Release 0.6.4 Beta: More Speed & Sparkle

We’ve been working tirelessly on the latest few versions of Alfred, adding plenty of new functionality for your enjoyment.

View the full change log for all new features and fixes since 0.6, but here are some highlights:

  • The Sparkle update framework has been integrated for painless updating
  • New System Commands: Type “sleep”, “shutdown”, “screen saver”, “logout”, “restart”, “empty trash” for quick actions
  • Completely overhauled preferences: Find and tweak Alfred preferences easily
  • Basic “Play” feature to launch music tracks in your favourite music player
  • Improved URL & character encoding to improve support for non-English users
  • Increased Alfred speed significantly (by ~365% according to our tests!), further reducing CPU load
  • Added Appsfire as a default search, enabling you to search for apps directly from Alfred

As we have completely rejigged the preferences section, this Alfred update will reset your preferences to default, so you’ll need to choose your hotkey and location again. It does not affect your custom sites, however.

This is just the beginning, as we’ve got much more exciting stuff lined up for the next few months.

Quick tip: If you’re here, you’re probably a curious tinkerer, right? You can help us test Alfred pre-releases before they go out to the public by ticking the pre-releases box in the General > Updates tab within the preferences section.

Alfred pre-release checkbox


6 thoughts on “Release 0.6.4 Beta: More Speed & Sparkle

  1. Thank you guys for your amazing work ! This app is definitely a new must have for mac users that don’t need Quicksilver…

  2. The best search engine which I tested. Finally changed the menu icons / well done. Now everything is beautiful :).

  3. Thank you for a great app.

    I can’t find a suitable place to share suggestions – are there any?
    If not here’s a couple I would like:

    1. Clipboard history. You could type “clipboard” and the 5 most recent (or however many you’ve set in the preferences) show up.

    2. New mail to contact. When I search for a contact I would like to be able to open a new mail adressed to that contacts default mail address. It could be a preference where you could change the default behaviour.

    3. Folder browsing. You know what I mean – like you can in Quicksilver. Just press arrow right on a folder to see subfolders and files. This is maybe not what you had in mind for Alfred, but hey…a man can hope :o)

  4. Thanks everyone for the kind comments!

    @Torben: All of these features are on the roadmap, in one form or another, so keep a close eye on the upcoming releases. :)

  5. I love alfred! This makes my entire workflow so much easier!

    Does anyone know what settings to tweak to hide ‘com’ folders? For example, when I type ‘iTunes’ the second suggestion is ‘com.Apply.iTunes’ and it does this for all apps. Thank :D

    • In 0.6.6, system files are hidden by default in the ‘Experimental’ preferences which should hide the folders :)

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