Alfred 0.4.1 Change Log

[Note: Change log has moved to the Help section to avoid cluttering the blog]

Version 0.4.1 Release Notes:

  • Ability to hide status bar icon. When status bar icon is hidden, you see a small cog for ‘preferences’ on the Alfred main window.
  • Changed status bar icon to a simpler hat
  • More flexibility for hotkey selection
  • Simple tickbox to ignore emails in ‘find’ and ‘open’ searches
  • Added System Preference Panels to default search (eg ‘Appearance’)
  • Once launched, show Alfred on double clicking icon in /apps or the icon in the dock
  • Pressing Esc clears the search term. If there is no search term, Esc will hide Alfred
  • Multi page preferences dialog
  • Ability to search Google Mail using ‘Gmail…’
  • Make ‘tab’ autocomplete work more reliably
  • cmd + W now closes the preferences window
  • Default Hotkey changed to ‘alt space’ – Check and update your hotkey!

Known issues:

  • Wikipedia and Yahoo don’t reflect country preference