Alfred App beta: Looking back at the first week

Today is Sunday, 7th March. It’s been a week since Alfred was first released out to beta users, and version 0.4.1 goes out today. To be honest, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a week!

Last Sunday evening, after a stretch of solid development, we decided to put Alfred out there, planning to have a nice quiet beta, sharing it with our immediate Twitter followers and Mac-using friends.

We should have foreseen it: Putting a beta invite on Twitter is like announcing a house party on Facebook. If it looks any good, everyone will want it and you’ll turn around and have 100 people in your swimming pool! Thankfully, everyone was very polite and nobody threw the TV into the pool. (Phew…)

As a result of that quiet-beta-on-steroids, we received more useful feedback in the first week than we could’ve dreamed of. Over the past few days, we built on top of the first release to include many of the smaller preferences/functionality that you requested;

  • More locations have been added.
  • A smaller, less intrusive hat for the menu bar & the ability to hide it altogether
  • Custom key combinations to open Alfred
  • Added System Preferences Panels to default search (eg. “Appearance”)

You can view the full change log here

The fancier features and advanced preferences will be added over the coming months, so please be patient with us as we integrate new ideas.

Haven’t downloaded Alfred yet? What are you waiting for!? Get Alfred App by signing up at!

18 thoughts on “Alfred App beta: Looking back at the first week

  1. I’m looking forward to testing out Alfred, will be moving over from Launch Bar and so far it looks great. Will be very interesting to see where you take the app in the future.

  2. >What are you waiting for!?

    I’m waiting for a PPC version of app!

  3. Great work guys.. if i may request a feature it would be the ability to index folders and files (even if its just .doc or .pdfs). I have already switched from QSB to Alfred..

  4. I’m looking for a way to get rid of Spotlight for good, so I’ll just ask – how about adding the calculator thingy to Alfred? I don’t use it too often, but it’s really nice to know it’s there.
    Thanks for the great app, I’ve got a feeling I’ll be sticking to it and loving it. Cheers!

    P.S. The new icon is great. Unfortunately, I intend to hide it. Thanks for this option.

  5. Really slick…I’m definitely keeping an eye on this as a replacement for quicksilver someday. What I want most right now is the ability to navigate through folders, select multiple items, and open them (maybe open with too?). Also, the ability to add/remove search sites would be great. For something that’s been in beta for all of a week though, I’m im really impressed. Keep up the great work!

    • My bad…just noticed the ‘Find’ functionality. And I’m sure there’s some other stuff I’m missing too. So…just ignore me =]

  6. hi
    Thanks so much for the app …
    I like the UI so much but :
    – need to be able to choose my favor font.
    – need to get an option for a little thiner UI or I mean smaller font size.
    – I like how you’re making negative space , I need more option to hide the help statement at the bottom of app “press ENTER for ….” , now i know
    it don’t show it to me for ever!, but it will be nice half of it empty .
    – I still don’t like the new menu icon , it’s pretty takes the eyes because it’s still solid and big and black and doesn’t have enough vertical and horizontal margin within the menubar, I think at most it should be as big
    as the sound icon in the menubar.
    I’m saying that although I’ve removed it from the menubar , just using the
    hotkey, but saying that for whoever want it …

    do you need a UI guy in the team ;-) , I’ve many ideas in UI although I’m a web developer!!

    good luck

    • Agreed. Hope for a simple, sleek UI. Yet, I love Alfred while I miss Quicksilver once in a while. Keep up the good work! Thanks, guys!

  7. Excellent product – really fast.

    Would adding keyboard shortcuts to launch specific applications slow it down?

  8. Loving the app.

    ps: the app should remember the previous desktop position :)

  9. this is perfect, finds applications and does web search, fast and good looking, i dont have too many advanced requirements, uninstalled quicksilver immediately, THANK YOU!

  10. You know when you use something for about a minute, and just think ‘wow, this is perfect’. That’s what I thought as soon as I used Alfred.

    Where can I donate?

  11. Just wanted to drop by and compliment the team for the work they’ve done. As far as I can tell, this is a three-person operation. What an accomplishment! I believe that most people who use Launchers like Alfred do so to quickly find a program or make a web search. Most people do not require the expanded functionality of QuickSilver.. which is buggy, slow, and bloated.

    For anyone who is interested, here is my take on Alfred and why I deem it a QuickSilver killer:

    Great job, team! I’m looking forward to the .5 release!

  12. Hi. I’ve just downloaded the beta of Alfred. I’m impressed. I’m an “unsophisticated” user who liked the concept of Sherlock, one simple app which would provide me access to search of both my local computer and the web. I liked how the app was integrated into the UI of the system, so I didn’t have to spend my time in messing around, with finding the right search tool. It did it all for me. And it worked like a Mac, i.e., I didn’t have to wade through menus upon menus.

    I was disappointed when Apple dropped it. So I’ve been hoping that some developer would come up with a launcher/search tool which would satisfy my requirements. I’ve always displeased that none of the solutions offered by third-party developers have put out something which is usable for me. Alfred feels different. In a day of using it, I’m drawn to making it my default search tool.

    I have one question/suggestion. Is it possible to have a button, a toggle so that there is a simple, seamless, easily accessible way to switch from searching the web to searching my files and vise-versa. For example, I may want to examine my iTunes library to see if I want to know whether I have a particular song (click My Computer button), if it’s not there I want to search Amazon/iTunes (click Web button). I gather that you can do it using Alfred, but it’s not obvious. I’m hoping that in a upcoming update I will see something like this.

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