Alfred celebrates his first birthday today!

When Andrew and I look back at how much has happened in the past year, since we first released Alfred on a Sunday night while watching the Canada vs USA hockey game during the Olympics, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a year.

Back then, Alfred did little more than launch web searches and search your local computer. Since then, we’ve added a vast number of features throughout the year, launched the Powerpack in August and built a wonderful community of users we love.

We wouldn’t be where we are without you, so let us tip our bowler hat off to you. Since we can’t invite you all over for a big party to celebrate, we are offering a 10% discount on the Powerpack for single user licenses.

To get your discount, use the code BDAYCAKE11 [now expired] in the coupon code field when you proceed to Google Checkout. Act fast as the discount is only valid until Wednesday 2 March 2011 4PM GMT/8AM PST and applies to single user licenses.

Here’s to many more years of productivity on our Macs!

Vero (@vero)

15 thoughts on “Alfred celebrates his first birthday today!

  1. Wow, 1 year already. Congratulations! You are doing a great job and I look forward to seeing how Alfred (& Powerpack) “grow up” over time.

    Fantastic work!

  2. Congratulations Alfred. You don’t look a day over six months ;)

    Thank your clever makers for making you what you are today.

  3. Congratulations, birthday boy! Being generous even on your birthday, you’re too kind!

  4. Bugger. Bought the powerpack 32 minutes before this was posted…
    Oh well, still worth it :)

  5. This coupon was the triggering factor (I didn’t find a better translation for “élément déclencheur” in french ;-))! I purchased a single license for your awesome software.

    The non-PP features worth paying for it, I’ll test the other starting today!

  6. This was also the tipping point for me to finally purchase the PowerPack after using Alfred for several months. Good work guys, and congratulations!

  7. Thanks for being so generous and continuing to develop an outstanding product that makes our lives easier.

    I just crossed the 5,000-use mark on my Alfred stats. Keep up the good work!

  8. Thanks for all your hard work. I think it’s time to upgrade to the Power Pack and show my support.

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