Merry Christmas from the Alfred Team!

Our Xmas Calendar has come to an end, tips and treats have been shared and now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

2010 has been amazing for us, going from the idea of an app to a fully-featured app that is now nearing version 1.0. We’ve made so many friends in the Mac world and have had a great time developing Alfred. Looking towards 2011, we can only see things getting better; Alfred will grow up and, who knows, maybe find himself with new siblings? :)

Have a wonderful Christmas day, full of rest and relaxation, and enjoy the last few days of this year.

Joyeux Noël, Veselé Vánoce, Merry Christmas!

– Andrew, Véro & Anna

Alfred 0.8 – Snippets, Recent Docs and More!

This week, we can’t help but feel festive and cheerful. We’ve been working on bringing you the best treats in our Alfred Xmas Calendar and recently received a treat ourselves when Alfred was featured as one of The Best Mac Software of 2010.

Adding to this, the 0.8 release has been a very strong one; There have been very few reported bugs and feedback from the pre-release users has been fantastic. So we hope you enjoy this pre-Christmas update!

New: Clipboard Snippets

Save your most-used clips as permanent Snippets, and access these through assignable keywords or through the main Clipboard History window. You’ll need to enable this Powerpack feature under the Clipboard preferences.

New: ‘Eject’ command

Under System Commands you can now enable Alfred to ‘eject’ any mounted drive on your Mac. This is disabled by default so don’t forget to go and check the box!

New: Recent documents

You can now show recent documents for your applications. Simply press the right arrow on an app within Alfred and then select the first action “Recent Documents”.

New: Customise fallback searches

You can now customise which web searches Alfred offers when he can’t find a suitable local result. Go to Preferences > Features >Fallback Searches. We’ve added a shortcut to help you work out why Alfred may not be finding a result you were expecting, and both of these features can be hidden by going to the Preferences if you prefer the minimal look.

New: Usage graph

Ever wanted to see just how much you use Alfred? For the stats geeks, we’ve added in a usage tab and a quick way to share your Alfred statistics with all your friends.

For a complete list of what’s new in 0.8, have a look at our updated changelog.

With so many features, don’t forget to check out all that the the Alfred Powerpack can do. And remember that it’s not too late to look at the Christmas Calendar tips and tricks to become an Alfred power user!

Christmas Giveaway: Win One of Five Alfred Powerpack Licenses

The Christmas feeling is setting in today (or maybe it’s the mulled wine!) and we’re feeling generous so, as part of our Christmas Calendarwe’re giving away 5 Alfred Powerpack licenses for you or to give to a friend. (Aren’t you selfless!)

The competition is now over!

Read below to see what the competition was about and for the winning tweets.

To participate, all you need to do is tweet something nice about Alfred. Start your tweet with:

“I like @alfredapp because”

and end it with a link to this blog post:

Of course, you could be creative and use “I recommend @alfredapp” or “I LOVE @alfredapp”, just make sure you include @alfredapp and the link :)

Congratulations to the following randomly selected Twitter users:

Thanks for taking part, we loved hearing about all the things Alfred helps you with!

New to Alfred? Find out more about it on our website:

Show Your Colours with Alfred Wallpapers

The time has come. You’ve tweeted your love many times, you’ve told just about everyone you know, and now you can finally put the words into a visual image and let people know. You’re a proud Alfred user. To celebrate, show your colours with some luscious purple and teal Alfred backgrounds, available for Mac, iPad as well as iPhone backgrounds.






Remember to check out our Christmas Calendar, filled with tips, tricks and surprises!

Xmas Calendar: Discover a New Tip or Treat Every Day

Red Christmas bow

We can’t believe today is December 1st already – There are only a few weeks left until Christmas! And to make the run-up to the holidays a bit sweeter, we have prepared a special Alfred Christmas Calendar.

Every day, we’ll present a useful hint on using Alfred, a productivity tip from our years of reading GTD books while procrastinating experience or simply a fun video that made our day. This is your chance to discover some of the features you may have missed so far.

There will be treats as well so stick around, explore today’s treats or follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss any surprises. Go on, have a look already!