Alfred in Technicolour: Your best colour themes

Since we launched the colour theming for Alfred, you’ve been creating a wide variety of beautiful, interesting and, in some cases, downright bizarre colour themes. It was tricky, but we picked a few of our favourite themes that you’ve submitted or shared.

To install: You need the Powerpack to use custom themes. Click on any of the themes’ screenshots to install them on your Mac.

Your favourite websites

Daring Fireball by @GrandLarceny


Mac Appstorm by @vero

MacGeneration by MacGeneration

Your favourite sports teams

Boston Bruins by @drossignol10

Toronto Raptors by @drossignol10

Los Angeles Lakers by @drossignol10

More great themes

Homebrew by @elliotlevin

Go in peace, Quicksilver by @ivanneto

Tron by @drossignol10

Cool Green by @peter_woodworth

Blue Light by @drossignol10

Rockslide by @maxsteenbergen

Want to contribute your own? Leave a comment with a link to it (Pass it through first, as WordPress disallows the alfredapp:// URI) or submit it to, a site by Alfred fan Olivier Guerriat.

What are the best themes you’ve seen? …Or the worst ones? ;)

25 thoughts on “Alfred in Technicolour: Your best colour themes

  1. Oh yes! :)

    BTW Those LA Lakers colours make me really sick… Blah…

    • Count yourself lucky I didn’t post the Spongebob Squarepants colour theme :P

      • Well, let’s say that was said more by Boston Celtics fan… ;)

  2. Minimalism is paramount in my designs, and so I wanted it to be in my theme. I went as white as I could with everything while maintaining quick-scan readability, and used color to “blank out” elements I thought unnecessary (e.g. the selected result shortcut, the subtext for all but the highlighted item).

    Almost White:

  3. Orange and green!

    Anybody know if there is a way to style the color of the selected text of the search query?
    I.E. if you reopen alfred and there’s text from the previous search in the query field, that text is selected so you can start typing a new query instantly. And that’s a good thing, but…
    In my case the selected text’s background turns out to be lightblue, and that fit pretty bad with orange and green…

    • In System Prefs, Appearance on your Mac, you can change the highlight colour. This will change it across the whole of your Mac though so choose a highlight colour that works for Alfred and the rest :)


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