Alfred Now Integrates with Postbox + Giveaway

PostboxWith 0.7.2, we’ve extended Alfred‘s functionality to integration with a few 3rd party applications, and we’re working on bringing you many more soon.

Alfred now integrates with Postbox making emailing easier and faster than ever before.

To celebrate, we’ve arranged for a lovely treat for our users and are giving away 5 Postbox licenses!

Want to get your hands on one? Here’s how:

  1. Follow @postbox on Twitter and RT the following:
    Postbox now works w Alfred! To celebrate, we’re giving away 5 @Postbox licenses. Follow @postbox and RT

    If you are logged into the twitter website: Click to tweet

  2. Leave a comment on this blog including your twitter username to enter the random draw. Feel free to make your comment stand out with lovely messages about Alfred or Postbox!

You only have a few days to enter this fabulous draw so don’t delay! We will announce the 5 winners on the 6th November 2010.

Find out more about Alfred and the Powerpack.

233 thoughts on “Alfred Now Integrates with Postbox + Giveaway

  1. I’ve not used Postbox before but it looks nice…and free is always good :-)

  2. Thanks for all your hard work on Alfred, it’s a superb app and also nice to support a UK-based developer(s)! @gregnbaker

  3. @narfdre
    I have never used Postbox but have heard wonderful things about it. Really excited about its integration with Alfred.

  4. Great feature for an awesome app! Love Alfred! That’s probably the app I use most on my Mac. Would love to have the Postbox integration too!

  5. Twitter: @hvman

    I started to use Alfred just recently but it’s already a great Quicksilver replacement!

  6. I’m really excited for the integration of Alfred with Postbox.

  7. iplaymac

    Been using Postbox Light for a while and i love it. So a full version of Postbox would be awesome! Then i could pair this powerful duet of alfred and postbox! :)

  8. Can’t live without Alfred. Looking forward to say this about Postbox ;-)

  9. twitter username: serdissimo

    sound like a nice feature for your great app.

    Kepp rocking!

  10. I very appreciate how alfred never stop to evolved. I think the next big step will be to traduce alfred in other language! :)

    Continue your excellent work! And thank you for this contest!

    twitter : @dechuck

  11. @jovotrox on Twitter!

    Love the new integration with Postbox! I love the 2 apps and the fact the they are working together it’s just AWESOME!

  12. RT’d with my @blueperez account. I love and use Alfred all the time, and started using Postbox just a couple of days ago and love it, I would love a license. A win win if I get lucky. Keep up the good work team Alfred!

  13. I love Alfred (don’t have powerpack), having used Butler for some time. And I recently moved to Postbox from Thunderbird. Can’t beat the combination of these two apps!

  14. @jovotrox on Twitter!

    Loving the fact that Alfred and Postbox are working together!
    It’s just Awesome!

  15. Whenever I enter these types of competitions, I find it really difficult to come up with a nice comment that I actually mean.

    You guys make it easy, though: You fricken’ rock!


  16. Perfect timing! I didn’t purchase the lifetime upgrade to Postbox when I bought version 1, so I’m test driving the free trial of 2.0 right now.

    RT’d @sarah11918

  17. Alfred just gets better and better.

    Twitter handle: mlednor

  18. @jackkeller here, been loving my Alfred Powerpack and dig Postbox, haven’t pulled the trigger on Postbox yet but may have to soon to keep business running smoothly with their great tag support and organization tools!

  19. Alfred is awesome, couldn’t imagine living without it. @andrewmglaser

  20. I <3 Alfred, especially at work, can't imagine how'd I get along without it (him?)! I haven't used Postbox, but after checking out their site, I'm intrigued.


  21. Thanks for the awesome app and Postbox integration. I just switched over to PB the other week and need to get a license still, I’ll wait till Saturday though :)

  22. I trashed Quicksilver within the first 5 minutes of using Alfred.

    You rock!


  23. What could be better than a combination of 2 of the BEST independent new apps for Mac? Great to see them working together. — @testbacon

  24. Keep up the amazing work on Alfred – especially looking forward to scrobbling support and even greater integration with Postbox! I’m @snkhan

  25. @neo2049 Alfred is one of those pieces of software that makes people move to the Mac.

  26. I’m excited to get Postbox. I’m running the trial version currently. Setup was a breeze! It even recognized my Google Apps email addresses. I love the search features.

    If I don’t win a free license, I’ll definitely be purchasing a copy.

  27. Alfred is the most awesome app I have used on my Mac since… since I don’t know when! So much so, that purchasing the Powerpack was a no brainer. Now I never need to scroll through loads of artists/tracks in iTunes, I can do it all from the keyboard using Alfred, and I can now navigate my files in the finder using the keyboard with consummate ease.

    Thanks for the giveaway too, Postbox looks like a cracking alternative to Apple Mail.


  28. tweet @afox82 to let me know when i win this wonderful piece of software. :)

  29. Love Alfred, and set up the PostBox trial. It was a breeze to set up, and it even recognized my Google Apps email account.

    If I don’t win a license, I’ll purchase one for sure!


  30. My tweets are private so @postbox won’t see that I sent out the tweet, but @alfredapp and @vero should…

    I haven’t used Postbox but it looks pretty sweet. And free is good. I like free. And I like Alfred integration. Alfred, Postbox, working together, for free… it’s like Christmas in November!!


  31. Do you throw in a powerpack licence with each postbox lot? :-)


  32. It took me toooooo long to find Alfred. It answered so many issues I’ve had since converting to mac a few years ago. I’m looking forward to trying Postbox. Gmail in the browser is so, meh…


  33. That’s great news! :) still only integration with and I will be happy :) :: @arksq

  34. @arthurbekaryan

    Love how Alfred works with Heard great things about Postbox. Would love to win a license to try it out.

  35. @paulkruczynski – Alfred fills the place that the abandoned Quicksilver once filled. Nice, modern, and fast, I’ve been recommending it to my Mac friends. Postbox is also making great strides. It looks like the IMAP client that will finally woo me from Mailsmith’s POP3 grotto. Get fully modernized!

  36. Looking forward to new and exciting things from Alfred! I’m glad to have got in on this app early and will be here for a long time to come! @cbraddoss

  37. I use Alfred’s ability to do calculations every time I do statistics homework. Just found out you can action your calculations to automatically save to clipboard! Freaking awesome! Thanks for packing the app with such useful time savers! @spikeyekim

  38. Alfred has become an indispensable part of my workflow on a mac. Maybe Postbox will too… | @bvp663

  39. Alfred rocks! With Postbox it would be ever greater!

    I really love Alfred and its powerpack, good job!!


  40. @infoshrew

    Love the Alfred app… very well designed. It has joined my short-list of indispensable apps.

  41. Alfred rocks and I haven’t used it much but Postbox rocks too from what I can tell. I’d love a copy!

  42. @woo_yay

    Haven’t had a chance to look at Alfred yet, but it definitely looks like I’ll be switching from LaunchBar 4 :)

  43. I usually don’t enter these kind of competitions, but for an app as great as Alfred I’ll gladly make an exception :)
    My twitter handle is @maxsteenbergen

  44. Using Alfred since day one. I love it! Keep up the good work :)


  45. @pixada
    The combination of AlfredApp with Postbox making Spotlight and Mail obsolete. Postbox is just perfect, like Thunderbird should be build by default.

  46. @toddhuish : Alfred App is already the best launcher out there. Integrating it with Postbox is doing the nearly impossible task of making the best even better

  47. @vossi__

    You really make Alfred better than everything else ;) love to see how the integration is working !

  48. Sounds pretty Nice. I like alfred really well an i think it will Be a Great companion.

    Twitter: ipadmax

  49. @meerrettich
    I hate twitter but love Alfred, Postbox and presents

  50. I am currently held hostage buy the Russian Mafia and they said I had to use my details to enter this competition. Also if I didn’t win this for them then they would kill me :(

    I know….. terrible. I can barely type this out.

    Help a brother out, save a desperate man, this is YOUR chance to make a difference!

  51. My twitter name is @jaryre

    I really wanna win this Postbox because I’m freaking out its integration win Alfred. Nice one! ;)

  52. @patelaxit
    I had tried all kinds of quick launching apps. Alfred stands above all of them! :)

  53. Love Alfred, ‘ll surely love Postbox as well….
    twitter: zaagfest

  54. @lbarnes2
    Love alfred, love the powerpack! With so many apps I use and have tested, it’s hard to pick a favourite – but this really does have to come high on the list, if not top it.

  55. Heh, just started using Postbox 2 and now I’m expecting to get my free license via @alfredapp – both of them great apps.


  56. While I’ve never used Postbox before, I’m entering this contest to see what exactly this is all about. Perhaps I’ll download the demo after this to give it a try…

    Twitter username: StarmanMudkip

  57. Nice job with the integration. Here’s to hoping I win (@fornate)!

  58. Cheers. Got switched onto Alfred from our Rails’ team lead, I’ve been using it ever since. I’ve been a long time QSB and despite the missing Google Apps integration Alfred is far superior.

    Keep up the good work.

  59. postbox is a truly fantastic app. as is alfred. im so glad to see that they finally work together. this could make my workflow just that much easier if i win the license to postbox

    twitter username: @arthurlockman

  60. I love Alfred, and Postbox looks pretty snazzy too! Will definitely have to give it a try :)

    – @Alcedine

    • It would be very wonderful to win this :D Though I love Postbox I’d probably give it to my girlfriend (Dana) since she’s been coveting having a copy lately :D
      My username is @chrisorourke and winning this would make my week :D

  61. Twitter User: @Vlahn

    I’ve dabbled with Postbox before. Its a rich featured email client, that managed to make email seem simple despite the complexity it offers under the hood. I’d love to continue using Postbox as my default email client. What a great giveaway Alfredapp.

  62. Another integration?! You guys are developing Alfred so fast, it is soo amazing! Loving the look of Postbox… My Twitter username is @parkeyparker :)

  63. Holy shitastic batman, @revans wants some postbox! I’ve told everyone about Alfred and everyone I have told has bought a copy. I think that’s ’nuff said! :)

  64. Honestly, if Postbox adds even just a fraction of the efficiency and general awesomeness to my day that Alfred does, it will be a lifesaver. Besides, if the Alfred folks like it, it’s got to be good.


    on twitter as @scoblitz

  65. Postbox is a really kickass mail application. Been using the free version for awhile. Now it works with Alfred? Pffft, its a no brainer to use now!

    Keep up the good work!


  66. @voidshivter is watching You and Your (quality) design & apps :).

  67. @sphereboy is the name. @alfredapp user is the game. gimme some @postbox love to make it all better. hope to win. first time user of Postbox and i’m hooked. and of course none better than Alfred :)

  68. Well two things I would like to say… (regardless of me winning or not)

    1.) Three things that i consider must in my life
    a.) My bike
    b.) My girlfriend
    c.) My laptop with alfred :)

    2.) I have tried postbox before…. was impressed by it but somehow i did not purchase it :( Lets see if I can get it for being an avid alfred fan :)

  69. @simmin7

    Loved postbox but not enough to pay 19.95 for it. Would love to get it for free :)

  70. @izdale

    I love that Postbox lets you set what Gmail IMAP action is taken when pushing to delete or archive an email.

  71. Twitter me a license for that postbox goodness @oneofwe3geeks

  72. I don’t know what I would do without Alfred App! :)

  73. Twitter: 5ptd. I’m going to win something someday! Oh yeah, and great work on Alfred :) I love it!

  74. @ryansch

    I’m currently using the free trial of Postbox. It’s wonderful!

  75. Alfred is in fact the best launcher ever. I stopped using the launch abilities of Spotlight instantly … now only using good old Alfred. AND the PowerPack just rocks! Keep up the good work :-D

    I don’t really know Postbox … but if it works as good as Alfred, i’d love to give it a try …

    Cheers to all of you … especially Vero ;-)

  76. Two awesome apps to make your life happier, simpler and doggone-it better :)


  77. I just recently learned of @PostBox and it’s the frackin’ BOMB! 10x better than Apple Mail in my opinion.


  78. Alfred and Postbox have already during the trial be an awesome team. I’d love to win.


  79. Alfred make my day easy. And Postbox Alfred is super. @danielblancas

  80. tweet: @jempage

    Postbox is awesome.
    And so is Alfred.

    And so are these little swirly things they put between comments…

  81. Ah, almost forgot to post my twitter here (tweeted like three days ago :))


    Nice applications tbh.

  82. Thank you all for your participation! We’re now closing the comments and will announce the winners shortly :)

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