Sneak peek: “Neighbours” feature for Alfred 0.9

This was a parody post for April 1st. Unfortunately, Universal Powerline Cloud™ technology which allows for effortless and security free connection to your neighbours networks doesn’t exist :)

Over the past few weeks, Andrew has been working on a new feature for version 0.9 which we’ve kept under wraps until now. This feature will make Alfred the most useful app in your household; it will help you communicate effectively with your community and influence what happens behind closed doors. Alfred will be more powerful than ever before.

So without further ado, here’s a sneak peak of “Neighbours”, the greatest feature for Alfred yet:

“Neighbours” feature

Neighbours feature

With the new “Neighbours” feature, no house will ever be an island again. Just use the keyword “neighbour”* inside the main Alfred window and choose from the available list of neighbourhood computers.

Neighbours feature

Once you’ve chosen a computer to connect to, use Alfred with the keywords and shortcuts that you’re used to. Alfred will help you quickly find documents on your neighbour’s Mac or PC. Check out Jimmy’s latest school report card, connect to their music library, or copy over the files you have been chatting about.

Security & hassle free

Because we are using new Universal Powerline Cloud™ technology, Alfred will be able to effortlessly connect to your neighbours networks and computers without having the hassle of authentication. Even better, Alfred doesn’t need to be running on their computer (Mac or PC) to be able to browse and search their files.

It’s convenient and fast and you’ll never have to wait for your neighbour to take the time to send the files over! Just pop into Alfred, quickly identify the file you want, maybe take a peek at what they have been up to over the past few days and you are done, without them even having to know.

We give you Alfred Neighbours – Bringing you and your neighbours much closer together.

* As Alfred is a true English butler, you are required to spell it “neighbour”. No alternative keyword will be accepted.

15 thoughts on “Sneak peek: “Neighbours” feature for Alfred 0.9

  1. At first I was like “Yay, Alfred news is good news!” but then I was like “Hum, I don’t need that, no home network here..” and then I started thinking “Woah, actually that sounds rather bad..” and then I looked at the calendar again. I still love you, though. :P

  2. Fantastic feature… Just what I need… I just know the guy next door has a tonne of pictures of his girlfriend, I just can’t wait to browse them right inside Alfred!

    What a great day to release this feature…

  3. Awesome, I like to see major new features coming to Alfred!

    Can’t wait until you guys starts implementing the Alfred social network you told me about too. I would just love to find other people online who search using Alfred for similar things to me!

  4. This is the feature I am looking for years! :-)

  5. April fools – Nice one. I was thinking hummm, how can Alfred search a PC. A Mac maybe since it has spotlight, but a PC, I don’t think so!

  6. I totally didn’t get the joke when I skim read at first. Then Vero retweeted and I was like Ahhhhhhhh!

    Happy April 1st Alfred ;)

  7. So after I met Anna at SXSW I came home and told my (then) pregnant wife that it was just a shame that I was married, because Anna@Alfred was super cool. After I recovered from the severe slap she allowed me to explain, and she agrees, Anna is awesome sauce. This post just goes to prove me right. April 1st FTW.

  8. Haha… I believed you up to the point of “no authentication”. That’s when I finally got it…

  9. No doubt you found Jimmy’s report card on Mrs McKlutski’s computer… Or should that be Mrs McClusky?

    Dunna duh duh

  10. Looking forward to 0.91 when I can access my neighbours’ coffee pots (on port 80 via HTCPCP) and attempt to brew them some tea!

  11. Let’s just hope my own neighbors don’t have Alfred. lol


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