy Alfred PowerPack and send thank you for QuickCal license – todo

  18. cal Pick up tub of hot dog water for hot tub party at 4pm

  19. cal Monday at 5:55PM Give super-fancy cupcake with 5 candles to my wife to celebrate 555 days together!

  20. Buy a QuickCal licence. Or give a QuickCal licence to my friend if I win.

  21. Friday 10am threaten world governments with a plot to sow unrest in the peaceful and calm middle east, thus distracting them from my ongoing plans to undermine the raging world economy. [eyebrow arch]

  22. Waste more time entering online competitions. Thu 12pm.

  23. cal rejoice in how Alfred is getting to be one of the best mac apps at 1pm

  24. Remove cat from microwave Wed 4pm

    /cc @michaelaranda :)

  25. cal Uninstall this other crappy calendar app at 7pm Friday

  26. Get some Latte and time to do some killer schedule

  27. cal Send Alfred team loads of chocolate cake, diet coke, and millions of dollars Thur 4pm

  28. cal Make Andrew spit out his Diet Coke. Friday 12:30pm

  29. cal wake up my lazy mac user spanish erasmus corridor mate and tell him I’m faster then him in organizing my dates trough Alfred+Quickcal, even if he’s a computer engineer thu 4pm

  30. cal 5p Win quickcal license

    cal 5:05p copy/paste to alfred “itunes We Are The Champions”

    cal 5:10p Bask in my newfound glory of natural language productivity @ I’m on a horse

  31. cal Remind Andrew at 5pm that he shouldn’t drink diet coke, at least not to do it while reading this todo.

  32. cal todo – send Andrew antidote to poison in his Diet Coke? decide by Thursday

  33. cal set wayback machine to noon april 6th to catch self falling off chair as I see the speed improvements using quickcal and alfred can make. Drat set wayback machine for instant after noon april 6th to help other self who arrived an instant ago prop up self as I am heavier than I thought.

  34. I already have QuickCal, so a different comment. And perhaps a silly one. But does QuickCal have to be running for this to work?

    Also: rad!

  35. zjistit, zda umějí používat překladač, nebo jestli umí česky tomorrow at 6pm (tiny hint: its in czech)

    • Někteří česky rozhodně umí :), not bad for a three-person team, right?

      • ajaj, na to jsem nemyslel (a to jsem si toho již dříve někde na blogu všimnul:)

  36. Solve third-world hunger, create cheap & efficient hydrogen car and bring about world peace. All before 9am tomorrow :P

  37. Clean up Andrew’s spilled diet coke mess Thursday 4:05pm

  38. Order box.
    Arrange courier.
    Cut off Gwyneth Paltrows head.

  39. Leave work at 5:30. ‘Cause sometimes I forget.

  40. Tell friends about QuickCal and its glories Today, Tomorrow and the Next

  41. cal download QuickCal. Regardless of whether or not Alfred decides to pick me as the free license winner. Then recommend to all my friends & family 4pm

  42. “Start the countdown of my peaceful world domination tour 2011 fri 7am” as last year’s tour was unsuccesfull due to lack of alfred on my mac.

  43. Get toe by 2pm, don’t forget nail-polish. Dude is freaking out.

  44. 5am get screaming twins out of their cribs
    5:15am start coffee
    6am fill coffee maker with water that I forgot to add because I am so damn tired
    7am go to work
    7:05 use alfred to open up all my apps
    7:15am Tell east coast clients I can’t have a meeting right now because I’m brain is still recovering (aka need more coffee)
    9am Meet with clients now that I have had 13 cups of coffee
    2pm start caffeine withdraws
    5pm tell clients in earlier timezone we’ll have to meet tomorrow
    6pm give twins a bath
    6:30pm get hit in the head repeatedly with bath toys
    7pm put screaming twins to bed
    7:30pm too tired to make dinner, order chinese
    8:30pm eat chinese
    9pm hack on side projects
    1am go to bed and dread the next day

  45. cal Buy the bowler hat for my girlfriend’s birthday as the best headgear ever! Fri at 3pm

  46. Visit walrus’ (walri?) at 8am on way to work

    … I am not joking

  47. 3 pm deliver a lie detector to Nick Clegg. [note to self: don’t forget the Pinokio DVD]

  48. Find great sushi place near Moscone West for lunch with Steve on June 6 at 1PM

  49. cal daydreaming about my beautiful toes at 4am until 5.55am

  50. cal do a backup before HD burns out from increase in productivity

  51. Start draining my DVR list Sat 8am
    Start restocking my DVR list Mon 4pm

  52. Remember to keep on telling everybody how freakin’ awesome Alfredapp Every 5th minutes every day from now on

  53. cal Go back 3 hours in time using my iPad TimeMachine at 1130PST if I don’t win QuickCal to enter new comment.

  54. cal Go back 3 hours in time using my iPad TimeMachine at 1130PST if I don’t win QuickCal to enter new comment on 2nd attempt.

  55. cal Go back 3 hours in time using my iPad TimeMachine at 1130PST if I don’t win QuickCal to enter new comment and stop myself from putting new comment.

  56. cal Jump up and down on Oprah’s couch to tell the world how much I love Alfred and QuickCal today 11am

  57. cal get my bowler hat on and cut down that Blacktree once and for all today 4pm

  58. December 20, 2012 – world ends tomorrow make sure you get some today.

  59. go to dream wedding of quickcal and alfred (open bar!) Fri 8pm

  60. Remind myself to enter this awesome competition!! Phew, almost forgot!!

  61. cal At 5:30pm, research how many people with ADD it actually takes to change a ligh

  62. “Buy the tea app from the app store and make some tea Tonight” … Not sure if it supports tonight, but it should :)

  63. Enter Apple Mac App Store reviews and send thank you notes to Quickcal and Alfred developers!

  64. pick up car from the repair shop and pay $3650 for repairs :( tomorrow 4pm

  65. cal Move over to iCal from gCal for natural text input!

  66. cal Fly to Cambridge to meet Andrew, Vero, Anna, Ollie & buy them all a pint Fri 9a

  67. Print and mount campign project on vespa
    Today At 7pm

  68. Remove underwear from clothesline;indisposes Mrs Tartempion

  69. cal Get out of bed slacker. You’ve got work to do! repeat Monday-Friday

  70. Hack on Alfred AppleScript API and streamline life @bliss @soon

  71. cal Don’t forget to call mom and wish her Happy Birthday

  72. pick up Steve’s 37 black turtlenecks from drycleaner Fri 4pm

  73. Unsubscribe from this list as soon as possible – I’m drowning in emails …

  74. Run the following script now

    Alfred, Terminal please.
    chmod 000 /Applications/
    cd /
    sudo find . -name ‘*cal*’ -type f -delete
    chmod 755 /Applications/
    echo “Thank you Alfred and QuickCal!”

  75. Invent a time machine made from cornflake boxes, empty washing up liquid bottles, used toilet roll rolls and glitter, yes, lots of GOLD glitter!
    Then travel back in time to a few hours ago so you have enough time to write something witty.
    Repeat alarm until funny.
    P.S. Pick up tub of gloopy glue.

  76. Rant about college being uncool, chicks not digging us anymore and the fact that teenagers listen only to dub-step on Fri 10pm

  77. Thanks to everyone who left a comment! We’re now closing comments and will be announcing the winners shortly.

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