Christmas Giveaway: Win One of Five Alfred Powerpack Licenses

The Christmas feeling is setting in today (or maybe it’s the mulled wine!) and we’re feeling generous so, as part of our Christmas Calendarwe’re giving away 5 Alfred Powerpack licenses for you or to give to a friend. (Aren’t you selfless!)

The competition is now over!

Read below to see what the competition was about and for the winning tweets.

To participate, all you need to do is tweet something nice about Alfred. Start your tweet with:

“I like @alfredapp because”

and end it with a link to this blog post:

Of course, you could be creative and use “I recommend @alfredapp” or “I LOVE @alfredapp”, just make sure you include @alfredapp and the link :)

Congratulations to the following randomly selected Twitter users:

Thanks for taking part, we loved hearing about all the things Alfred helps you with!

New to Alfred? Find out more about it on our website:

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